Quotes for a Positive Attitude

Quotes for a positive attitude flower

There is some truth in the belief that your attitude governs how great your life is. If you see everything in a negative light, then you will find many negative things to be unhappy about. A positive attitude has the opposite affect. Let us find some things to be happy about with some quotes for … Read more

How to Develop Good Habits That Last


“If I am to be a creature of habit, then let my habits be good habits!” I read this somewhere during my quest of self-transformation and I took it to heart. I made many changes in my life while keeping this thought in mind. This quote really did teach me how to develop good habits … Read more

Think Positive and Be Positive

Think Positive and Be Posiitive

You probably hear the same thing all the time about how to be a positive person. There are people who teach that we are supposed to think positive to be positive. Another one we hear all the time is, we need to be a positive person. We are even told if we practice daily positive … Read more

Some Hidden Thoughts of Gratitude


Off the top of your head, how many things can you think of to be grateful for? I can think of a few things: having a home, being healthy, having valuable skills that I can earn an income with, my family, the grand babies, and the many other things that bring up thoughts of gratitude. … Read more

Positive Affirmations For Women


Do you know that your thoughts craft your reality? You will become what you believe and think about the most. It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike what you think about the most. The universe will still find a way to give you what is on your mind the most and positive affirmations for … Read more