Finding Happiness in Life | 21-Days to Happiness Quest

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We all become depressed many times during life. Depression is a natural emotion and it is a state of being, but it doesn’t have to be a way of life for you. You just might need some help finding happiness in life and Living for the Better’s 21-Day to Happiness Quest was created just for that.

I am going to share this with you. Nobody else knows this about me but, my last 14 years of life, all that I have studied and learned was in the pursuit of happiness. When I noticed depression sinking into my life, my natural survival instincts took over and I started learning all that I have put into the 21-Days to Happiness Quest.

14 Years of Finding Happiness in Life Lead to the 21-Days to Happiness Quest

I am going to introduce to you all that I have I learned about happiness, what it is, and how to find it naturally over the span21-Days to Happiness Quest Pic

of 21 days. That’s right, I am going to show you how to find happiness and keep it.

That’s 14 years of research, experimentation, and challenges you will not need to go through because the 21-Days to Happiness quest was created to give you a head start. You will be gaining a big advantage because it will not take you 14 years to learn this like I have.

Nope, you are going to be introduced to it, know how to find it, and you will be equipped with fun exercises you can use to keep all the happiness you want in your life in only 21 days.

Of course, you will not master the tips, tricks, and exercises taught during the quest in only 21 days, but you will have a jump start and the tools, tips, and tricks needed to snap back into true happiness whenever you need it. I can personally promise that with practice and following the directions lined out in the quest, finding happiness in life will become second nature to you.

Check out this pervious post on “Why I Choose to Be Happy.”

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What does “second nature” mean?

Second nature basically means you accomplish the task without much thought. Drinking from a glass is a learned skill that is now second nature to most of us. Another example would be, driving a car. For many of us, depending on how much experience you have, driving is second nature. It doesn’t take much effort to drive from one to place to another.

This is a great example because, when you first start driving you are not great at it, but as the years go by and you keep doing, you get better and better until you could possibly do it in your sleep and it even feels that way sometimes, right?

When all have our trance moments where we leave the house for work and the next thing you know, you are at work in the parking lot and you do not remember the drive there, do you agree?

There truthfully are a couple reasons working together that explain going into trance while driving, but one of the reasons is the task doesn’t truly require much thought anymore after years of practice. There is also muscle memory at work during this familiar drive and you subconscious knows when to turn left, when to turn right, and hopefully, it can tell when you need to apply the brakes while in traffic and at red lights.

It has become second nature.

Second Nature Pic

OK, one more example, this one is pretty neat. Some of us may be in the same house all of his or her life, but most of us move to a new place to live on an average of 11.7 times in a lifetime.

Have you ever moved to a new place across town, but drove to your old house or in the direction of your old house until you realized you were going to the wrong place? Yep! Muscle memory and second nature working together just trying to get you home safely.

Anyway, this is the goal of the 21-Days to Happiness quest: to make being naturally happy second nature to you.

Once you end the quest you are going to understand how easy it will be find happiness in everything around you. I know this sounds like a big promise, but it truly isn’t that complicated.

The Original Thinker made sure when the Universe was designed to provide each of us with tools and natural laws that allow us to live any life we desire at any degree of happiness we choose.

Don’t worry, you will completely understand that last paragraph once you finish the 21-days to Happiness Quest.

Let Me Share One Tip From the Quest With You

You may have heard a saying much like, “Happiness doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from within.” It sounds like it is pretty straight forward, but what does it truly mean?

Sure, getting new things, having a lot of money, getting a new car, or celebrating an event can bring some temporaryHappiness Tips Pic

happiness, take it from a guy who used to try to find a reason to celebrate with alcohol daily.

It is only temporary. As soon as the excitement wears off, you are out searching for a new way to find some happiness. Can you relate?

Here is something not in the quest yet, I have a challenge for you…and me.. I gotta keep practicing too, let’s trade one unhealthy temporary way of finding happiness for a healthier way of finding happiness. Let’s see..

What you do is decide to change one unhealthy habit. It is your choice, so go ahead and choose your own unhealthy way of finding happiness. Do you binge eat when you are unhappy? Do you get upset and throw a fit? What coping method do you use when you get unhappy?

I know it is hard to believe, but throwing a fit and getting upset truly is just a coping method. Most of our behaviors are just forms of coping methods, but that’s another blog post.

Follow these steps:

• Find something to write on and something to write with.

• Write down the coping method you decided to trade for a better one. Now strike a line through what you wrote.

• Now, somewhere on that piece of whatever you are writing on write, “I think of happy memories.”

• Look at your note and let it soak in. Say to yourself,”I think of happy memories.”

OK, you can throw the note away if you want too, the magic has begun and will continue to work as long as you practice it.

What do you practice?

You decided to trade some old coping method (whatever it was) for a new one of thinking of happy memories. You will be practicing trading the new coping skill in place of the old coping skill every time life gives you the chance.

This is how you practice…

Every time your second nature tries to get you to do the old habit, stop and think about any happy moment you have withFind More Happiness

the experience or the person that is causing you to feel not happy.

Can you think of one happy time? If not about the subject, then about any happy memory from your life will work.

Whenever you experience a time when your second nature normally makes you use the old coping method you are trying to stop, take control and think about that happy moment before you say or do anything else. It will take some practice, but I have faith in you!

What we are doing is changing a habit.

Learning how to control your emotions, like anger or disappointment, is a great skill that will eventually become second nature with enough practice. Adopting a coping habit of first remembering the good times will help you become less rash in the instant of the conflict. Try it out for yourself for 21 days.

What the 21-Days to Happiness Quest is Doing for Others Like You

The 21-Days to Happiness Quest is teaching people how to find happiness through a three part process that is delivered over 3 weeks. The 3 parts are: Routine, Mind, and Life.

The first week consist of creating new Happiness Habits through daily assignments. During the second week, you will learn how to use life-given tools and skills to help program your mind for happiness. The third week covers things you can do and practice for as long as you want too to help strengthen your new Happiness Lifestyle.


Finding happiness in life doesn’t need to be hard. You deserve to live the happiest life possible and you will if you want it. Hard times never last if you let them, but great times will last as long as you are looking for them.

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Before I close, I would like to offer you a chance to either get the 21-Days to Happiness Quest for FREE or for at least 25% Off. How does that sound?

OK, here are the requirements…

• First off, it will take at least 21 days to finish this quest. You must dedicate at least one hour a day to the quest. Each day (every 24 hours after starting the quest) a new step of the quest will become available to you. You should get an email reminder.

• Please use the comments section in the quest for any questions of comments.

• You will be provided with the instructor’s contact information once inside the quest. Feel free to email your instructor and time. It may take up to 24 hours to get back with you, but you have access to him for as long as you like.

OK, this is not a requirement but a sincere request… Once you finish the quest, please (if you want too) email the instructor and tell us about what you liked about the course, if you would recommend it to others, your biggest take away, and what we can do better from your point of view.

If you don’t mind including a head shot and if you like, and it is OK with you, we will add your picture and one of your answers to our testimony slide show that will be featured on our homepage.

Once you purchase the quest it is yours for the life of the quest. Even after your 21 days have pass, you can still revisit theFinding Happiness in Life Discount Pic

quest, ask questions and make comments, and email the instructor.

Alright, How Do I Get The Discount?

OK, so here is how it works… There will only be 10 free passes to the Quest. Once they are gone the coupon code will no longer work, but I want to still give you a chance to start your quest and take control of your happiness.

So, if the free code does not work, then you can use this other code to get $25.00(usd) off at the time of check out.

The codes are: (copy and paste them at checkout)

•Free Code – 100OFF21LFTB

•$25 Off Code – 25OFF21LFTB

I truly hope you accomplish your quest of finding happiness in life and Living for the Better is here to help people like you find his or her happiness and keep it for a lifetime.

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==>I would love to hear your experiences, questions, and thoughts about this subject, so please feel free to leave a comment below. I normally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it. Talk with you later, Greg<==

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14 thoughts on “Finding Happiness in Life | 21-Days to Happiness Quest”

  1. It’s often to see people suffering from depression, and they are afraid to tell people. I think your recommendation helps with this. If we can follow the steps to distract our emotions from the negative to positive(happy) side, we will have a chance to live a happier life. I’ve heard so many times that writing something down on paper works more than my imagination, so I will try to write something down first & consider trying 21 days to happiest quest. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi MAtt,
      The truth is you are not supposed to distract your emotions from negative to positive. What you want to do is to question the negative emotions to find the positive emotions hidden within. See, avoiding negative sides of anything unsettles the balance we need in life. See we need the good and the bad to be able to handle stress later in life.

      So, you need to accept both your negative and positive emotions. You can read more about why negative emotions are actually misunderstood positive emotions too in this post.

      Thank for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Best wishes to you and your happy future

  2. Hi Asdabbi,

    It’s very good of you to put something together like this for people. I think perhaps happiness is definitely something you can find amongst others but also it must be found within yourself. I have to admit when you speak about drinking alcohol every day this really resonates with me. How many times I have got drunk had the best time and got back home desperate for attention and acted in ways that I’ve felt embarrassed and ashamed.

    It is kind of like you say that anger and frustration are very destructive feelings. Times when I’ve felt content and happy but something has gone wrong for me and I’ve just started drinking. I am pretty much just off a 2-month bender where things have gone wrong one after another.

    I have done a lot of reading in the past and practised meditation on/off for a few years now but I guess one thing I have learned is things that make you hurt and angry will always happen. I’ve found it helps to talk to someone but of course, mastering how you react at the time is good too.

    Your book of course does sound very interesting.

    Thank you for sharing

    Kind regards;


    • Hi Alex,
      We do till we just can’t no more. Hopefully you decide when before your body does, right?

      I am sure you will find a way to rise to the top.

      I checked out your post about a Native American ritual of thankfulness. I believe you are right on the money with the point you are making in that post. Anyone else can check it out here –> https://secretgardenofmind.com/why-we-should-say-thank-you/

      Thanks for stopping by and the quest is always here for you. Come back when you are ready.


  3. “The Original Thinker made sure when the Universe was designed to provide each of us with tools and natural laws that allow us to live any life we desire at any degree of happiness we choose.” This is very profound and very true.
    It amazes me that more people don’t understand that their happiness is a choice and that if they are not happy with their lives as they currently are, they are the only ones who have the power to make them better.

    Your finding happiness is 21 days quest sounds interesting and I’ll pass it on to some people I know who could benefit from changing their state of mind.
    Cheers, and I wish you all the best!

  4. Hi Greg,
    Thank you for sharing Finding Happiness In Life. Depression is a dark zone I was in and I make sure I don’t let myself go down that path again. Thinking happy thoughts is a better way to live for sure. I have never tried to exchange a bad mood for a happy one before. But, I have to admit, getting upset is a bad habit. I will try to incorporate your strategy the next time I get angry. Thanks again Greg.

    • Hi Chas,
      I believe we all have been through depression in some degree, so welcome to being like the rest of us(Ha ha). I am glad that you found some value in this post. And… thank you for continuing the conversation.

  5. Hey Asdabbi,

    thanks for the interesting post. Mindset is so important these days, and bringing happiness into the mix just makes for some who is motivated and in a great place to achieve anything they have set out to do…


    • Hi John,
      Life becomes so much easier to be happy with when you realize your mindset has everything to do with how you feel or what type of emotions you experience. We are working a new quest that teaches people how to take control of his or her emotions. It is going to be great!!

  6. HAHA I like that you mention memory muscle and we agree it’s like riding a bike second nature. We are glad that you gave us the chance to read this article on finding happiness 21 days to happiness quest.
    We would like to try your 21 happiness quest and turn it into a second nature of being nice and happy to others.


    • Hello Mnd,
      I am glad you enjoyed the article and understand what second nature is. You are free to try out the quest. Maybe you can even still get in for free?

      Thanks for stopping by! If you liked this article, you probably will like this one too


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