Law of Attraction Techniques: My Love Stone

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Are you looking for Law of Attraction techniques and Law of Attraction Tips? I have written post in the past that cover both of these topics. In this article I am going to share a story with you about my favorite technique that I use to make sure that everything I am grateful for is fresh on my mind: The Story of My Love Stone.

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The Story of My Love Stone

This my friends, is my love stone. It is a rock that I found one day while I was walking and thinking about the troubles that were falling on me while trying to focus on all the greatLaw of Attraction Techniques-My Love Stone

things in my life.

I was walking down the road, lost in thought, when I kicked this rock. I stumbled and almost fell the moment this rock made certain to get my attention. Instantly I thought, “What the heck was that?” When I looked down, I noticed a large stone that seemed really out of place with all the other rocks along the road.

I stopped and picked up the rock. I noticed it was rather smooth yet slightly textured with small raised areas. It didn’t look like a naturally made rock. Instead, it seemed very man made and it was just about as heavy as a baseball.

As soon as I picked up the rock I swear I could hear it telling me a story. It told me it was out of place, scared, and bruised. Crazy part was, I was feeling the same way. I had lost my job, couldn’t afford to eat healthy, and felt discarded. Funny, to think I had something in common with this not-so-common rock.

The Rock’s Story

Law of Attraction Aquarium

The rock told me (wow, it is hard to admit I was talking to a rock) that at one time it had lived in an aquarium. It spent everyday sitting on the bottom watching the seven pretty fish that lived in there with it. There was a scuba guy that seemed to have a routine life because he just stood in some bubbles raising a chest lid over and over again.

The rock told me about the world outside of the aquarium. It could see an entirely different world without water just past the glass. It wondered what life was like not surrounded by water. It wasn’t even sure it would like it out there, but still the thought was enticing.

Then one day the guy that always came and fed the fish started removing his fishy friends one by one. Outside of the water world he could see his friends in little bags. They didn’t look happy, but they did look safe.

Then to his surprise, the water was removed from the fish tank. At first, he was scared because he didn’t know if he could live in a world without water. He said that it scared him at first, but then he realized that his wonder about the outside world was starting to be answered.

Life Outside Wasn’t That Bad

The water was gone and he was just fine. Matter of fact, he enjoyed not being wet all the time. Then without warning, theLaw Of Attraction Outside

guy picked up the aquarium and carried it through the house. The rock said it was hard to believe how much world there was even outside of the room.

The aquarium was carried outside of the house. The rock was still sitting inside. It was the first time he had ever seen a tree or even the sky. It filled him with some many questions and he didn’t even know what to call most of the new things he was witnessing.

The owner placed the aquarium on the back of a truck. (the rock called it a small walled room on wheels, but I thought it must have been a truck he was talking about) The next thing he knew they were traveling down the road. A very bumpy road.

One of the bumps was so hard that it busted the glass of the aquarium that was protecting him. During the next big bump, he bounced out of the broken glass and landed on the side of the road. He said he didn’t know how long he had been there, but it got dark once and then it became light again.

That’s when he heard me talking to myself while walking down the road. That’s right, I talk to myself when I am thinking. It helps me sort out the types of problems I am contemplating and helps to reinforce my thoughts of gratitude to hear them out loud.

He heard me coming and decided to do something to get my attention. “That’s when I used all my might to roll under your foot. Hit hurt when you kicked me, but it worked nonetheless.” I chuckled when the rock said these words.

I Loved the Rock’s Story and Feeling Emphatic, I Decided to Take the Rock Home With Me.

I took the Rock home and decided I was going to paint it with some paint pens that a friend that I loved had given to me as a gift. I decided I would use all the colors of the rainbow and outline it with white boarders. I decided to not use any black paint because I didn’t want any darkness to radiate from the stone.Painting My Love Stone

As I painted the rock, I thought about everything and everyone that I love. I infused the things that I love and am grateful for into the rock with every stroke of the pens and every color of paint that I used.

I placed the rock on my nightstand next to my bed so that I could see it every morning when I got up and every night before I went to bed.

I put it in plain sight so that I would be reminded of all the great things in my life. It increased my feeling of love, something I was missing a lot of at the time, and gratitude every time a saw the happy stone.

I am sure the rock is happy to be my love stone even though I haven’t heard it speak since that first day. The rock has found a purpose in life and in return it has given me more joy than anyone can probably imagine.

Over the Following Years

Over the years, I have been able to put more great things in to the stone. Since then, I found a better job, found love and married the woman that gave it to me, became a grandfather, have made many new friends, and been surrounded by many other great things.

Everything I love fits inside the stone and nothing is lost and forgotten after I put it in there.

Adopt Your Own Love Object

I recommend you find something to put all of your love into and place it somewhere in plain sight. When your friends see your love object, don’t be shy and let them know exactly what it is. Maybe you can help them find a something to remind them what there is in life to be grateful for.

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23 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Techniques: My Love Stone”

  1. What a lovely story. The rock was like a live 3D vision board! Could you really hear it talking ? I remember as a 4 year old kid I saw a teddy in a shop wave at me and had to have it ! Insisted that my mother buy it for me, for 5 pounds back in the late seventies! I named him David 🙂

    • Hi Mo,
      Strangely, I didn’t really hear the rocks story… I just knew it once I picked it up. What happened is, I walked a few more blocks holding the rock in my hand and the wonderful story came to my mind. So in a way, I believe I did hear the rock, but not in real words.

  2. Hey Greg,
    Such a nice story. It is very rare to find people who get inspired by physical objects they come across and even rarer to find who share those experience.

    Your story is very touching and the writing style is also great. I hope many more people with find their “Love objects” and will get inspired.

    Thank for sharing your wonderful story.

    • Hi Rajith,
      I have never come across anything in life that wasn’t put in my awareness without a purpose. Because of this, I have plenty of great stories to share with people who are looking for morals. I guess you could say it is my super power ?

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

  3. I loved reading your touching story about the stone you found. It certainly souns like you and the stone were meant to find each other. It also makes you aware that everything in the universe has a purpose, whether living or not.

    • Hi Kathy,
      You are right. Things don’t need to be living to be attracted into your life and those things always serve a purpose.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting ?

  4. Hi Greg,

    What a wonderful story you’ve shared with us.
    I was really touched by what your love stone revealed to you. It reminds us that all things of nature have souls, even stones…
    It inspires me to pay more conscious attention to special objects that cross my path.

    Wish you all the best,

    • I am glad you got inspiration from this post, Catherine.

      I had so much fun with that stone when I first found it and it is a part of my bedroom.

      Another commenter mentioned putting love objects throughout the house. I think I might do that too. I guess that family photos could love objects.

      Peace and gratitude,

  5. Thank you for sharing this amazing post. This goes to show that rocks aren’t just inanimate objects, but they are living entities. I’m glad you stumbled upon it and shared such an awesome journey together. I love the fact that you painted it, and I’m sure the rock is grateful for your positive vibrations. It has helped you to attract favorable circumstances and connect to nature.

    Great article, blessings

    • It sure has, Mikhail.
      My love stone is enjoying its new role in life. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post

  6. Very interesting article and have actually made a note of it, keep up the good work and im sure things will work out good 🙂
    The size and structure to this article I do love.
    Jason 🙂

  7. You have an awesome article about your love stone, a rock with your life stories behind it. Love reading it. You’re such an excellent writer. Keep up the good work.


  8. Interesting post. I have never thought about finding an object and doing those things. I like the approach. It also sounds like it could be therapeutic on many levels. I appreciate you sharing this.

    • Hi John,
      Finding my love stone helped me realize how many great things I already had in life. I learned that I didn’t need to go looking for something I already had.

      Thanks for reading my story and leaving your thoughts about it.

    • Hi Yasmin,
      I hope you find the nicest love object for you. Once you start filling them with emotion, then you find more to put in them.
      Best Wishes

  9. Very very true! Love objects are especially potent when placed in certain areas of the home too. Energies are more powerful than most people realize!
    Thanks for a great article!

    • HI Andrea,
      I never thought about placing more love objects around the house! What a great way to surround yourself with love and gratitude. Thank you for the great idea.

      Peace and Gratitude


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