Looking for Happiness? 21-Days to Happiness Quest Sneak Peek

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Are you looking for happiness? Everyone has his or her own version of happiness. For some people it is adventure and excitement. To others, it is a quiet relaxing night at the house or camp in the wilderness.

Some people, and I am will to bet it is most people, just want financial security to feel happiness. Sometime life just piles on the bills while you are stuck not able to catch up. If you have been here like me, then you know exactly what I am talking about, huh?

A Sneak Peek of the 21-Days to Happiness Quest

Living for the Better stands behind the name and wishes it to everyone. That is why we have created the 21-Days to Happiness Quest.

This quest is designed to help you;

•manifest happiness in 21-days,

•guide you through adopting new happy habits,

•and then provides you with tools to keep your happiness lasting and genuine through the rest of your life.

We are happy to provide all of our readers a free sneak peek into the 21-Days to Happiness Quest. This is Day 6 of the Quest and it is about one of my favorite subjects.

Stick around to the end to receive a gift!

21-Days to Happiness Sneak Peak

Welcome to Day 6 of the 21-Days to Happiness Quest

Today we are going to talk about our reticular activating system (RAS). We are going to learn what it is and how to activate 21-Days to Happiness Quest Sneak Peek pic 1

it. Believe it or not, you activate it all the time. You just might not be aware of it.

We offer a short free PDF that goes more in-depth about your Reticular Activating System. You can find it on Asdabbi’s Adventures Free Ebooks tab or by following this link–> https://quests.LivingfortheBetter.com/introducing-your-reticular-activating-system-ras

The RAS is in lower back of our brain and everyone has one. It is the part of the brain that actually manifest things in our lives. See, many people misuse the word, “Manifest”. Manifest actually means “to become aware of or to bring attention to.”

It does not mean to create something out of nothing, like most believe. To make something out of nothing is called “Creation.”

21-Days to Happiness Sneak Peek Pic

What the RAS does is bring our attention to the things already in our lives that we desire. Have you ever noticed that when you make up your mind on what type of car you want, you begin to see it everywhere?

See, you didn’t create the cars you are seeing. They were always there. You just were not aware of it yet. Your RAS manifested them for you. It helped you become aware of it already there.

Another example of how your RAS is always working for you: you try to think of someone’s name and even though it is on the tip of your tongue, you can’t remember. Then later that day, probably while in the shower or relaxing in someway, the name just pops into your head.

This happens because even though you may have given up consciously thinking about the name, your RAS believed it was important to you, and continued to solve the problem subconsciously and when it figured it out, it gave you the answer you were looking for.

Here is one more example of your RAS in action. Let’s say you came up with an idea to accomplish a goal. You wasn’t sure how to accomplish it, but you believed it was definitely possible to do it.

Then at the grocery store, you overhear someone talking about something related to your idea. Then you notice a sign about it somewhere and maybe even seen a good idea on TV that helps you accomplish the goal.

See, you didn’t create the answers you were looking for. Your RAS helped you manifest all the answers already out there. It made you aware of the people talking about it. It made you aware of the sign and even the commercial or television program mentioning it.Looking for Happiness

OK, I said one more example last time, but this is one of my favorites. It has to do with music. Have you ever had a time when you thought of a song you haven’t heard in like forever, and then not too long later, you notice it playing on the radio or in television programs or commercials?

That too is your RAS making you aware of or manifesting what you desire by showing you it is already there. Isn’t your RAS a great thing?

It is one of the tools we are given to help us with the Law of Attraction. It helps us create things by showing us ideas that are already there.

Today, we are going to activate our RAS to help us manifest the Happiness already inside and around us.

Your assignment today is to write 5 things you are grateful for and 5 things you appreciate in your journal, listen to your happiness song or playlist, read your self-love script to yourself in the mirror, smile at yourself, and put your hands in the air and shout, YES.

Then, look in the mirror with a big smile on your face and tell your RAS that you want to see and experience happiness. Tell it again with that smile on your face and name off a few things that always make you happy.

Now, just let it go:
•Let your RAS activate and start working for you in the background. Free Download from Living for the Better
•Don’t go looking for things that make you happy.
•Just let your day go on like normal.

Then tonight, write down the happy things you witnessed throughout the day in your journal.

For me, that would be something like I saw a relaxing butterfly flutter by, the bird’s songs seemed peaceful, or I finally made that light before it turned red.

Your happiness things will probably be different.

What happiness things did you find?

OK, here’s a little foreshadowing tip from a later day… If something doesn’t go the way you intended, instead of looking at it as a problem, take a step back and look for something good that came out of the mishap.

There always is something good, believe me. When you find it, write that down in your journal too.

With a lot of practice, this little trick helps activate your RAS into helping you find the good in even the terrible.

Have fun playing with and activating your RAS. Remember to smile and I will talk to you again tomorrow!

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That’s It For The Sneak Peek

That was the complete version of Day 6 of the 21-Days to Happiness Quest. Did you notice that the information in the quest is very informative and at the same time fun?

The quest is a lot of fun because it is set up in a social style where you can message the quest guide (instructor) and the other people on the quest with you.

It is great because you are never alone on your quest for happiness.

What About Your “Surprise” For Reading to The End?

How about two great offers for getting into the 21-Days tot Happiness Quest? Happiness is the Answer

What we are going to do is offer 5 free spots in the quest to the first five people to use the discount code, FIRST5WIN or click the code to ge directly to the FREE Checkout Page.

Alright, what happens if you are the 6th person to try to get in to the quest?

Well, not the 6th person but the next 20 people can get 75% Off the quest price. All you need to do is use the checkout code, 20GO75 or click the code to go directly to the Massive Discount Checkout Page.

Why are we giving away free spots and discounts this massive to the New 21-Days to Happiness Quest?

For one, we believe that everyone should be able to find his or her own happiness. If you are searching for happiness, then we are happy to help you find it.

The second reason is the 21-Days to Happiness is brand new and it is still in early release. We would like a few people to try out the quest and help us spread the word.

Here’s to your future happiness. We know it is there waiting for you, gives us a chance to show you how to keep it for a lifetime.

21-Days to Happiness Link Pic

Living for the Better Page Break

Need some help finding happiness in your life?21-Days to Happiness Quest Epic

I promise you it is there even if you cannot feel it yet.

We might have the perfect way for you find your balance of happiness. Living for the Better has created their first quest ever called the 21-Days to Happiness Quest.

This quest will help you change your perspective about life and happiness, awaken you to what happiness truly is, and provide you with skills, tricks, tips, and games to use when ever you need to boost your happiness level fast.

—Read more about 21-Days to Happiness in this earlier post—

==>I would love to hear your experiences, questions, and thoughts about this subject, so please feel free to leave a comment below. I normally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it. Talk with you later, Greg<==

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Happiness? 21-Days to Happiness Quest Sneak Peek”

  1. Hey Asdabbi,

    Thanks for sharing the day 6 insights in the 21 days of happiness quest.

    This is probably one of the most informative explanation of the RAS I have read in a while, particularly when it comes to how one can harness it.

    Now all I need to do it go to work and that using it subconsciously.


    • Hi Femi,
      That is right. All it takes is practice and you could be using your RAS to locate almost all the missing pieces😉

      Have a great one out there😀

  2. My grandad always used to say that there is always a spot of luck at every event of misfortune. He always used to say, it could have always been so much worse.

    It is very important like you said, to look at everything in life from a positive perspective. Nothing will weigh you down more in life than a negative mindset and playing the blame game where everyone else, besides yourself is to blame for your unhappiness or misfortune.

    In the end we are all responsible to take control of our own lives and destiny and we are responsible for creating our own happiness. This can and should be achieved through the aim to adopt a positive mindset on a daily basis. This can sometimes be a bit easier said than done.


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