My God, the Universe, and the Law of Attraction

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A very common rhetoric among practitioners of the Law of Attraction is the belief that God and the Universe are one and the same. If you do believe in a creator, then this thought is disrespectful. If you believe in a higher power or do not believe in a creator, then it may be OK to ask the universe for what you desire. If you do speak to the universe, then you should still not consider anyone’s God the same as the universe.

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I have covered the definition of the Law of Attraction in some of my previous post. If you need to know or need a refresher of what the Law of Attraction is then please check out this post and this post.

Everything in our universe is made of energy. Energy can not be created or destroyed. Yet, energy can be directed and used to accomplish goals. Your body directs energy in a fashion that allows you to live. Your heart runs from the energy directed by your body, just as all the energy in your bodily functions is being directed.

The Law of Attraction gurus claim that energy can be guided to attract the things we what into our lives. This is true, not because I say so, but because proof can be found in many scriptures from different religious beliefs. The principles taught through the Law of Attraction can be found in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism, and Hindu scripture.

Why My God and the Universe Are Not the Same Things

No matter what God you believe in, you believe that everything was brought into creation through thought, words, and actions. The Christian, Jewish, and Muslim God said, “Let there be light.” According to Hinduism, there are two stories thatIs God the Universe

cover creation, yet like Buddhism, both religions claim that the universe has been created over and over again and never once and for all.

Still, if your are a Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, then you believe that the universe was created by God. Therefore, God and the universe are not the same thing. If you pray to the universe to give you what you want and give the gratitude (once you receive your desire) to the universe, then you are taking the glory from the one that created the universe and you are tiptoeing on idolatry.

The Law of Attraction and Buddism

It can be argued that Buddhism teaches principles found in the Law of Attraction. It is written that the Buddha said, “One thought leads to heaven, one thought leads to hell.” Another Buddha quote states, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

Both of these quotes sound very close to the principles taught through the Law of Attraction to me, yet some people claim that Buddha would not like the Law of Attraction because it leads us away from accepting ourselves. I do not believe the Law of Attraction leads us away from anything when practiced correctly. (More on this Thought Later in This Post)

The Law of Attraction and HinduismLaw of Attraction and Hinduism

The Law of Karma states that, “Everything we do has a reaction, it may be good or bad, depending on the essence of the act.” Hindu teachers (Rishis) do not believe that material possessions can give a person permanent happiness. The Law of Attraction taught through Hindu scriptures states that permanent happiness can only be found by seeing one’s true self and accepting who you are.

We can easily combine the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction through principle, yet again we see the underlying problem of not accepting ourselves and wanting change.

The Law of Attraction and the Bible

There are many passages from the Bible that hint towards the Law of Attraction. The one passage that sticks out the most to me is spoken by Jesus and recorded in Matthew 7:7-8 that states, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Passage 11:24 from Mark states,”Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” This sounds like a line I heard used the movie, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Is God the Universe?

As you can see, no matter what your religion is, God and the universe are two different things. In both the Hindu and Buddhist religions it is accepted and expected to reach out to the universe when there is something you seek according to the teachings of these religions. Still, the universe is not Buddha, Vishnu, or Brahma. They are separate from the universe.

In the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religion it is stated in the book of Genesis that both the heaven and earth were created on the first day along with separating light from darkness. The universe was created by God and therefore is not the same as God.

Where does this put the Law of Attraction and the Universe?

Well truthfully, it puts these things exactly where they belong. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that was created when the universe formed. It is energy that is attracted to like energy. What we put out into the universe is what the universe reciprocates back to us. The universe is one place this energy can be found in great abundance.

The universe is the place where the energies we give off combine and intermingle with the energies that are attracted to our energy. The universe dose not do any work that we should be thankful for. The Law of Attraction is the rule that the energies of the universe follows to help us receive what we desire.

The thing that we should show our gratitude for is the God or the action that created the Law of Attraction and the mediums (the universe and the energies) in which the universal laws act within. The universe is not the creator of the Law of Attraction and therefore we should direct our thankfulness to the one thing we all can be certain wants the best for us, Life.

Life is the thing that struggles to exist. Life is always growing towards abundance. Life wants to experience the best it can be. Life wants us to experience the best of it’s self that we can have. The creation of life, by whatever created the first signs of it, is the one miracle that we all can be the most grateful for.

Does the Law of Attraction Lead Us Away From Accepting Ourselves?

No. One of the principles of the Law of Attraction is, “Whatever you resist, persists.” Carl Jung is a depth psychologist that quoted, “What you resist not only persist, but will grow in size.” This principle helps to identify that is a misinterpretation that the Law of Attraction leads one away from accepting them self.

In order to make changes to your life, your thoughts, and the outcomes from your choices; you must first accept yourself for who you are at this present moment. If you resist who you are, then you continue to be the same person. You must accept yourself and then decided that you want to find the better in life.

Thank You For Your Thoughts

Thank you for reading my thoughts on this subject. I do my best to research the Law of Attraction and provide the best summaries of my work here on Living for the Better.

This post is a work in progress and is still growing. Any new truths I find will be added. If you have any insight about what I have written about in this post or have anything to change or share, then please leave a comment.

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7 thoughts on “My God, the Universe, and the Law of Attraction”

  1. I am not sure I understand your deep thinking but it is interesting to read and hope to get more of this from you ! hope to see all of you soon you are so much smarter than me I just don’t think that deep but enjoy reading ,studying and trying to find the truth but am a big believer in Jesus Christ as our Savior .

  2. This is a very interesting topic and so well presented. I have to admit I paused at a particular point as there was a widely accepted truth in today’s parlance, which I suddenly saw from a different angle and started to question. I am still stuck in this thought. Here it is.
    You noted that energy is and cannot be created or destroyed. Think back some years to the early years of modern science when it was still known as natural philosophy and in many ways the pastime of wealthy, mostly what would have been identified as gentlemen. It was commonly thought in those days that physical matter is and was and could neither be created nor destroyed. Then along came Einstein and nuclear physics and the relationship between energy and matter was established. Since you mention the Rishis and various knowledge sources of the East you may also be familiar with notions that all energy and matter are just a coalescence or condensation of universal consciousness. So I basically stumbled on that one point. This notion also places, God, the Creator, the Universal Will etc etc at the foundation of existence rather than opposite notions and basic a priori assumptions of modern science that “the divine” is just a creation of human consciousness which itself evolved eventually out of primeval slime after a span of chronological time. As might be clear, I think the former is a better representation of what is. Very best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,
      What a very interesting take on that subject. If you believe that human consciousness is a product of evolution and realize how long that would have taken and then think about how long it would have taken for evolution to create a eye that can see, let alone a body filled with organs that perform a unique function in harmony with each other: then I can understand why it may be hard to comprehend that all matter and energy come from a universal consciousness.
      I myself think it takes a great leap of faith to think that everything evolved from a simple solution of primitive ooze.
      Therefore, the belief of creation by something larger and/or smarter than every simple thing created is something I can accept and understand more easily.
      That is unless the world is billions of years older than we are taught to believe. Remember, the dinosaur was a product of creation or evolution millions of years before man evolved or was created. That’s a lot of unaccounted time in my opinion, but it doesn’t make my opinion true: just easier for me to understand.

      Thank you so much for your comment. It gave me something more to think about🤔

  3. Good morning, Greg! I really enjoyed your article. As a devout Christian, I completely agree that God and the universe are not one in the same-God created the world, but he is not in, governed by or limited by the world. God created the universe, and he certainly created the energies that lend to our emotions, attitudes and general mindsets, but to talk to the universe is to talk to the creation, not the Creator. You did an excellent job of differentiating between the two, and I appreciate how thorough you were in your analysis of the different religious principles and the Law of Attraction. God created the universe, but is above the universe. God bless you!

    • Hello CN,
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post.
      I find it hard to accept the teachings that God and the Universe are equal, since I was raised in a biblical background.
      I do enjoy studying other religions and origins of religion because I enjoy seeing how all of the pieces built the major religions we now see in the world.
      When I read the New Testament, I witness the combination of Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim, and Jewish religions being taught by Jesus and evolving into what the Christians study. I makes me smile with joy to see it all come to life😀

  4. Amazing post and is actually the same subject I commented on in your last post, is God the Universe or are they seperate things ? I’m glad you elaborated on this and I find your methedology rich in the sense that you find common ground in the main religions and scriptures to strengthen you argument. I really get you man. You style demands respect.


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