The Secret of the Law of Attraction

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Did you watch the movie called, “The Secret?” If you are like me, then the movie got you all excited about the Law of Attraction. Are you having the results that you hoped for? What if I told you the secret of the law of attraction that you missed out on?

The movie is a great introduction to the universal law. The Law of attraction isn’t magic. It is a universal law that is always working. You can not stop it even if you tried. You are always attracting abundance in to your life.

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You can be attracting an abundance of good things or even an abundance of not-so-good things, but the fact is you are always attracting some type of abundance. This is how the law works and it is always creating abundance.

The law of attraction is always working to bring you what you focus on the most. If you are always thinking of negative thoughts, then the law will bring things into your life that help support your negative thoughts. It works the same way if you always think of positive thoughts.

I tried using the law, but it didn’t work for me.

Many times people watch the movie and get all excited about changing their thoughts and for a few days or weeks they really try and still, it doesn’t seem to work for them. Normally this is because their subconscious thoughts are working against them.

See, no mater how positive you try to think, there is still something deep down inside that contradicts your true intentions. Limiting beliefs are normally the cause for what people believe is failure of the Law of Attraction.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are little negative thoughts that we adopted as rules in our lives at earlier times. One limiting people that many people carry is, “I am not good enough.” Another limiting belief is, “I will never get what I want.” The limiting belief I hear the most is, “I don’t deserve the good things.”

No matter how hard you try, if you carry any limiting beliefs, then you will not manifest your true desires. It is yourself that is holding you back. It is not the law because it cannot be the law. The law just gives you what you believe you can have.

One of the best leaders in the Law of Attraction, Katherine Hurst, created a quiz that can help you identify what you are missing when it comes to the law. Use the button below to take the free quiz and see where you can make improvements to yourself and your beliefs.

Secret to the Law of Attraction Quiz

How Do I Remove My Limiting Beliefs?

Before you can start trying to remove limiting beliefs, you have to be able to recognize them. This is not that hard to do. Think about something you really want. What was the first thing your mind said to you when you thought about it? Did it tell you that you could have it? Did it tell you that you are crazy for wanting it? Did your mind come up with excuses either for or against the thought?

If your initial thoughts were negative, then those are limiting beliefs. It will take some work to reprogram your subconscious, but it is not impossible. When ever you catch yourself having a limiting belief, stop yourself and change the thought to something more positive.

If your first thought is you do not deserve the thing you want, then come up with reasons why you do deserve to attract this good thing in your life. It takes some effort to do this, but you can do it.

Don’t try to stop the negative thoughts at first. Instead, accept them for what they are, limiting beliefs, and then change the way you view it. Like recently, I became upset because a part on my truck starting making a terrible noise. My first thought was, “this is not great.” Then I changed my thought to, “What good is going to come of this situation?”

By the end of the day I had a better part, with a better warranty, for a big discounted price. I looked for the good and the Law of Attraction provided a great outcome.

Check out my real life example in one of my recent post to read more of this story.

What is the Missing Secret to the Law of Attraction

The Secret movie touched on the missing ingredient to the law, but it did not explain it fully. The missing secret is the power of intention. The power of intention is utilized when you bring together your heart and mind.

Have you ever noticed that when negative things happen that go against your wishes brings a pain to your chest? That’s because your heart plays a very important role in your intentions and your ability to manifest your desires.

You heart is the power house to your intentions and your intuition. Your heart is were your feelings of joy and excitement begin. When your heart is racing and your hair is standing on end, it is your intuition speaking to your mind and body. Don’t shut it out. Instead, listen to it and (pun intended) take it to heart.

Katherine Hurst created a free e book that explains the power of intention and the missing part of the Law of Attraction. Get your free copy by clicking the button below.

Secret to the Law of Attraction E Book

Katherine Hurst is one of the top advocates for the Law of Attraction. She is just like all of us. She went through some tough times in life that were created by not understanding how to use the Law of Attraction to her benefit. Now, she uses the law to manifest her good intentions and desires into her life.

She decided to pay it forward to everyone out there. Like here at Living for the Good, Katherine wants to help other people learn how to harness the Law of Attraction and to use this never ending force to make life happier for everyone.

She has developed a downloadable tool kit that is designed to help everyone use the law to make his or her life better and to bring out the good for everyone. Get your free tool kit by clicking the button below.

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There you have it. You now know what the secret is and where to get help to unlock the secret of the Law of Attraction. I want to congratulate you on your quest to make yourself and your life better. All I ask is once you start learning how to use the Law of Attraction that you pay it forward to people in your life.


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12 thoughts on “The Secret of the Law of Attraction”

  1. This is a great article and should be an eyeopener for everyone who wonders why the power of attraction doesn’t work for them. I am constantly working on my power of intention and listing all the reasons I DO deserve what I’m working towards.

    I also feel like people are missing the “working” part. Just because you say it, don’t make it so!

    • Just like Marissa Peer says, “I am worth it.”
      I agree that many people also miss the action part. They cannot just sit in a field when they are thirsty and wait for it to rain?
      Thanks for the great comment.

  2. HI Greg. This is a great article. It has been a wake-up call to me. I have unconsciously been practising this for some years, but instead of harnessing it and make good use of it, i have listened to the small voices (limiting beliefs). The connection between Laws of Attraction and Power of Intention has never occured to me.
    I am going to forward this article to friends of mine. This is good stuff 🙂


  3. Hey mate, great article. I never tried to reason why there is this pain in the chest when negative things happens. Your explanations is very interesting. I want very familiar with the low of attraction or the power of intention. I am glad that I learned something new today and it makes perfect sense as well.
    Thank you.

  4. I found your post very inspired, I have practiced the law of Attraction for 4 years now. So it’s a very interesting article for me. I can definitely see your point of view. The power of Intention is something to look more closely at.

    • Hi Lisa ?
      One thing great about studying the Law of Attraction is that there is so much to learn. It is so new that there is not exact science to it. According to Bob Proctor there are many laws and the Law of Attraction is just one of them. We will be discussing the others in later post.


  5. Hi, this is a great post on the Law of Attraction from a different angle. It is detailed and full of well written information. I never thought of the power of intention as the missing secret to the Law of Attraction. However, having read your article I have a deeper understanding and I will definitely check out the tool kit. Thank you

    • Hi Ola,
      I keep finding new and useful information about the law of attraction. I am glad you found the information useful. The more I learn, the more I will post.

      Thank you,


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