I Decided To Be Happy-Decide to Be

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Voltaire is quoted, “I’ve decided to be happy because it’s good for my health.” I wonder if he realized it is not only good for his physical health, but also his mental health. I know he was a smart guy, so I am sure that he meant both when he made this statement.

Deciding to be happy refers to deciding to live in a state of being. Life can truly change for you when you decide to just “Be”. Let’s dive deeper into the States of Being.

If you follow my blog, then you are aware that I like to reference the teachings of the greatest minds in history. I like to search through all religions and thoughts from history’s great minds to find nuggets that relate to what we (people) are learning through Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction axiom.

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The States of Being

Over the years I have learned a lot about States of Being. Happiness is a state of being. You cannot do happiness. You cannot practice happiness. You can only be happiness. Just as you can choose to live in the state of sorrow. You cannot do sorrow. You cannot buy sorrow. You just be sorrow.

We live life through states. If you are in the state of hunger and do nothing, then you remain in this state. If you follow this state with the state of wanting and do nothing then you remain in the state of wanting. What we do is move past these states to eating something and then enjoy the state of satisfaction. Is this making sense?

If it is not clear to you yet, then let me go back to the state of happiness. Many people want to find happiness. When they want happiness, then they are in the state of wanting, not happiness. They will never find happiness until they decide to be happy. Once they decide to just be happiness, then the Law of Attraction reciprocates happiness in abundance back to him or her.

If they remain in the state of want, then the Law of Attraction gives him or her more want in abundance. It is not until him or her decides to be happiness that they can receive more happiness. OK, do you see how this works?

Let’s say that you want to attract more wealth into you life. You cannot attract more wealth into your life until you move past the state of want and enter the state of wealthy. You need to feel wealth in order to attract more wealth. Or, you cannot want to be healthy. You can only be healthy.

I Decided to Be Happy

I struggled with the Law of Attraction for many years. There was so much that I wanted to attract in to my life, but I just couldn’t seem to do it. I wanted more happiness. I wanted a new car. I wanted my own house, the perfect relationship, to eat great food, and so on. I thought if I wanted these things bad enough, then I would attract them into my life. That’s whatI am Happy they teach, right?

“Put all of your emotion into what you want.” “If you wish hard enough the universe will grant your wish” “If you just have enough faith, then you can have everything.” I heard these things so many times from people who taught the Law of Attraction. These things do not work if you never leave the State of Want!

The Law of Attraction Works With Our States of Being

I tried for a couple of years to stay positive and believe that the law was working to bringing me what I wanted. I finally gave up and decided that the law was not real. All I seemed to attract was more of what I already had.

Well… except for one thing. My new positive mindset was the greatest thing I ever found. I really did seem to find more and more things to be positive about.

Since I loved my positive mindset I decided to just be happy. No matter what life did or didn’t give me, the one thing I had control over was if I was happy or not. That is when things really started to change. I decided to just be happy and the universe started giving me more to be happy about.

My friends believe that my positive mindset helped me see the good in everything after this point. They are partially correct.

I know it helped a lot, but once I decided to be happy, great things happened so often that I no longer needed to look for the silver lining. I was able to move on from wanting the great things in life to just being great. Great things started manifesting around me. Great things that were always there before, only now I saw them for the greatness they already were.

This May Sound Silly To You

This may sound silly to you, but I became happy about the little things. I was happy to be healthy. I was happy that I could walk to work instead of drive. I was happy to have friends I could count on. I was happy it wasn’t raining so I could walk. I was happy it was raining so I could use my umbrella. Silly little things, right? But they were still great things and there were so many other great things too.

Choose HappinessSee, just deciding to be happy helped me find the state of greatness. Deciding to be happy helped me live in the state of good health. Happiness helped me be in the state of friendship. Happiness helped me live in the state of gratitude. Just deciding to be happy helped my health, both mentally and physically.


I lived in the state of want for many years. I tried to use the Law of Attraction to get out of the state, but the law only provides an abundance of what you think about the most. For me, want is all I thought about.

Once I let go of wanting everything and just decided to be in the state of happiness, everything that I wanted before and more, started to manifest into my life.

Before, I was surrounded by great things every day, but since I wanted happiness I could not leave that state and enter the state of gratitude. I was blind to the happiness and greatness that I already had.

Do this for yourself. Leave the state of want and find a state of satisfaction. Give up all you want and look around for all the great things you already have to be happy for. Enter the state of gratitude and then the state of happiness and you will find the next natural state is satisfaction. Once you reach here, you will notice that you already have all that you want and more great things will follow. That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

Today, I have that nice car. I have that great relationship, my own home, and great satisfying food. Everything I ever wanted came to me right after I decided to no longer live in the state of want. The Greatest part… You can do it too.

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8 thoughts on “I Decided To Be Happy-Decide to Be”

  1. Thanks for such an inspiring and uplifting post. I heard of a woman once who lived a normal life and then her father died; it was like a light switch went off in her brain. She just became consumed with the idea of embracing life and she’s now the most energetic person I’ve ever seen.

    Totally agree with you on the small things – don’t sweat the big stuff.

  2. I found this post to be very interesting because I knew about the Law of Attraction before reading this article, but didn’t know too much about “being” in a state of happiness. I personally consider myself a very positive and happy person but there’s always room for improvement so I’ll take all that you said to heart!

    • Hello Alejandro ?
      You are correct that there is always room for improvement. That is one of my quest too. Learning about the States that we live in changed my perspective.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

  3. Hello Greg!
    I am glad that you chose to be happy regardless of any conditions, it is the best decision you could make! Ofcourse life will be hard sometimes, but appreciation of ”bad” things and feeling is also important!
    I agree that the universe works with our state of being, so what we are – we attract!
    It is so good to know that we can decide what our state of being will be and what we will attract! It is not always easy to change our states, but meditation and persistance will make it a lot easier!
    What are some everyday things you do to maintain feelig good?

    I have written some posts on law of attraction, I would like to hear your opinion


    • Hello Mama,
      I don’t normally leave links from comments, but in your case I will. They are on subject and can help further my readers understanding of the law from another’s point of view.

      I have found from my experience that nothing is truly hard. It may be hard to make myself do it at first, but after it is done it always seems like it was easy, right?
      I no longer rate the things that happen in my personal life as good or not-so-good anymore. I have learned that things that seem terrible turn out to be the best things ever a few days later. This happened too many times for me to keep up with the labels.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts,

  4. Wow, what a great article….I’ll try to stop the state of “want” and decide to enjoy the state of “now”…and be grateful for what is and what I already have. I’m not sure if I can stop wishing though…there a so many countries that I would like to visit….so many things I would like to achieve.
    But thanks for the insights!

    • Hi Angelique,
      Nothing wrong with the state of wishing 🙂 Just as long as you move past it and just be and do what you are wishing for. You don’t need to stop wanting, wishing, or having desires. Just don’t stay in this states 🙂

      Peace and gratitude


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