Why I Decided To Be Asdabbi

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Hello Everyone, this post is a little different from my normal post. I am going to explain what Asdabbi is and why I decided to live my life by this made up term. Get ready to learn a little more about me and how the word ‘Asdabbi’ came too mean; “Making Life More Fun and Enjoyable.”

The Early Life Before Asdabbi

My grandparents on both sides of the family agreed on only one thing in my life: “I have had a hard life.”

This was their own words. I didn’t even realize that my life was hard. I never saw it that way as I lived day to day.

To me, life was just life filled with ups and downs. Still, when one set of grandparents said it, I didn’t think too much about it. After all, they did not see life through my eyes.

But, when my other set of grandparents told a friend this as they introduced me to them, I stopped to think about it and try to reflect. I asked my grandparents what do you mean when they say this. The things they said to me took me back because I didn’t realize how hard my life was in their point of view.

Is This a Hard Life?

I grew up poor, yet I always got whatever I wanted. If my parents could not afford the thing I wanted, then I would walk the dirt road I grew up on to collect aluminum cans or scrap metal to sell to earn money. Many times, I would come across the things that I wanted for free or I would create them out of other things.Asdabbi Outhouse

I did not know my family was poor. Yes, my mom was always complaining about not having enough money or not being able to have nice things.

This is true, but I thought that was just a part of life that everyone had to accept: money and nice things are hard to get and have.

Still, we always found a way to get the things we wanted. We didn’t seem poor to me because I didn’t know any better.

The house I grew up in didn’t have an inside toilet. When I went to a friend’s house and they had an inside toilet, I just thought they were rich, yet I never thought of my family as poor.

It was just hard to have nice things.

Families without an outhouse were just able to have better things… just a normal life to me.

Then when I turned 16, my dad passed away in a car wreak. I didn’t realize at the time how hard life was going to be without him.

My Dad Passed Away

Then when I turned 16, my dad passed away in a car wreak. I didn’t realize at the time how hard life was without him. My grandparents pointed out that he passed away right during the time he was supposed to teach me how to be a man. I can now admit that it was hard for me to find my way in life without him. Passing On Asdabbi

I had so many questions to ask and so much direction to look for. I spent many years asking the wrong people the right questions.

My mom was out of the picture because I drove her away. She spent many years trying to make me and my little brother leave her alone or to get out of the house.


It wasn’t bad intentions. It was because she worked nights and needed to sleep during the day. She didn’t realize that she was pushing us away emotionally.

She thought she was doing her best to work hard, make money, and pay the bills. She did do a good job with these things, but she was hardly ever a part of our lives unless she was yelling at us.

This is why it was so hard when my dad passed away. He was the one that spent time with me and my brother. He was the one that hung out with friends and taught us how to be sociable.

He never drove us away.

My mom and dad were split up when he passed. She had a boyfriend that she lived with and me and my brother lived with our dad.

My mom and her boyfriend decided they were going to move into my dad’s house the evening after the funeral. I went crazy seeing her boyfriend in my dad’s chair, going with my mom into my dad’s bedroom, parking his car in my dad’s spot.

I went completely crazy and started throwing things, destroying things, yelling, and name-calling. The next morning, my mom loaded up her boyfriend and my little brother and they all drove out of my life. I was sixteen and all alone.

The Years Went By

The years started to go by in a blur. Not that they went fast or anything, a blur because my mind was foggy. Everything I Thank God For Asdabbiknew and depended on vanished in under a week.

Yes, I had family to turn to but it wasn’t the same to me anymore. I truly believed that deep in everyone’s head was the memory of me going crazy and kicking my mom out of the house. This is the story she told everyone.

Her side of the story is that I just flipped for no reason and made her move out.

I had a reason to be angry.

My mom was moving in and she had always pushed me and my brother away. I could see this happening again and this time she would have a new man in her life backing up her wishes. A new man that was not my dad.

Anyway, life went on.

I made many bad choices that taught me great lessons later in life. I made some not-so-good choices in friends and I made some great choices in friends. I finally found my way with the help of my good friends. I learned a great work ethic. I learned how to be responsible with money and to my surprise, how to have nice things.

I survived many years of life after my dad passed away. I tried many jobs and finally found out that being a carpenter was something that I enjoyed.

I Was Starting To Figure It All Out

I survived many years of life after my dad passed away. I tried many jobs and finally found out that being a carpenter was something that I enjoyed. I made good money as a carpenter and then the housing bubble burst around 2008. If my house would not have been paid for, then I would have ended up homeless. The rest I was ready for.

I only had my savings in the bank, I had three dogs to feed, and utility bills to cover. Times became hard and I had to sell myLiving for the Dogs truck.

It didn’t take too long before my way of thinking about money started to relate to dog food. See, a bag of dog food was $20 and it would last a month. If I found a way to make $60 dollars, then I had 3 months of dog food paid for. I know it is strange, but my loved ones were not going to go without.

I walked the streets to collect aluminum, scrap metal, and loose change. When I needed something at the house, I could normally find the things to make the item somewhere and build it. My so-called hard child life was something that helped me prepare for this unexpected future.

I planted tomato seeds from fast food burgers in the yard. I grew cucumbers from the seeds I found in cucumber slices. I was able to grow many foods in my yard from seeds I found. I ate poke weed salad, picked berries from trees in the park, and sold items I made from things I found. It was hard, but I knew I would find a way to survive.

So, Where Did Asdabbi Come From?How to Pronounce Asdabbi

I made it through the hardest part of my life and even though I was angry for most of the time, I still survived. I survived by revisiting the true roots of my childhood. My dad had taught me the ability to always see the silver lining in everything that happens in life. He raised me on the Law of Attraction without ever labeling it as so.

The Secret movie found me one day at the video store. You can read about it in this earlier post. It found me at the perfect time in my life to remind me of the principles I was raised on. It helped me remember that an attitude of frustration and anger only attracts more anger and frustration.

I decided at that moment that I would do my best to make life more fun and enjoyable no matter what happened to me. I decided to follow the axiom of the Law of Attraction and tell everyone I saw about how a positive mindset can keep you from living in a world of struggle.

Many of my friends claimed that I was talking about fairy tales and magic. They claimed that just having a good attitude wouldn’t change the reality we all lived in. They said there was no magic words or potion that could just make it all better.

No Magic Word To Make It All Better?

No magic they say? I know it is not magic, it is science. The Law of Attraction is now being proved by the study of Quantum Physics. It’s not some New Age hocus-pocus. You can read more about this in this earlier post.Asdabbi Means Making Life More Fun and Enjoyable

After hearing most of my friends say these things to me, one made up word came to mind, “Asdabbi.” They claim there is not a magic word that makes life more fun and enjoyable, so I made up a word that means just that.

Asdabbi means: Making Life More Fun and Enjoyable.

Asdabbi means: Making Life More Fun and Enjoyable.

I am Asdabbi. Are you Asdabbi too? A new car would be Asdabbi. It is easy to tell that person loves to be Asdabbi.

Asdabbi is a magic word that makes life more fun and enjoyable. If we all live in the state of Asdabbi, then life would just magically become a fun and enjoyable place to be no matter what happened.

Combine Asdabbi with the belief that anything that happens is the best thing that can happen at this moment, and we could really see some consistent magic happening every day.

Do you agree?

Let’s all be Asdabbi together.

==>I would love to hear your experiences, questions, and thoughts about this subject, so please feel free to leave a comment below. I normally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it. Talk with you later, Greg<==

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4 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Be Asdabbi”

  1. Like your thoughts. I wake up every morning with the positive thought.

    Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day. I have a wonderful feeling everything is going my way.


    Thanks for your positive thoughts.

    • Hi Ray,
      It takes a lot of practice for many people to wake up in a positive mood. I am just happy when I don’t drop the roll of toilet paper in the toilet. Did that every other day for like a week. Finally got smart and and bought another roll holder😂 My mornings are so much better now😀

  2. I read another one of your posts and had to read what exactly Asdabbi was. I like your way of thinking.

    Your story reminds me of another story I read not too long ago, about a little girl and her family that saved everything that they could, including gathering cans to recycle, in order to help a poor family in their church to have a nice Christmas. They had earned and saved $80 and was so proud to give it to the church offering to help this poor family.

    Later that day the pastor stopped by their house, and gave them the money from that offering, which wasn’t even doubled what they had put in (which tells how little others had contributed). Up until that day, that little girl never knew that they were poor.

    Perception and attitude will get you far in life; I can see how it’s moving you. 🙂


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