Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason Week 2

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I am now on the final module of Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason program. I am ending my 2nd week studying his program and I still have many more things to learn. Even though I have almost completed (I am still in module 6) all the main modules of the program, there are still six bonuses, the Masters’ Library, and the included meditations list to go through.

I believe there is over 200 hours of audios and videos in the Masters’ Library. This truly is an ongoing education.

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Has My Life Changed Since I Started the Program?

I am experiencing a very broad view of how life works in this universe. I have changed mentally. I mean… I have a better understanding of the thoughts used by the creator to bring all of our lives in to existence. I seem to have a better awareness for the things that I desire and seek and manifest things towards my goals much easier than before. I understand that I already have everything I need to further my education. I may not have it physically right now but, I am sure through faith that it will be delivered to me as I learn to accept it in the now… not the future… the now.

What is the Now?

The now is all we have. Even our past was made in the now, for it was now when we experienced it. We will not experience the future until it is now. The future may not come until a later date, but we will not experience it until then… which will be the now when it gets here.What is Now

Life is much more amazing to me. When I see a bird, I am sure through that I am a part of it, just as it is a part of me. The trees, the grass I mow, the food I eat, and everything else is a part of me. And, all of this is a part of the original thought of the Source. Thusly, we are all one and the same and we are all here in the now. We are all there is and all there will ever be.

I Understand States of Being. Especially, the States of Want and Happiness.

I may have talked about this before, but I have faith in how we live our lives through states. The state of want is where most of us live. We want new and better things. If we are to find true happiness, then we must move past this state into the states of satisfaction, gratitude, and happiness. We must choose these states and enjoy them and we will find true happiness and possibly the state of enlightenment.

Here is how we normally are and why we only experience happiness for short time periods. We live in the state of want.

Here is how we normally work and why we only experience happiness for short time periods. We live in the state of want. We want something, so we find ways to get it. Instead of staying in the state of satisfaction after receiving it, we accept it as received and then go on to want something else. We put ourselves back into the state of wanting and therefore leave the states of gratitude, happiness, and satisfaction. We start the cycle again and only happy for a short time. Then we put ourselves back into the state of always wanting.

It blows my mind how easy it is to see this working in my past self and many of the people I am sure through. There is nothing wrong with wanting or desire. This allows us to find out what we think we lack. But by staying in these states, we are expressing that we are lacking something and the universe responds with giving us a perception of more things we lack.

We must choose to be happy with what we have. For when we live in the state of happiness, the universe responds by giving us more things to be happy about. So, enter the states of want or desire, declare what we want, then move on to the states of gratitude and satisfaction by knowing you will receive it, and then experience the state of happiness you feel knowing you already have it.

My Biggest Take Away

My biggest take away is trusting that the Source of life is good. All the thoughts of the Original Thinker are thoughts of love. If these thoughts did not come from the state of love, then there would be no reason for us to have thoughts of love, gratitude, and happiness. If the original thought was not one of love, then there would be no beauty to witness in theWealth Beyond Reason Take Away world. The reason there are opposites to these thoughts is merely illusions.

Most Things That Hold Us Back Are Mere Illusions

Fear is an illusion, for there is nothing to fear because everything was created through love. Learn more about these illusions by reading this post here.

Lack is an illusion because we have all that we need and everything we ask for has already been given to us. Hate is an illusion because it is made up from thoughts of fear, which as we already know, is an illusion in itself. Greed is an illusion because, as we pointed out, everything we want has already been given to us.

Since I am aware that the Source has nothing but good intentions, then I have more of an open mind to something that happened in my past. I carried anger about it for years. Thankfully, that anger is now gone.

I once owned a home that my stepdad demolished. He tore it to the ground and two weeks later died from cancer. I was mad at him for years and I couldn’t even tell him how I felt.

Since I am sure that the Source has nothing but good intentions, then I have more of an open mind to a thing that happened in my past.

Here is some back story so you can understand the revelation. I went through some tough times in that house. I lost my job to the economy and in return, I lost my utilities. I had no electricity, so I could not use the refrigerator and store food. I had no water, so I couldn’t bathe or flush the toilet at home. I had no gas so I couldn’t heat my home. All I had was a home, yet I couldn’t afford to repair it so it started falling apart around me.

I was hungry and learned what plants were edible that grew in my yard and in the small patch of woods behind my house. I had no water, so I carried buckets up from the creek to water my dogs and flush the toilet. I later started harvesting rain water for the same purposes.

Solar PowerI had no electric and a small amount of savings. I made a budget of what money was left so I could make sure that I could always afford to feed my three dogs and I bought solar panel parts to learn how to build them. I had no gas for heat or hot water, so the pipes in my house burst and cracked the first winter.

During the first year, the law of attraction grabbed my attention in a local video store(A great story for another day). I started studying the LOA and began being guided to books and videos. My thirst for knowledge in the subject has never been quenched as well as it has been now in the present.

The second year, I went back to college online and collected student loan over payment funds. I used these funds to pay for a smart phone that I could use as a hot spot for internet access. I used the solar panels to charge my phone and laptop and to run a single light and a fan. I bought a small propane heater to heat one room in the house. I was moving back up.

By the third year, I had earned my bachelor’s degree in green business practices, found a great job at a gas station, planted potatoes and onions and seeds from tomatoes, found my love stone, and learned all I could about permaculture by taking a mini-course. By the fourth year, I was earning a Master’s in business, had a great understanding of solar power and battery storage, a 13 panel solar array, and a five marine battery bank to store the power I harvested from the sun.

What Does This Have To Do With My House Being Destroyed?

I went through a lot in that home. I went from wealthy, to rags, and back to mediocre living inside the house with nothing. I went from being completely reliant on the grocery store, and city and county utilities to becoming self-reliant and a harvester of natural resources. It was a great feeling, but I still wanted more, I wasn’t happy, and a little bit scared and ashamed.Scared to Live Outloud

I was trying my best to not let the city officials know I was living within the limits of the city in this fashion because it would have been looked down upon. After all, the city had no idea how far I had come. All they would see is a house that is falling apart.

Black mold was taken over most of my house. I had a vine growing in through the bathroom window that circled the top of the bathroom, and if it wasn’t for my neighbor… My lawn would have never been mowed.

During the fifth year of improving myself, I moved in with a friend once my dogs passed away of old age. They all died around the age of 15 years. I had received them all as rescues from homes that didn’t want them and one I found alone on back road, skinny and looking for love. I raised them for 15 years: Snikers, Bailey, and Rex.

It hurt when they passed away. It seemed like each went a couple weeks after each other. In my heart, I am sure I gave them the best life I possibly could. I always made sure they had food even if I didn’t and I carried water up a steep hill every day to make sure they had plenty to drink inside the large fenced in yard they lived in. We enjoyed playing fetch, keep away, and when it was really cold, we had three dog nights to keep ourselves warm.

I had moved out so I could work on the house without living in a construction zone. I had full intention on fixing the place back up. But, my plans got changed without my consent.

After I moved out, my step dad came by and saw the condition the house was in. He decided it was beyond repair tore it down to the ground. I was angry because I planned to rebuild the home. I loved the location and all I had to do was put in the time, money, and energy to fix it. It was going to cost a lot, but it was mine and worth it.

I was angry for so long (6 years), but now I understand that he gave me a blessing. It wasn’t much longer after he tore it down, that the city officials came down the street and started making everyone clean up their yards and make exterior house repairs. I was still mad at him, but grateful that I didn’t get found out for the way I was living and wasn’t being forced to make repairs I could not afford.

The Truth Set Me Free

The truth is the house was a big reminder of all the things I didn’t have and it put me in fear for my safety from problems with the city. When he tore it down, my stepdad took all of that fear, shame, and worry away at the same time. I didn’t realize it then, but now that I have been studying the Wealth Beyond Reason program, I do. I can now release that anger I carried towards my stepdad as another blessing bonus. That anger kept me from who knows what, but I am sure I will find out in time. I hold gratitude towards Bob’s program for this.

Final Thoughts About the Program

If you would like to shift your reality, find gratitude in things that anger you, learn about the Source, find ways to release negative thoughts and emotions, and change your life for the better, than give Bob Dolye’s Wealth Beyond Reason program a chance to do this for you too.

You can use this link to check out my earlier review of the program, sign up for the free quiz, and get started on your own journey in to Wealth Beyond Reason. You will be happy that you did. It’s up to you.

You can stay in the state of want and wish for your life to change, or you can move into the state of curiosity and then into satisfaction just by listening to short audios, reading great books, watching short videos, and learning how to truly manifest the life you desire.

What do you have to lose?

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