Wealth Beyond Reason by Bob Doyle Review

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I recently began Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason program. I am a student of the Law of Attraction and I have a soft spot for finding out all that I can about it. I found Bob Doyle’s opinion of the law much different from most of the people who teach LOA.

How Bob Doyle Teaches Law of Attraction Different From the Rest

The first thing that I noticed was he does not agree with the definition of the law spoke by most teachers. He doesn’t like the idea of saying that like-attracts-like. He states that most people who hear this definition know better. He uses a few examples to prove this definition incorrect.

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Bob’s Examples

Example 1. The chairs in my dining room are exactly alike, yet they are not crashing into each other because of theirWealth Beyond Reason

attraction. I have to admit that he is right. If like attracted like, then it would be dangerous to do many things, like drive a car or eat with a fork across from other people eating with forks.

Example 2. Magnets. Everyone knows that poles on a magnet are only attracted to the opposite poles. If you try to put the north pole of two magnets together, they actually repeal one another.

Example 3. Many of the best relationships are between two people who are the exact opposites of each other. Maybe you can think of one couple or more you know that matches this definition.

Does Bob Agree With Anything?

Bob Doyle agrees that everything in the Universe is made of energy and that energy has a vibration. He believes that the energy resonates energy that vibrates at the same frequency. This is what the program, Wealth Beyond Reason, is based on: the science behind the Law of Attraction.

I found a lot of his information to be inline with Katherine Hurst’s Origins program. You can learn  more about this program by reading this earlier review here.

I am really enjoying Bob Doyle’s program. I really like the fact that it dives into the science and provides examples of howWealth Beyond Reason Review

Quantum Physics is helping to prove that the law is real. Scientist have not come to an agreement to label the Law of Attraction as a natural law of nature, but in the program is an interview with quantum physicist, Travis Taylor, who explains why he believes the law is based on Quantum Physics. He even explains how the brain is a quantum computer. It is very interesting stuff.

The use of science and the opinions of scientist is how Bob sets out to prove it works, why it works, and how it works. The way he teaches the law brings you back to your childhood and reassures people like me, that the intuitive feeling that I got when I first watched the secret, is true. He points out how many of the greatest teachers used quotes and sayings for over 4,000 years expressing a knowledge of the law.

What comes with the program?

The Wealth Beyond Reason program is completely online. It has four parts to make sure that you have plenty of information to learn from and helps answers many of the questions people like you and me have about the Law of Attraction.

The first part is called, “Wealth Beyond Reason 2.0”. It contains a 12 module program that guides you at your own pace through all the lessons that he teaches about the history of the law, the science of the law, and techniques that help you learn how to use the law. It is the most in depth program I have ever found for the price.

The second part is called, “Rapid Manifesting Masterclass.” It contains Flightwaves Brainwave Synchronization audios which are used to help guide you into meditative states. If you find it hard to learn how to meditate, then these audios are exactly what you need. You just put on your headphones, listen to the sounds, and they guide you into theta and delta meditative states with ease.

The third part is called the “Paradigm Wealth School”. This library and classroom is where you get to dive deeper into many of the techniques used to clear limiting thoughts and emotional blocks, learn EFT with and without tapping, how to figure out what your true desires are, what wealth truly is (and it’s not just money), and many other things to learn. There are 30 classes offered for free with the program.

The last part is called, “Dream Life Experts.” This is a three part series of interviews and lessons from all the biggest names in the Law of Attraction community. I haven’t made it to this part of the lessons yet, but I am looking forward to learning more from the greatest teachers out there. Be on the look out for future post explaining more about this part of the program and the Paradigm Wealth School.

Once you purchase the program you receive a couple of great gifts. Every book that Bob recommends for you to read is provided for free as PDF downloads. He introduced me to a book called, “Happy Pocket Full of Money.” I have been studying the law for many years, and this book changed my entire point of view about the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and the law of abundance.

Be on the look out for many up and coming post reviewing all the books available in this class. It is going to take several posts to cover all the great material found in this class. That’s how huge of a great program that Bob Doyle has created for everyone wanting to learn more.

Do I Recommend the Wealth Beyond Reason Program?

I bet it is easy for you to predict that I am a big fan of this program. I cannot even cover the entire program in one article on my blog. I am still in the third module, reading the required reading material, listening to the interviews, doing the homework, and watching the bonus webinars. This is a real class. It reminds me of my college years, but the information is easy to understand and enjoyable to learn and use.

How Much Does It Cost and How Do I Get Started?

With everything that I have shown you about this program, I am sure you think it isn’t affordable. I thought it would be too. You have to do a quiz before you can buy the program. The quiz is very easy. It is a personality multiple choice quiz that is scored when you finish. There are no right or wrong answers. You just answer how you feel about each question.

Then Bob tells you in a video how to grade your responses. I have to tell you that I was impressed by the information he offered in just the video before he even told us about the program.

After you take the quiz, watch the informative video, and interpret your answers, then you find out that all of what I have talked about is only $247. You can pay it all at once and save, or you can pay it out in two payments.


I have been studying the law for over ten years and I have spent a lot of money on programs to get education, tips, and techniques about the Law of Attraction. I have never stumbled on, or been attracted to, a program this large for this low of a price. If I had found it years ago, then I could have saved a lot of money. Of course, I am a big nerd when it comes to learning about the law, but I think everyone should learn from Bob’s point of view and how science backs the Law of Attraction.

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7 thoughts on “Wealth Beyond Reason by Bob Doyle Review”

  1. Greg,

    There is no doubt that you know what you’re talking about. Spending over 10 years learning about the Law of Attraction from many different books, courses and programs definitely show how serious you are in making your life and others to be better.
    Thank you for sharing this review about Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason. I think it is worth to check out. I am curious to find out the results for when I do the quiz later. 🙂

    • I am blown away by his course. I am not sure when his videos were made, I think the early 2000s, but he keeps mentioning ten years of experience too.
      Still, even with as much experience as I have, there is always room to learn more and to become better aware.

      Thanks for stopping by?

  2. Bob Doyle, I got introduced to him in the book ‘The Secret’. Then saw his numerous videos on youtube. Thank you for this wonderful post. Hoping that law of attraction will work for me 🙂

    • Hi Prav,
      The law of attraction is always working. It cannot be stopped. It’s up to you what you attract into your life. The law is always providing abundance of whatever you think about and put the most emotion into.

  3. Another great post! I am very interested in the law of attraction.

    I would love to look at it from a different perspective.

    I will be checking out this course that is recommended by you.

    I’ve been following your posts for a while, and I know that your content is always accurate and educational.

    Thank you for a wonderful post!

    • Hi Elise,
      Thanks for the compliment. I love to learn all that I can to help others live for the better. Thank for following my blog and thanks again for leaving your thoughts.


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