Make Law of Attraction Work: Origins by Katherine Hurst Review

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Are you looking for ways to make the Law of Attraction work for you? Maybe, you are looking for techniques to use that help prove the law is working in your life. The Origins program created by Katherine Hurst just might be the resource you need and are looking for.

What is the Origins Program

The Origins program is not a new program. It has been around for many years and has helped thousands of people learn what the Law of Attraction is and introduces mindsets and techniques that anyone can use to better manifest his or her desires.

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The program consist of two PDF downloads, a video, an audio, and some wonderful extras that you can use to help guide your heart and mind in the right direction to begin manifesting what you truly want instead of manifesting what you do not want.

What Does The Program Say About Accidental Manifestation?

The Law of Attraction is always working even if you are not aware of it. This program explains that many times we manifestLaw of Attraction Quiz the things we do not want in our life by accident. We do this by using the wrong words or focusing on what we do not want accidentally.

We accidentally do this by putting emotion into the things we do not want. When we use the words, “I don’t want or I do not like,” we are actually telling the law to bring more of that into our lives.

The law doesn’t understand the words mentioned above. Like an example, when we say, “I do not want expensive bills,” all the law hears is, “expensive bills.” So what happens? The law provides more expensive bills into our lives.

What we need to do is only focus on what we do want. Instead of saying it the way we did the first time, we should change it to, “I want cheaper bills,” or maybe, “How can I have fewer bills.” The law will now hear the words, “cheaper bills or fewer bills.” and start delivering ways to make these desires manifest.

This is just one of the gems taught in the Origins program.

How Much More Comes With The Program?

The example I gave above is just one of the many mind shifts and techniques that are covered in the 2 and a half hour Origins program. You will also receive techniques you can use to prove the Law of Attraction is always working, why the heart is the most important tool for manifesting next to the mind, and how to super charge your Intention Point so that you can manifest the things you want with more clarity and pin-point accuracy.

What is the Intention Point?

The Intention Point is explained more within the program, but I will give you a quick definition. Your Intention Point occurs when your heart and mind are in coherence to help you manifest better.

Realizing your heart and your emotions is 5,000 times stronger than the energies produced by your thoughts is a paradigm shift that will open your awareness to greater abundance.

We have been using and hearing sayings most of our lives that strengthen the legality of the Intention Point. Do you ever hear or say things like, “put your heart into it or listen to your heart?” See what I mean?

You Get Some Samples of Mind Movies When You Sign Up For The Program

Mind Movies are subliminal videos, just a minute long or so, that help your brain focus on what you desire. Mind Movies are created by Natalie and Glen Ledwell. The creators have a desire to inspire the world and they have been accomplishing this goal since 2007.Mind Movies

When you sign up for the Origins program, you get five of the best Mind Movies: Connection Cleanser, High Vibration Health, Soulmate Beacon: Attract a Man, Soulmate Beacon: Attract a Female, and Financial Wellspring.

I have personally used these movies in the past and I have complete faith in using them to help in tune your mind to noticing the things you desire. They are worth buying, but you get them free by purchasing the Origins program.

How Much Does the Origins Program Cost?

The program normally sells for $97 dollars, but right now you can purchase the program for only $49. They offer one up sale after you purchase the product that can enhance what you learn from the Origins program for a discounted price of $97 dollars.

Both aspects of the program are worth the money. I recommend starting out with the Origins program and then after a week or so of using the program, click the link in one of Katerine’s emails to sign up for the second part if you want to continue your education.

Do I Recommend The Origins Program?

Yes, I do recommend the Origins program. I believe it is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn about the Law of Attraction or understand why they cannot get the Law of Attraction to work like they desire.

If you are looking for Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting your desires, then this is the first program I would spend my money on. It wasn’t the first program I paid for, but if I would have known about it back then, then it would have been my first choice.

How Do I Get My Own Copy of the Origins Program?

I am happy to provide you with a link to this awesome program. Click on the button below to be taken to an introduction video by Katherine Hurst herself. I am positive that you will find more useful information than you expect within the program.

Origins by Katherine Hurst

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8 thoughts on “Make Law of Attraction Work: Origins by Katherine Hurst Review”

  1. Hi Greg,

    Thank you for introducing us to this program to better understand the Law of Attraction.

    Do you have any tips on how to make our heart and mind to be in coherence in order to help us manifest better? Sometimes what we want is not something we consider of having or doing.

    • Hello Ferra?
      I have planned to create another post in the near future focused on the Intention Point. This is where you heart and mind communicate. This program teaches how to do this also.
      Thank you for taking the time to once again check out our website and leave a comment.?

  2. Hi Greg,

    Interesting article. I must say this is the first time I have heard about the Law of Attraction as defined. But seems intuitive enough. Very much like the law of positivity or not really?

    With respect to the Intention Point, I could appreciate that and do believe that if your heart and mind are in coherence, then things would be much better.

    Thank you for your article and for sharing your perspective

    • The law of positivity ? Sounds a lot like the same thing. Thanks for giving me more to research.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the post.

  3. I can relate to that, so many times I get so frustrated and start setting those negative beliefs it is a hard habit to break because it is very hard to see the positive things in life at times.
    The system behind the course seems to cut to the chase. Very good points made along the way kudos on that. cheers

    • Hi Kevin, it is hard to keep not so good thoughts out of our lives. They are natural. The trick isn’t avoiding these thoughts. The trick is not putting much thought into them. Just have the thought, accept it, and more on to a more pleasant thought.

      Have a great one

  4. Hey Greg,

    Initially, I thought I was reading a lawyer service article, but your article was unusual, so I thought I’d leave a comment for you and also, I was wondering how you could examine the manifestations of this coincidence, and on the different side, research demands significant evidence?

    However, this is a good effort to change the perspective of a condition, which is seen from a positive angle. Anyway, thank you for sharing this interesting information.
    Ok, Keep safe.

    • Hi ?
      I think I have examined the outcomes of manifestation many times in my life. Put it to the test and see what you can manifest. I can talk and talk about it, but I cannot prove it to you until you see it for yourself?

      Be safe and have a great one?


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