What is a Vision Board For

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Are you wondering what a vision board is for? Maybe you have heard of a vision board or a dream board and all the great things they can do for you. Vision boards are cheap and easy things to make that people use to help them manifest the life he or she wants to attract.

What is a Vision Board

According to Wikipedia, “A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals.”

This is a very good definition of what one is. People create them to keep him or her inspired and filled with great thoughtsVision Board Example about the dream life that they envision for themselves. They can be very powerful tools when using the law of attraction if they are focused on with gratitude. You can learn more about finding gratitude in strange ways by reading this earlier post.

In the movie, The Secret, John Assaraf talks about a dream board that he created. When he moved into his new house that he had renovated, he was unpacking some boxes with his son. His son opened up a box and found something inside and asked his dad what the item was.

John says he told his son it was his vision board. Years ago, he had cut out pictures and affirmations and stuck them to a cork board. He said he was amazed when he looked at it, because the house he had just moved into was posted on his vision board. He said he had forgotten all about it, but there it was. Now he teaches people how to create and use dream boards for their own personal law of attraction success.

Jack Canfield has a 5 minute video about how useful Dream Boards can be and how to create them. Check it out below.

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Many years ago, I was amazed by something I found

My Personal Accidental Dream Board

I now use dream boards, but I didn’t in the past. Many years ago, I was amazed by something I found while digging through a box of my old drawings. Let me take you back to a good time in my life. I was living in my truck in the late 1990s. I had all my stuff that wouldn’t fit in my truck in storage at my brother’s house and I was living in a field next to a cattle farm.

I have some great stories from those times of learning about myself, but one is simply amazing to me and it is how I was able to relate to John Assaraf’s story. I had just bought a new tent to live in. It was a green and beige dome tent. It had a dark green cover and I loved the way it looked under the tree.

I found some flat stones in the field and built a little porch in front of it. About five feet from the rock porch was my fire pit where I cooked, hung out, drank beer, and played guitar. For the time, it was exactly what I though I wanted since I wasn’t a big fan of having lots of personal things.

Dream Board AccidentI wasn’t really a minimalist. After all, I still had things in storage. I just couldn’t fit everything in my truck. One day I was having some beers with my brother and I decided to go through my things in his shed. I was going to throw some things away, give some away, and keep whatever was left over.

I had a wood box that I kept all the stories, poems, drawings, and songs that I had written through junior and high school. I was going through the box for the feeling of nostalgia when I came across a drawing I did with the title, “Home Sweet Home.”

I couldn’t believe it. It was dated for 10 years prior and it was a dome tent under a tree with a rock porch that had the word “Home” carved into it. I just sat there in amazement, staring at the picture. Had I really foreseen the future? I showed it to my brother and he busted out laughing.

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Now that I understand dream boards and the law of attraction, I understand that I did not predict the future with my drawing. I had created my future or attracted this tent home with my artwork. Now, you need to realize the 10 years was about a half of a lifetime to me at this time. I would have been 14 when I drew that picture.

So, think about and realize this. I found the picture in the late 1990s. The Secret didn’t come out until 2006. So for at least six years, I thought I could predict the future. It is funny to me now. I realized what I did when I learned about dream boards in 2007 watching The Secret. I had created my future through my thoughts and desires. This is how I became a firm believer in the law of attraction.

I found the picture in the late 1990s. The Secret didn’t come out until 2006. So for at least six years, I thought I could predict the future.

Dream Boards Do Work

I have shown you that vision boards really can work. They worked for me and I didn’t even know what I was doing and it worked for John Assaraf. He put his away in a box for who knows how long. Imagine how well they will work when you create them with intention.

How to Create a Dream Board

Dream boards are easy and inexpensive to make. You just need some pictures of the things you want, some markers, some tape, glue, or pushpins, and something to stick your pictures to.

You can glue your pictures to a poster board, stick them to a cork board, or even build a collage with a picture app and print it. You can add affirmations to them with markers or cut them out of magazines. You can even create affirmations on your computer and print them out too.

5 Steps For Creating a Vision/Dream Board

1) Find the object that you want to use to build your dream board on. This could poster board, a page in a notebook, or a cork board.

2) Now you start collecting quotes, words, and images of things that best represent what you want to achieve, how you want to feel, who you would like to be. Fill your board with as much inspiration that you can think of. The more you have on your board, the more you can attract into your life.Create a Dream Board

3) After you fill your board with as many uplifting and inspiring things as you can. Find a picture of yourself from a time when you were very happy. If you don’t have one, then take one and have it printed so you can stick it right in the middle of your dream board.

Look at your board and feel good for what you have achieved. Fill yourself with all the emotions you are going to experience when all of this comes true. It’s a great feeling, right?

4) This is probably going to surprise you, but step 4 is forgetting about it. You gave the board enough attention to put the law of attraction in motion, so don’t dwell on it. Putting more effort into it will harm more than it helps. If you dwell on it, then you be telling the universe you lack something and the universe will respond with more lack.

You can still hang your vision board on your wall just to have the positive vibration around you, but don’t pay too much attention to it.

5) Remember, your dream board is not magic. To accomplish your dreams, you still need to take action when the times come. You will normally find that what we ask for comes in the most unexpected ways, so watch out for when this happens.

Live your life with an open-heart and mind and before you know it, your dreams will become a reality. It worked for John Assaraf and I accidentally made it work for me. I tell you, if I had known that I was going to predict the future with my drawings, then I would have been drawing much better things. That’s what I do now with intention.

I would tell you “Good Luck” with your dream board, but it is not “Luck”: it’s the law of attraction.

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8 thoughts on “What is a Vision Board For”

  1. What a great idea, they do say if you want to stay motivated, you should have visual reminders around you of your goals. I could certainly see myself using this for healthy eating and keeping in shape. I’ve also been meaning to gather some inspirational quotes, but never really knew how or where I’d display them. I think I have my answer now!

    • Hi Sharon,
      One of the things we are here to do is to inspire others. I think your food and fitness dream boards are a great idea. Go for it ?

  2. Thanks for the refresher course and a reminder. I think it’s about time that I took my old vision board out of the shelf and start updating it. I’ve noticed many successful people have one and I guess it just works.

    • Hi Kenny,
      I wonder how many things on your vision board that you have accomplished and don’t realize yet. Give us an update of what you find please.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, I had an experience very similar to the one you described. Right after I graduated my bachelors – this is going back a long long time, I read Tony Buzan’s Use your Head. I saw mind maps for the first time and realized that this was probably the one book I should have read before I started my studies. Anyway, I drew a mind map for myself of all the areas and aspects of my life where I wanted to achieve things. I was ambitious. It had things like get a job in another country, learn to speak fluent French, learn to drive and pass the test. I will never forget stumbling on that list two years later and realizing I had achieved nearly all of the things on my list. I didn’t own a house yet, but if I had got the house then I wouldn’t have moved to another country and I wouldn’t have done many of the other things on the list. So I guess that is another lesson – make sure that your goals and your vision are integral and compatible with each other – otherwise you will be obliging the deities of good fortune to chose on your behalf and that can have unexpected consequences.
    Thanks for a fun article
    Best regards

    • Hi Andy,
      What a great story and a good point. Make sure that your goals and you vision work with each other. I am so happy that you had an experience like this so you could see it at work in your life. Keep up the good!

  4. I have created 3 vision boards in the past 3 years and amazingly most of the dreams or I would say goals on my vision boards have come true and I am truly grateful for that.

    I love the way you explained how the vision board first came about, how to create and use one.

    Yes, I have watched the movies ‘Secret’ and that was the nudge for me to start vision boards.

    Many thanks for this useful information.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Habib,
      I am happy that you understand how powerful a dream board can be. Isn’t it just an ah ha feeling when you realize that you were able to accomplish your goals that you put out of mind? That’s the part that is amazing to me, yet now I understand it is a natural law that is work. The LOA is always working for us. We cannot shut it off. So if we know this, then why not learn to work with it and become a creator of our own dreams. Thanks for leaving your thoughts.


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