Some Hidden Thoughts of Gratitude

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Off the top of your head, how many things can you think of to be grateful for? I can think of a few things: having a home, being healthy, having valuable skills that I can earn an income with, my family, the grand babies, and the many other things that bring up thoughts of gratitude.

It’s so good for you to stop and think about the great things you have in life.

It’s great to think about all the opportunity life has passed to you and even the opportunities you had to let pass by because you didn’t feel the time was right when life presented it to you.

When you stop to smell the roses, or stop to notice the things around you, it allows you to take in all the great things in your daily life. It can be an uplifting experience to take the time to count your blessings.

But, what if I was to point out to you that your life is filled with more blessings, more beautiful roses to smell, than you have even noticed? I promise you it is true and hopefully, I will prove it to you before the end of this article.

Think back to a time when everything seemed to work out in your favor. The perfect person showed up at the right time. The perfect opportunity magically showed up at the right time in your life. You asked the universe or you prayed for something and your request was answered exactly like you wanted. These are the types of things to be grateful for that we notice as soon as they happen, but there is so much more.

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We always have thoughts of gratitude for wonderful things that we witness.

But, what about all the wonderful things we don’t notice? I am not talking about when someone surprises you with flowers or something else wonderful. I’m talking about the things in life that happen seemingly behind the curtain or not out in the open to a point that you will not even notice it unless you purposely look for it.

We are going to purposely look behind the curtain and reveal these hidden thoughts of gratitude.

It’s hard to think about and even put into words what the universe does or goes through to bring about theI Want to Change My Life

things we wish for. I personally have even noticed that the universe seems to know years in advance what I am going to ask for and at that time, puts the things in motion to answer my prayers in the future.

I am sure it has done the same thing for you too. Only you didn’t stop to notice up till now. Well, now you will notice and hopefully this will unlock your mind to be able to see how it has been unfolding your entire life and into the future.

I am going to share with you a story about the time when my mind and eyes was open to one of my hidden thoughts of gratitude. It wasn’t that long ago: maybe four years ago. I was meditating on the great things happening to me in my life when these thoughts flooded my mind, gave me an “aha” moment, and made me giggle with appreciation.

4 Years Earlier….

Once there was this person in my life that I had trouble finding any good feelings for. I didn’t like the words that came out of his mouth. I didn’t like his actions. I didn’t like how he treated people and one time I even watched him make an old lady cry. I truly had a hard time finding anything good… anything to shed some positive light on the person I saw every time he walked into the store I worked in.

Positive Mean Bully

The housing bubble burst in 2007 really hit me hard. I was a carpenter by trade and I worked in new homes. When the bubble burst, I lost my job. I went broke hoping to find work and finally after three years of walking the streets, not knowing where my next meal was coming from, and feeling very very down on my luck; I took a job at a local gas station.

It wasn’t long before I was getting to know the other people who worked there and they started sharing stories of how the place used to be before I started working there. They told me the person that used to own the store was a terrible boss. He would walk in and take money from the registers without writing down how much. He would take product from the shelves without writing it down and he never had anything nice to say to any of the people that worked there.

On top of that, his dad owned the building and the property that the gas station was on, so he felt like he owned the world… so to say. His father only put up with lack of business skills for a couple of years before took the business back and sold it to the store manager.

Everyone was happy to see him go and they were even happier that the store manager was the new boss. The store manager, now the owner, was one of the best people anyone had met. You could ask anyone in town about her and they would all give you the same positive response.

She was my boss when I started and I learned very quickly that the locals were correct and she was one of the nicest people I had ever met. I have never had a better boss to this day and I was completely grateful for her and the job she gave me.

The old mean ex-boss still came into the store once or twice a week and over used his charge account that he never paid back. One night he got into a fight with an older lady that I worked with and didn’t leave until he yelled mean things at her from across the store until she started crying and ran back into the office. All I could think was, “Man, what a jerk.”

For six years I worked there dreading having to converse with him every time he pulled up to a gas pump or parked in the parking lot. Five years I built up a dislike for a man I did not truly know because his actions I did not agree with.

Then one day before work I was meditating about all the great things in my life and during those hidden thoughts of gratitude, his image bullied its way into my mind. His imaginary presence instantly upset me. Then, suddenly a new way of thinking passed through me and I realized I was grateful for him and all the mistakes he had made.

I realized that if he had been a different person. If he had not run the business into the ground. If he had not had the business taken away from him, then I wouldn’t have had the chance to work for the best boss I ever had. That’s when I realized that the universe knew way in advance that I would be going through hard times and looking for a job… a good job.

The universe was putting a great future together for me when he was running the business into the ground, being mean to his employees, and being a big jerk. The universe was looking out for me when he was fired and the store manager was sold the business. If he hadn’t of been so bad in the past, then I probably would not have had it so great in the present.

Wow, What a Mind Changer!!

I met the woman that I married working at that gas station. Thank you, mean jerk. I made my way Hidden Thoughts of Gratitude Post Pic 3

through college to earn a master’s degree working for the gas station. Thank you again, mean jerk. I learned a lot about empathy and looking out for others through the influence of my great boss at that gas station. Thank you again, mean jerk.

Now I was armed with nothing but great thoughts for all the wrong the man had done in the past. Now when I see him all I can think is, “Thank you for screwing up so bad back then.” And I am not the only one that was effected in a positive way because of his terrible actions.

The lady I worked for received a great business that she used to help many people in the local community. Special needs people could always find work helping out around the store under her leadership. She even offered space in her store to locals trying to start his or her own business. His mistakes became fortunes for many others.

The best part about this story is I am not someone special. The universe or the Lord is always looking out for everyone by conspiring and working things out many years in advance to be able to offer opportunities to people in the future. It blows my mind to see how big the picture is because I am normally focused on just one piece of the puzzle.

Now when you think back to a time when it seems like everything worked in your favor, I am sure you will find many more things to be grateful for. Keep this little story in mind and I am sure you will easily find many little hidden thoughts of gratitude in your life to be thankful for.

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10 thoughts on “Some Hidden Thoughts of Gratitude”

  1. This is a great post. It’s a great practice to make some notes on gratitude during this time, I feel like it’s helped me so much to stay motivation

    • Hi Hatty,
      It is always great to write down things you are grateful for. It is true that you find more to be grateful for when you start making a list of great things.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the post

  2. What a great story!! It is so important to remember that there is good that can come from even the worst scenarios, situations, and even people.

    How cool that you met your wife through this experience! I too do not think I would appreciate the wonderful man I have married as much had I not gone through some pretty rough relationships first. Those not so great people led me to where I was supposed to be, and gave me so much more appreciation and gratitude for whom I am married to today!

    Great post! I look forward to reading more from you. 🙂

    • Isn’t it just great that life works out like that. If I didn’t go through all the bad times and enjoyed all of the good times then I wouldn’t be in this great place today?

  3. Wow, I don’t have words to say how I feel at the moment. I truly loved your story, you have that way to write, it is really catchy and interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us. There are so many things we should be grateful for but we “don’t see them” because it is “normal”… Everyday, I’m thankful for everything that I have. I’m lucky to be where I am and to have all these wonderful persons around me. Your article made me meditate about this, thanks.


    • Isn’t it just amazing how much we have to be grateful for when we look with a new perspective. It is almost like looking at life with new eyes. Best wishes to you and your future, Audrey?

  4. A very heartwarming and heartfelt article. It is much needed in the world, especially today with the coronavirus killing our economies the way it is, for people to stop and to just be grateful. So thank you for the reminder for all of us to stop and smell the roses. Even if the roses are only inside our home and aren’t really roses but rather a candle or perfume.

    • Thank you for those kind words. It is easy to to miss out on all the great things life gives us when we are busy just trying to live and take care of responsibilities.

  5. I loved your article. I was someone that never took the time to think about all the things I have in life until I had a conversation with my friend not long ago. Your article reminded me to be grateful for all the things I have. If we don’t, we will never be happy even if our lives are filled with beautiful things. I noticed that when I stopped to think about the things I have, I become a more appreciative person. The story you shared was great. I am glad that you married the woman working at that gas station. I wish you the best with everything you do,


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