Positive Affirmations For Women

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Do you know that your thoughts craft your reality? You will become what you believe and think about the most. It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike what you think about the most. The universe will still find a way to give you what is on your mind the most and positive affirmations for women can help you focus on the good in life.

This is why it is important to always think about good thoughts. Negative thoughts truly do bring negative things into your life. Positive thoughts really do bring more positive things into your life. We create the good life we live through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. We create a not so good life the same way.

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Maybe I Could Have Learned this Earlier

I wish I would have learned this much sooner in life. I was at the end of my wits. I thought I had nowhere to turn. I thought the entire world was against me. I was hurt because it seemed like life didn’t want me to have anything good while I was here on earth having my human experience.

The truth is, I probably wouldn’t have listened to the crazy old lady if she had said the same things to me when my life was all roses and it seemed I was on top of the world. Sometimes it takes some bad times to shake some humbleness into us. I thought life had brought me to that point, but like the old lady said, I had done it all to myself.

It doesn’t matter what gender we might be. Nothing like that matters. What matters is the little things we say to ourselves or the little things we believe. I doesn’t matter what we hear others say, it only matters what we take to heart.

Boost Your Own Self-Esteem

I am going to tell you the same thing the little old lady told me as I sat there under that tree pouting to myself and complaining about how unfair life was.

This is what she said:

“Now it is time to start living for the better. Now it is time to take control of your life and stop blaming others for your problems. It’s time to give up the victim mentality and adopt a winning belief system and a positive mindset. It’s time for you to start expecting the good in life just as strongly as your expected the bad before I started talking to you. It’s time for you to become the best you can be.”

She told me about affirmations or mantras and the power they contain when spoken over and over again. Affirmations can be positive or negative, but they will always come true if believed and repeated enough. Since we know this, then we should adopt positive affirmations to live by and believe in.

Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what gender we are. We attract positive things into our lives when our actions, thoughts, and words are positive. Below, I am listing just 25 positive affirmations for women. If you are a female then please adopt these mantras into your life. If you are a male then please share these affirmations with the women you care about.

25 Positive Affirmations for Women

You are a great person and you do deserve more in life. You are worth more than you believe and it is time for us to change your belief system. You are worth the effort and the world needs the goodness hiding inside just waiting to get out.

  • I am healthy, wealthy, and wise
  • I am a beautiful person both inside and out
  • Today is a great to me
  • I discover new joys for living everyday
  • I love my face and all of its features
  • I am stronger than I ever imagined
  • I love all the curves of my body
  • I move my body with love and intention
  • I am happy to be alive and to be a woman
  • There is true love for me in this world
  • I embrace the good times and shake it off when it is not
  • My wrinkles and gray hair are just the new beautiful me
  • I love the size and shape of my hands and feet
  • My smile makes me look radiant
  • I spread love and energy to everyone around me
  • I am a strong woman
  • My pace in life is perfect in every way
  • The choices I make today make me better tomorrow
  • I fill myself with confidence everyday
  • I look beautiful in everything I wear
  • I can live the life I want
  • I can change my life for the better
  • I am responsible for my attitude
  • I love life and all that comes with it
  • It’s not my gender that make me strong and great

How many positive things can you add to this list?

You can change your life and the things that happen to you. It will not happen overnight, but just by repeating some of these affirmations to yourself each morning and night, you will start to notice small changes happening. One day you will notice something big inside of you has changed and that living for the better will start to become easier. And the more you practice, it will begin to happen with little or no effort.

I know you will find the better you just like I found the better me. I had a little old lady teach it to me so I could pass it to you in the future (which is right now, lol). We are what we think about the most, so we must make sure with think about great things.

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6 thoughts on “Positive Affirmations For Women”

  1. Hi Greg,
    I really appreciate you writing this post.
    I know too many women in my life who think poorly of themselves and need to tell themselves affirming thoughts like this.
    You’re so right. You are what you believe.
    Personally, my faith is what fills me with joy and contentment. God created me the way I am for a reason, and I’m thankful for everything.

    • I love that attitude, Susie Q?
      Life really is just a bunch of thoughts that we believe. The only way to change our lives is to look through new glasses ?

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post

    • That’s one of the things we are here for?
      Sometimes it is hard to remember that the universe has the best intentions for all of us, no matter how glum the day may seem?

  2. Wooow… Awesome post! I had to call my 15 year old son in here just now to read it to him…Sometimes we do have to encourage ourselves… it’s ok to feel down but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to stay there. The mind can be a dangerous thing… Very encouraging!

    • Glad you like the post. I have to encourage myself all the time. It would be great if I only had to do “sometimes” 🙂

      Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts!


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