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You probably hear the same thing all the time about how to be a positive person. There are people who teach that we are supposed to think positive to be positive. Another one we hear all the time is, we need to be a positive person.

We are even told if we practice daily positive thinking, then we can manifest great things. Or, if we practice daily mantras of positive thinking then our lives will magically change.

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We all have those days when we think, “I want to change my life,” and we try and then a few days later (maybe we make it a week or two) we relapse back to our old ways and we have to remind ourselves we need positive thoughts in our life to become the person we dream of.

We all have been there and done that and we all find out that change is never easy. It’s true. We have to truly want to change if it is going to happen. We have to have grit, will power, and a desire stronger than we are in order to make change last and be successful.

Changing ourselves is a very hard process. It is hard because it took a lifetime to become the person we are and now we think we are going to change that lifetime of practice overnight or over a course of a few weeks? Changing ourselves can be just as hard as changing the color of our eyes… impossible.

Do we have to change to become a positive person

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Maybe we are going at it all wrong. Maybe, we don’t need to change. Maybe, we just need to learn to accept ourselves for who we are. Maybe… we just need to learn how to look at our lives and what we have in a different light.

I have learned a lot about the Law of Attraction over the years I have spent researching it. I know that like attracts like. If I want to find more love in the world, then I have to feel more love for the world. If I want more happiness in my life, then I need to see more happiness in life.

We focus on changing ourselves, but all we really need to change is our attitude about what we see in life. If you are not a bad person; meaning you do not kill or hurt other people with intention, then what is really wrong with being you? Just because you fall victim to making bad choices does not mean you are a bad person. It just means you need to learn how to stop and think before you react to the dramas in life.

Maybe you are like me. I used to be the person that was never happy with anything. It seemed like life wasn’t worth the breath it took to keep it. I also thought that everything that could go wrong would go wrong and guess what… it did because I was expecting it to happen.

Changing my expectation

What I did was learn how to change my expectation. I started expecting good things to happen. I realized, decided, or just accepted that the world was good. I gave up on the idea that the world was bad and out to get me. Once I decided the world and the universe had my best interest at heart, I started to see more of the good things that were already in my life.

When things didn’t seem to be going my way, I realized that was because the time wasn’t right for what I desired. I had to learn to trust that the universe was going to give me what I desired but I needed to be more prepared to accept it and allow it in my life.

It is interesting to think I had to “allow” into my life, but that is exactly how it happened. I wanted good things in life, but deep inside I felt like I didn’t deserve good things. I wanted a great relationship and to enjoy love, but deep inside I believed that I didn’t know how to do either and therefore didn’t deserve it. It was me not allowing me to have the good things I craved.

Funny to think that before I always blamed it on other people or even blamed it on life or the world. I wasn’t willing to accept that I was doing it to myself. I was not willing to believe that I was keeping myself from happiness. But once I did accept it, that’s when things began to change and they changed way faster than I could have imagined.

Expect good things are happening

See, everything that happens to you in life is the best possible thing that can happen to you. I have readThink Positive Be Positive Post Image 2

that in books many times, but I had a hard time accepting it. Now when life seems hard and things don’t go the way I want I just stop and remind myself that whatever is happening is the best thing that can be happening at that time.

Everytime I stop and think about these insightful words, I become happy because I know something better is coming. I don’t just think something better is coming. I don’t just believe something better is coming. No, I expect something better to happen. The exact opposite of what I used to expect to happen.

And you know what? Better always happens. Just like clockwork. I don’t have to worry when or what it will be. I just know that better is coming and I watch out for it and when it happens, I am grateful for it. You probably noticed from my previous articles that I witness hidden thoughts of gratitude.

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Once you understand that the universe has your best interest in mind then you can use hindsight to look back on your life and see all the little great things that happened to provide you with all the great things you now have in the present.

My challenge to you

That’s what I ask you to do right now. Practice telling yourself that life is giving you exactly what you need at just the right moment. Don’t throw a fit when you don’t get what you want. Whenever you feel dissatisfied just stop and think that whatever is happening is the best thing that can happen at this time.

I promise your life will change and you will change without trying to force the change to happen. I lied when I told you that change is hard. Just like all things in life, change is hard when we try to force change to happen. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to start a bad habit?

A bad habit becomes habit slowly over time. We know it isn’t right, but we let ourselves do it once. Then we do it again… and then we do it again until eventually we are doing it all the time. Guess what? Good habits can become habits the same. Give it a try. Practice a good habit just a little bit and watch how fast it becomes a real habit.

Think positive to be positive. Don’t think, “I want to change life.” Instead, just slowly change your life one good habit at a time until you truly do become a positive person.

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