Why Can’t I Manifest Money Today

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Many people who start trying to follow the lessons of the Law of Attraction want to manifest money today. They try for a short while and they still end up wondering, “why can’t I manifest money today”? Many times they give up trying after not getting what they want. They go back to believing the LOA is not real and revert back to his or her old beliefs. What is stopping them? Normally, it is them self.

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I Need to Manifest Money Today.

Money is a strong desire…more correct, the lack of money is a strong desire. The world we live in today does appear to work around money. You need to pay your bills, eat food, afford vacations, and the list goes on. Our minds are programmed from almost the very beginning of our lives that we need money to afford anything we desire.

Our parents told us things like; we cannot afford that, where are you going to get the money to pay for that, money can’tManifesting Money With Limiting Beliefs buy happiness, only rich people can have that, money is the root of all evil, and all the other things they could think of to keep you from getting your hopes too high about something that seemed to them as not affordable.

Your parents did this because they care about you. They were probably told the same things at the time they were your age and wanting something similar. Most of us carry beliefs about money that keep us from being able to manifest it into our lives. Most of the time, these beliefs keep us from accepting it into our lives even when we so desperately want to attract it.

In order to attract money into our lives, we need to change our beliefs about money. How do we do that? Our beliefs are something that we have carried and believed for our entire lifetime, so changing these beliefs is not going to happen overnight. We need to take steps to change our limiting beliefs. First, we need to understand what money is and then learn if there are alternatives to our beliefs.

What Is Money?

Money is a tool that we use to make trading easier. It is something that only has the value we give it. It is not in limited supply, so the law of supply and demand has no hold on it. There is not enough paper money available to cash in on all the electronic numbers in everyone’s bank accounts. Money is not the answer we are looking for, even though the illusion of it makes this statement seem false.

We believe that money is what we need to get what we want. “If I just had the money, then I could easily buy this or that,” is something we have been taught to believe. This is one of the beliefs that we need to break. We don’t always need money to get what we want. Money is just an easy to carry bartering tool. You could get want you want legally by trading something else for what you want.

How Can I Get Something Without Money?

How do you normally get money? You trade your time for money. Trade your time for what you want instead of the money you think you need. Trade something you own for the thing you need. In 2006, a man named Kyle MacDonald traded a red paper clip for a house. Trading without Money

It took him 14 trades to accomplish it, but he did it. He had no money and no job, but yet he was able to get the house of his dreams. You can read the story of how he went from a red paper clip, to a fish shaped pen, to a door knob, to a power generator, and so on until he had the house he wanted. Check it out for yourself, Here.

See, you don’t need money to get what you want. You only need a strong desire. If Kyle MacDonald had let the limiting belief of needing money stop him, then he would not be living in his home. Imagine how long it would have taken him to get his home if he had followed the belief that he needed a job and to work hard for the money to get the house. He was able to cut the time that limiting belief would have caused by years.

Is Money Really What You Are Looking For?

There are a couple of reasons many people cannot manifest money. The first is believing that money is what you are truly looking for. Many times we think money is the answer to our problems. Yet, many times it is not really the money we want, it is the emotions we believe we will experience when we have it.

I am willing to wager that what you truly want is the stress relief you think money will give you. There will be no reason to struggle every day for money if you only had the money now. Am I correct?

If this is you, then manifesting money is not going to help you. If you do not try to manifest a relaxing life or manifest a slower paced life, then even if you get the money, then you will stress about keeping it. If you don’t handle stress very well without money, then you will only increase your stress with money.

I know you find this hard to believe because you really think money will make everything better, but history has taught us that money only momentarily makes life seem less stressful. Read this story about 21 lottery winners that went from winners to losers in a short period of time. They had it all, but they increased his or her money stress. Money did not help them end stress, it actually helped increase it.

The video below helps one understand that it is not normally money we are looking for. It is normally the emotions that we think money will give us what we truly desire. Security, freedom, and less stress is what we are normally looking for when we want money. If you believe money is going to give these things to you, then you are emotionally feeling lack. This feeling of lack will keep you from manifesting money. Find the true emotion you are looking for and attract that instead.

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The Real Reason You Cannot Manifest Money Today.

The main reason we all have trouble manifesting money is the limiting beliefs we adopted at a young age and always bring to mind when we think about money. See, money is energy just like everything else, and money is not going to go where it is not welcome.

We learn that money is the root of all evil. We hear that rich people got rich by swindling someone. Hear that only mean people have money. We hear that many rich people are mean and unhappy. There are many limiting beliefs that we adopted many years ago, and even if we dismiss them consciously, we still believe them subconsciously.

Maybe we believe that we don’t deserve to be wealthy or we have not worked hard enough to earn the wealth we desire. AllDeserve to Manifest Money of these things are limiting beliefs that are not true. They are not true, but they are beliefs that we have given so much power, that they stop us from happily attracting the money we think we need.

How can you attract money when you don’t think you deserve it, that only mean people have money, that money makes you evil, or you will need to rip someone off to get money? Beliefs like this even have the power to keep us from asking for a raise at work and even asking someone to pay back the money you loaned them. These beliefs keep you from allowing money into your life.

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It is not the universe or fate that keeps us from attracting the money we desire. We do not allow money be a part of our lives through the beliefs that we carry. Limiting beliefs about money not only repel money through the LOA, but makes us repel money that is rightful ours, like asking for payments from loans.

The biggest limiting belief we have is believing we need money to get what we want. Kyle MacDonald is living proof that all you need is imagination and the will to succeed to get what you want. He had no money and no job, yet he legally got the house he desired.

Having money does not lower the stress in your life. It can even create more stress. If you had the money to put a down payment on that new house, buy that boat, or even take that vacation; then now you have added the stress of making the payments and paying the taxes on some of these items.

Many lottery winners even found added stress from loved ones and even inside his or her own relationships. It’s not money that leads to stress free living. It’s learning how to deal with stress without money. First learn how to handle stress without money, lose your stress about money, and see how much easier it is to attract money. Seek your true emotions and money will more than likely come with ease.

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6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Manifest Money Today”

  1. Very interesting article.

    “Money is the route of all evil”…That is the 2nd time today I have used this phrase!

    You see it so many times about people with money. Money does tend to turn people into not very pleasant human beings and they forget who they really are and that we are all equals.

    I enjoyed the paperclip story and something I have never heard of before.

    Money has never been what I strived for but having enough to get by was.

    Thank you for sharing


    • Hi Mick,
      The true line is “the love for money is the root of all evil.” It’s the gluttony of people striving for money that makes them into not so good humans. It’s not the money doing it.
      Thanks for leaving your thoughts and stopping by

  2. This is an eye-opening article about our money beliefs. It is so true that we get most of those beliefs from our parents, and although they meant well, these beliefs have stuck around …
    I like the story of Kyle McDonald who exchanged a red paper clip for something else and then something else until he got the house of his dreams, basically building on his dream without the stress over money. I have changed my money beliefs, but it needs constant reinforcement 🙂

    • Hi Christine,
      Truthfully, I wrote this to help reinforce not only my readers, but to help my thinking process also. It is easy to adopt new beliefs on money, but it is hard to cancel out all that you have learned throughout your lifetime.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Greg

    That is a really interesting article and limiting beliefs is definitely a factor. I think there are a couple other factors too. With LOA we get what we focus on and when you are desperately short of money, you are focusing on the lack so you get more of the same.

    Also, thinking about money isn’t likely to get you really excited (you touched on this) – it’s what it will do for you e.g. get you out of your job, or spending winters in a hot country. Tuning into those emotions rather than thinking of tons of money is more likely to bring you the result you are after.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Jean,
      You are correct that when we seek money we are broadcasting to the universe that we are in lack. The true feeling is lack, not the abundance of money, so the universe gives us more lack.
      Thank you for expanding on the subject and leaving your thoughts


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