How to Manifest Anything Even Without Intention

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Learning how to manifest anything is very easy. We are manifesting everything into our lives non-stop. We are just not aware of it. Many people compare manifesting to a genie-in-a-bottle, but manifestations are not always delivered like a genie. Sometimes we get what we think we did not ask for. We are going to cover manifesting with and without intention.

This will not be a short post because there is much to cover, but it won’t be too long either because it is easy to do.

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People get upset when learning how to manifest. They do not believe it is real when it doesn’t work out the way he or she wants. We are going to learn that we are always manifesting even when we do not have the intention to do so.

How Can You Say Manifesting is Easy?

I can say manifesting is easy, and say it with confidence, because the Law of Attraction is always working. Just like the Law of Gravity, it cannot be turned off. It is always occurring. I have covered this truth in many of my other articles. Check out this one on Law of Attraction Exercises.

Before we go on, let’s define manifestation so we can break it down easier and so we are on the same page.

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting as a verb means that someone shows something for everyone to notice. As an adjective, manifesting means that something is apparent to the senses and is synonymous with the words: apparent, evident, and clear. In other words, it is clear or evident to the eye or mind.

Manifesting doesn’t mean you will acquire something. It just means it will appear in our lives.

I know this is a let down to many people, but hear me out. When we try to manifest things and put are emotions and intention into the thing we desire, we activate what is called our Reticular Activating System.

Creator of Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell explains what the Reticular Activating System is in this short video. After you read this, check out my review on Mind Movies here and see how they can activate your Reticular Activating System.

If you do not have time to watch a short video, then I will explain what it is below the video.

(if video is not visible below this line, then reload the page or just read on)

What is our Reticular Activating System?

Our Reticular Activating System(RAS) is science, visible, and it is actually located in the bottom of our brain. What is does is act like a filter against information overload. See, we are bombarded with information all the time. Cars are driving by, birdsManifesting What We Desire with RAS are chirping, people are having conversations around us, many sounds are always playing, and so on and so on.

The RAS filters all of this noise and distractions by what it thinks is important to each and every one of us. If you believe that bird calls are important, then you will notice more birds singing than you do dogs barking. Your brain will in tune with what you show the greatest emotion towards or think about the most.

How Does My RAS Know What Is Important To Me?

Like I mentioned, your RAS knows what is important to you by what you focus on the most. Have you ever notice the things that people say manifest in his or her life? When a person says they are always late, they are normally always late. When a person says they cannot lose weight, they have a hard time losing weight. This is your RAS in action.

What Does This Have To Do With Manifesting Things?

When we decide we want to manifest something, we activate our RAS. When we focus on something and make it important, our brains go into action to show us what we want in the world around us.

If we decide that a red Mercedes is important to us, then we will start noticing all the red Mercedes that our brain notices throughout our day. You can try this out with something easy. Here is a little experiment.

Red Feather Experiment

Decide that you want to see something out of the ordinary. I am going to use a red feather as my example. Apply intention and focus on seeing a red feather within the next two weeks.

If you truly do find it important, and you should if you are trying to prove this to yourself, then your brain and the RAS will work to filter out red feathers from all the other information it receives throughout each day over the next few weeks.

You may see a bird with red feathers, a mask with red feathers, or even red feathers hanging from someone’s rear view mirror. It may seem like you manifested these things into your life, but actually it is science and the job of your RAS.

How Am I Manifesting What I Don’t Want?Manifest What You Don't Want

Did you notice how people manifest the things he or she do not want with the RAS? When we put emotions into what we don’t want we are actually putting our RAS into action to provide more of these things.

The RAS and the Law of Attraction does not listen to your words. Instead, it is focused on the belief and emotion behind what you say. If you say you don’t want to get ripped off all the time, you active your RAS to show you more ways to get ripped off. You may say “no” to what is offered, but you will notice more ways to get ripped off everyday.

Let’s say you angry with your weight and you decide and say things like, “I don’t want to be fat.” The Law of Attraction will decide that you have a strong desire or strong feelings to be fat and your RAS will be activated to provide you with more influences and thoughts to be fat.

By focusing our emotions on to what we don’t want actually attracts more of what we don’t want because the Law of Attraction is always creating an abundance of what we think about the most.

How Do I Manifest The Things I Want?

This is where many people get upset with the Law of Attraction. They don’t know how to manifest things into his or her life. They are told to just wish for it and it will come: just like wishing through a genie. But, it doesn’t work like that.

When you want to manifest things that you can claim as yours, there are steps to take. When you put your intention on things, like a red feather, then you will notice all the things that have red feathers. This doesn’t mean you get to have a red feather though. You will just notice more of them in your surroundings.

When this happens, some people become jealous because they see other people with the things they want. They wonder why other people can have it and they can’t. See, you can have it too. You just need to know how to ask for it and what to expect to do to get it.

Katherine Hurst created a great program that helps you learn how to do this in great detail. You can read my review of her Origins program here. I will give you a short description of the steps and what actions to expect, but if you want to dive deeper into the subject then I truly recommend you get her program.

The 3 Steps to Manifesting

1) Choose what you desire and avoid what you do not want.

Decide what it is that you truly want. If you want to lose weight, then focus on how to be skinny. Don’t focus on not being fat or how fat you are. Focus on losing weight and you RAS will provide you with many ways to do just that.

2) Feel the emotions you will have when you accomplish your goal. Put your heart into it.

Living in the now is very important to manifesting the things you want. Feel like you are doing your best to lose weight and how great it will feel when you lose a pound. Then think about how great it will feel to lose three or more pounds. When you think about the thing you want to manifest, always put the emotion behind already having it into the thought.

See, what you truly want is not the material thing. It may seem like it, but truly think about it. Why do you want it? What emotion is causing you to feel like you need it.

Greed may pop up first when you think about it, but this is a limiting belief that is not true. Push that out of your mind and figure out what your true desire is.

Maybe you want to feel confident in the car you drive and the piece of junk you now have does not give you this confidence. Maybe you want to feel attractive and the body you have now keeps you from feeling this way. Everything we want is the result of a desire created by a feeling. Find that feeling and use it to manifest what you do want.

3) Take Action

That’s right, sometimes (if not every time) we need to take action to get what we want. Now, I am not saying for you to just take it. I am telling you to do the right things in order to get what you want.

Unlike a genie-in-the-bottle, you can not just wish for things and have them magically appear for you to have. When we activate our RAS it will not only show us how many of those things are around us, it will also show us steps to take to get it. If you want to own your own business, but don’t know how: then your RAS will show you the steps needed to learn more about creating a business.

If you want a new car, ask the universe what you can do to earn the money for a new car. If you want to lose weight, then ask the Law of Attraction how you can lose weight. The Law of Attraction and your RAS will always provide when you know how to correctly ask for the things you desire.

ConclusionManifest What You Do Want

Your RAS and the Law of Attraction are always working to provide you with what you desire. Get very clear on what you desire and be ready to take the steps pointed out to you by your RAS in order to get those things. Don’t let the limiting beliefs of greed or jealousy effect your actions or change your desires. Instead, move past them and find the root feeling that you desire instead of the material thing.

See, in the red feather experiment we are looking for the particular feather to help us learn how to trust our RAS and the Law of Attraction. The feeling of trust is what we truly desire, not really the feather. When we want a new car we are looking for the feelings of confidence, trust or admiration, not really the new car. See, where I am going with this?

Now that you know how to manifest what you desire, you will not need luck to get it. Trust the Law of Attraction and that little part of your brain called your RAS and you will find ways to get exactly what you want.

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16 thoughts on “How to Manifest Anything Even Without Intention”

  1. Great article. This is why it is so important to be positive in our mindset in order to manifest and attract what is positive and desirable instead of that what is negative.

  2. Another great article, I’m really enjoying this blog! The concept of RAS is new to me and haven’t heard it being explained before. Thank you sharing concepts that are not normally explained well in other material on the subject.

      • I used to remember as a kid around 4 or 5 I used to be obssessed about lady birds and whenever we went to a park I used to always get one on me or on someone else with us, but it used to always appear. Then I would take it back home with me and put it in a jar or see through container and feed it lettuce lol

        The moral of the story, is that at time, I used to feel it’s like a fairy bringing it to me because I was attracted it. Perhaps we need to be a bit more child like to allow your imagination to make it work.

        • Hi ?,
          I agree. I think we all knew this information as a child, but somewhere along the way we were told to give up on childish things, so we did. As I learn more about the subject, the more I realize I am going full circle back to where I was as a child. Interesting ?

  3. I have heard so many times that wrong approach where you simply wish for something and you get it from the universe. As if the universe was your private Fairy!
    I can, however, not agree more on the part when we attract exactly what we do not want. As “Don’t think about a pink elephant” or “I hope I’ll not trip over In these high heels now”-and I just do! Many, many other examples of attracting exactly the negative situation we do not want. Very few known to me of attracting positive things. After reading your great post, it leads me to the thought I should learn first how to do it correctly?
    Anyway, it is a material for thinking about, so thank you for drawing my attention to it.
    Or, was it my RAS?

    • Good question, Minaher. Was it your RAS that searches out this post or my intention to find you to appreciate it. That is something maybe we both worked together at. Thanks for the thought?

  4. These 3 steps to manifesting – choose your desire, feel it, and then take action are exactly to the point. Watched listened to a lot of Neville Goddard’s teachings, you have captured his message very simply. This is a very relevant and timely article about manifesting because as you say, we are always manifesting and should learn to do it the right way so that we manifest what we actually desire. Thank you.

    • Hi Ola,
      Thank you for introducing me to Neville Goddard. I will need to look that one up. We manifest the life we live even if we are not aware of. So, make it the best we can.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts.

  5. I totally agree with the part about taking action – too many so called experts on the Law Of Attraction and similar modalities seem to think that you can just magically create anything you want, but your default circumstances will sometimes make that a lot harder to do.

    • Hi Simon,
      It is terrible that many of the Law of Attraction experts tell people to just wish for something and it will magically appear. In essence, this is partially correct. If you activate your RAS, then the thing you desire will seem to appear more often, but this does not mean it is yours for the taking. You need to find out how to obtain it without taking it from others.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts

  6. Very interesting post and it is the first one that is really clear about manifestation. Although I have already read a lot about it, your article was the first one that gave me the information I needed. I have often wondered how I manfested certain bad things and people in my life, because they were things I definitely did not want, so your post made me think about that.
    Then, your examaple of the red feather reminded me of the time when I first bought my Chevrolet Aveo and suddenly I started noticing all these Chevrolet Aveos on the streets, lol.
    I live in the middle of nowhere and little birds have made their nest near my home. Other birds come here too, and I always hear them sing. I love the sound of birds singing, so perhaps this is because my brain is wired to hear it, but on the other hand the birds are right here with me πŸ˜‰ so, it’s hard not to hear them πŸ˜‰
    This post has definitely taught me something and I hope to improve my manifestations.

    • Hi Christine,
      Strangely enough, you might be attracting the birds with your desires. I live in the country also, and I have no limits on the amount of bird calls I here either. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with the Law of Attraction.

  7. You are talking about the workings of the RAS and complemented what I was just reading the other day about how desire can be transmuted into its physical equivalent by Napoleon Hill. He did not go onto the science of what particular system in the brain that does it but it really is intriguing how we live and experience what we call upon ourselves by selectively attending to what we like.

    Thank you for explaining, Greg!

    • Thanks Coach,
      Napoleon Hill… one of my favorite authors. I can see that you RAS is still active by the way you found this post. Pretty neat, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts


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