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Have you ever heard of Mind Movies? If you haven’t or you have and are interested in more information about them, then let me tell you. Mind Movies are the creations of Glen and Natalie Ledwell that help, people like you and me, focus our intentions on what we want to manifest in positive ways.

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How do Mind Movies Work?

Mind Movies are short videos made of positive images that help train our minds to attract the subjects of the videos in toMind Movies our lives. They do this through subliminal messages that are played in the background of the videos while we watch them. You can find out how to get 5 for free in my Origins by Kartherine Hurst Review Post or read on to learn how to get 6 free.

What is a subliminal message?

Most of you have probably heard of subliminal messages before, but in case you haven’t, I will give you a brief definition. Subliminal messages are a pop-culture term that is defined as: a technique used in media to influence a behavior without the awareness of the one being influenced. This definition makes subliminal messages sound pretty sneaky, but they do not need to be with the right intentions.

Do Subliminal Messages Really Work?

There is not a lot of scientific research to back-up claims that subliminal influencing really works. Well… there wasn’t anyway. The first mention is an urban legend about a New Jersey movie theater. In 1957, marketing researcher, James Vicary supposedly flashed advertisements during a movie that were too fast to notice with the eye, but were picked up by the subconscious. He claimed that the hidden messages increased sells for soda and popcorn.Do Subliminal Messages Work

When Dr Henry Link, the president of the Psychological Corporation, challenged Vicary to do the experiment again, Vicary admitted to lying about the results of the experiment. Thus, the belief of subliminal messages came to an end for awhile.

Still, there are many people that will tell you that they are real and effective. It wasn’t until an experiment was done in a lab and recorded in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology in 2002 when subliminal messages were found to be effective once again.

In this experiment, the scientist added frames of soda cans and the word, “thirsty,” to a famous cartoon. One control group watched the cartoon without the images and another group watched with the images. The group that watched the show with the images reported being an average of 27% more thirsty than the other group.

In the Journal of Experimental Psychology,  a test was done in 2006 to test the theory of subliminal messages. They added images of tea to a computer task and found that most people who were thirsty chose tea over other beverage choices after completing the computer task.

So, there is proof that it is effective and more effective when it is related to an existing desire.

Are Mind Movies Subliminally Effective?

Since we have discovered that subliminal messages do work when they are related to an existing desire, then there is no reason not to believe that Mind Movies are effective. They may not be effective automatically, but with repetition and the right desire, they can have long-term effects.

My History with Mind Movies

I don’t recommend anything I have never used. Many years ago, I downloaded six free Mind Movies from this link here. I love to experiment so, I watched the Wealth Abundance video twice a day for two weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought I would just give it a try and see what happens.

Now, I am not going to tell you that I attracted a large amount of money into my life, but I did receive an unexpected refund from a phone company that had mislead customers and were forced by the courts to pay them back.. I like to think this was brought on by the two-week experiment, but something else inside of me changed too.

Mind Movies Do Work

Over the next few weeks, I became more interested in creating multiple income streams, buying precious metals, and learning how to invest. These types of things were never interesting to me before I did the experiment with Mind Movies.

It wasn’t much longer until I went back to college to earn a Master’s in Business. I really believe that Mind Movies put my mind in motion to learn and develop money making and money saving techniques. That is why I am happy to tell you about them in this blog post.

Would You Like To Try Mind Movies Out?

When you download the 6 free premade Mind Movies you get: the Courage and Confidence video, the Wealth Abundance video, the Finding Inner Peace Video, the Vibrant Health video, the Loving and Appreciating Myself video, and the Attracting Friends and a Great Social Life video.

Don’t Expect Instant Results

You may not get instant results, but if you use them with intention daily over a period of time, something inside you will change. You may not notice when it happens, like many things in life, but with hindsight, you will be able to see a difference in your life before and after you started using them.

The Ledwells Took This Awesome Product One Step Further

Glen and Natalie created a way for you to be able to create your own Mind Movies. You can use any of the free pictures, subliminal audios, brainwave technology (Another great thing I will blog about in the future), or even upload your own pictures to create your own personal Mind Movies.

I was very happy with the 6 free pre-made videos, but when they offered me the chance to create my own, I got really excited. You can find out more about this by signing up and watching this video with Bob Proctor. Bob proctor is one of the leading coaches when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

After signing-up for the free video series filled with tips about the Law of Attraction and information about the Mind Movie Creator, you will receive three more information filled videos over the course of the next few days with even more Law of Attraction ideas. Each video is hosted by leading influencers for the Law of Attraction.

Try Out The Free Videos

I am a big fan of Glen and Natalie Ledwell. They have created many great products for people looking to learn how to make the Law of Attraction work for them. I was in the same place you are at one time. Truthfully, I am still right here with you, only I took one more step that lead me to Mind Movies.

Take the next step with me and see how Mind Movies can help you too.

Ready to get you own copy of the six free premade Mind Movies? Click Here Now and Start Your Journey

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8 thoughts on “Have You Heard of Mind Movies – Abundance Secrets”

  1. Hi Greg. This is very interesting! I´ve seen the film of Law of Attraction a number of times and got the books so this is something that has grabbed my attention big time. I´d be very interested to try the mind movie about courage and confidence – that could be very huge for me. Thank you for this post!

    • Hi Susan, that is what this blog is all about, helping people like you and me live for the better. So glad you got something positive from my post and I wish you all the best in the future.

  2. I was fascinated to read more when I saw Bob Proctor on the front image of the post. I’m a big fan of him ever since I saw the movie The Law of Attraction. I watched every posted video on YouTube. I’m motivated by his speeches.

    I haven’t heard about mind movies before and I’m very much interested. I want to learn furthermore.

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Lyn,
      I am a big fan of Bob Proctor also. I have learned so much from him and many of the others from the movie. Thanks for leaving your thoughts

  3. Very interesting! I haven’t heard of Mind Movies before, but I do believe that subliminal messages have a big effect. The things that we hear and see, without even realizing it can impact what we do and how we think. I will have to look into these movies and see what they’re all about. Thanks!

    • Hi Carla, I believe the same thing: that everything effects our actions and thoughts. That’s why it seems unbelievable that psychology majors used to doubt what direct contact with subliminal messages could do.

  4. Mind movies sound interesting. It’s also interesting that you have first hand experience with the product and that you’ve reaped positive results after using using it. I’ve head a lot about Bob Proctor and the secret and/or law of Attraction. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Maggie,
      When I first watched them, I didn’t give them much belief. After I used them during my experiments, they earned my respect,


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