How to Overcome with Negative Thoughts

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Negative thoughts are normal. We all experience negative thoughts many times throughout the day. It is hard to avoid them. The solution we are looking for is how to overcome with negative thoughts when they do go through our minds.

Like I said, negative thoughts naturally occur. We cannot avoid them no matter how many mantras or affirmations we use. They are a part of life that are here to stay. What we need to learn is how to overcome the negative thoughts that enter our minds on a daily basis.

First off, negative thoughts are not bad. They are really a great thing.

Let me explain.

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What is So Great About Negative Thoughts?

Negative thoughts allow us to understand the type of person we are. We may feel this makes us a good or not-so-good person, but these thoughts are not something we need to try too hard to get rid of. These thoughts allow us to understand our emotions and they allow us to understand what we stand for better than just having positive thoughts all the time.

See, having positive thoughts is great. It allows us to attract other positive things into our lives. Negative thoughts are also great because they make us aware of what things we do not want to attract into our lives.

Step One of Overcoming Negative Thoughts

The first step to how to overcome negative thoughts is to accept them for what they are. They are markers in our belief systems that help to define our ethics. See, one negative thought can bring on an entire army of positive thoughts if you direct them correctly.

Let me use a personal example and direct you to a post I wrote earlier about finding hidden thoughts of gratitude.

The Mean Old BossGetting Rid Negative Thoughts

Just yesterday, I experienced a negative thought about a coworker. He is bossy and think he knows better than anyone else. He calls people stupid and will even tell you he is smarter than everyone else if you ask him. At least he admits it, right?

I don’t get along with people like this very well. I believe if you don’t have anything nice to say then just don’t say anything at all. If someone asks for criticism, then this is the time and place to give someone your true opinion. But, if someone messes up at work, you don’t just react with name-calling or putting them down for making a mistake.

My coworker, which is a supervisor believe it or not, reacted with name-calling when another coworker messed up a cabinet he was working on. I wanted to confront him, but it wasn’t my place since I am not the boss. I just waited for him to leave all mad and then I walked up to the other coworker and told him that accidents happen and just learn from the mistake and move on.

He replied to me with negative thoughts about our boss.

What did I do in response to his feelings and words?

I used the first and second steps of overcoming negative thoughts.

First, I told him to accept the criticism and our boss for what they are. The review of his work was nothing but a learning experience and our boss can be a big butt sometimes. I told him that the way he acts upsets me at times also, but he is not a bad person and then gave examples of his good qualities.

This Lead Me to the Second Step in Overcoming Negative Thoughts

The second step is to look at the negative thoughts from a different perspective. Yes, my coworker messed up the cabinet he was working on, but it was an easy fix. And yes, our boss can be terrible at times, but he has a good heart and only wants the best for the business. The business is his main priority at work and he wants everything to go out smoothly. And… he has a boss to answer to also.

I asked my coworker what he learned from the reconstructive criticism and he told me that he will pay more attention to the task at hand. I told him that was a great idea and by the time I left the conversation, we were both smiling and ready to get the job done.

Use The Easy Two Step Process

The two steps that I mentioned are great ways to learn how to overcome negative thoughts. First you recognize and acceptOvercome Negative Thoughts Easy the negative thought for what it is and then you rephrase it to become a positive thought. With plenty of practice, you will soon be able to see the silver lining in all the negative things you experience everyday.

This process will help you find more gratitude for all things in life. This is our main goal: to make everything, every thought, positive no matter how it started in our mind. You can find more great ways to practice gratitude by reading this earlier post.

I learned another great way to rid yourself of negative thoughts while studying the Origins Program written by Katherine Hurst. You can learn more about this program by Clicking Here or read my review post Here.

Journal Your Negative Thoughts

Katherine said that one great way to rewrite your negative thoughts is to write them down. Every time you have a negative thought, write it down in a notebook and then reword the thought into something more positive. An example being; I don’t like the way I look.” Write this down and then change the thought to something else like, “I will feel better about myself when I get a new set of clothes or that haircut I have been thinking about.”

The goal is not to put energy into what we don’t want. The goal is to express to the universe what we do want. Instead of thinking how much your car breaks down or looks bad, instead think about how much you enjoy your car when it does work well or how great it is going to be when you can afford a new one. Get into the emotion of already having what you want and experience that emotion. Put that emotion out into the universe and you will attract more of the things that create those emotions back to you.

You can attract good things or not-so-good things into your life by putting thought and emotion into them. The Law of Attraction is always working and you cannot stop it, so use it to the best of your ability if you want a better life.

These two processes of overcoming negative thoughts have worked wonders for me and they can work for you. Just practice them and watch how things change for the better for you. Let me give you one more hard-to-believe example before we leave.

Someone Stole My PorchGetting Rid of Negative Thoughts

That’s right. I had an aluminum handicap ramp that came with the house I purchased about a year ago. Last week my wife left for an hour and when she got home, the porch was missing. She called me to report the news and the first thought that came to my mind was how great it was going to be to build and use the new deck we wanted. I didn’t know how we were going to afford it, but I could already see us sitting in lawn chairs upon it.

We filed a police report and contacted our home insurance provider and they told us that the theft of the porch was covered by our insurance premium and that they would be giving us a check for the value of it minus our deductible.

Great News!!

Now, I am just waiting for the check so I can go buy the wood needed for our new deck. Thank you universe and the ability to see the good in any situation.

Final Thoughts

Have fun practicing and changing your negative thoughts into something more positive. Remember, that negative thoughts are not bad as long as we learn from them and don’t dwell on them with strong emotion. You really can change your thoughts and change your life.

PS.. Being one of those people with supposedly nothing but good thoughts is not real and if people tell you they don’t have negative thoughts, then they are not being truthful with you or themselves. Negative thoughts happen to all of us. They don’t make you a bad person unless you react to them in a negative way. Take control and become a better you.

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18 thoughts on “How to Overcome with Negative Thoughts”

  1. Greg,

    This is a much needed reminder for me. These days I am overwhelmed by my own negative thoughts. As a result, I was in a bad mood all week. I know I cannot let myself be defeated by these thoughts which mostly me attacking myself with questions about self worth, then I got discouraged to keep doing what I’m doing. Thanks to encouraging posts just like yours, I could acknowledge those thoughts and turned it to be something that drives me to keep doing what I love doing.
    I really appreciate you shared your story and experience.

    • HI Ferra,
      We all stumbled to the beliefs our negative thoughts give us. As we learn to overcome them and reshape them with positive rebuttals, like thoughts of gratitude and focusing on what we do want, we learn to over power them and accept them as the little lessons they are.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

  2. How to overcome negative thoughts is not new to me, I used to naturally think negatively but I did overcome this way of thinking by replacing my negative thoughts with positive thoughts and this did change my life in such a dramatic way


  3. Hey!
    I loved this article and how you’ve covered the steps to overcome negative thoughts. The human mind is volatile and process/works how we tell it to.

    It is all about mindset and how we handle our emotions.

  4. You’re right, everyone does have negative thoughts. I use to tell a friend of mine all the time that we have to learn to control our thoughts and not let them control us. The mind can be a dangerous thing, so it’s extremely important to redirect thoes negative thoughts into positive ones.
    Great post!

  5. I love this post! It’s easy to get sucked up sometimes in negative thoughts and we forget to take a step backward sometimes to reevaluate how we’re feeling and why we’re feeling that way. I love the simple two-step process. You’re totally right, everyone has negative thoughts- that’s part of life. But it’s what you DO with those negative thoughts that matters!

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new deck!

    • Thanks Marlena,
      That’s right. Negative thoughts pop in our heads all the time. We just have to be conscious about where our next thought leads us and the Law of Attraction

      Thanks for your thoughts

  6. Hi Greg,
    Love this! I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction and this goes right along with it. Very helpful information, thank you so much!

  7. Lol – congratulations on your new deck – I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It is a clear reminder that we can turn negative thoughts around. We don’t have to be controlled by negative thoughts and I have learned it can be quite damaging living with negative thoughts. And so my approach is to use gratitude and also listen to guided meditation and visualization to help me have another perspective of particular negative thoughts I encounter. We can even have negative thoughts towards ourselves believing we can’t achieve certain goals or tasks and even creating negative thoughts on why that is the case. I have got more tips after reading your post. Thank you. Once again congrats on your new deck, I enjoyed how you rounded up your post with that 🙂

    • Thanks Ola and Thank you for following my blog.
      My wife was surprised that the first words out of my mouth was about the new deck too. lol
      Thanks for sharing your methods with coping with negative thoughts. I am sure my readers will find them very helpful.

  8. This was a great reminder! I was just listening to a talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza and he was talking about how our thoughts create our life and the importance of overcoming the negative. The universe must be trying to teach me something since this is the very lesson that keeps coming up for me. Thanks for writing!

  9. We are always fighting with the negative side and like you say hard to ignore.

    They can be good and used to our advantage. I agree with you there!

    Since I started meditation and Reiki a couple of years ago I find that I am a better person and more chilled out and feel that I can accept a lot more than I could before.

    I really enjoyed this post and thank you for sharing.


    • Thanks Mick,
      I wrote this post for people who are struggling with coping with negative thoughts. Don’t try to avoid them. Accept them and use them to grow from. Also check out this article on finding gratitude.



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