What is Manifestation Magic About?

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If you found this post, then you have heard about the Manifestation Magic program by Alexander Wilson and you are wondering what is Manifestation Magic about? That is exactly what I was wondering when I came across an ad on FaceBook that claimed that we were doing the Law of Attraction all wrong.

Since I live to learn all I can about the Law of Attraction, the idea of doing it wrong was something I was very interested in. I mean, I have been having great results with harnessing the LoA and if there is something easier to teach my readers, then I had to know. Let’s dive in to what this program is and find out if it is worth the price.

Manifestation Magic by Alexander J. Wilson

Manifestation Magic is a program that you can buy that offers audio tracks that you listen to during the day and before youAlexander J Wilson

go to bed. You can listen to the audios from your computer or smartphone. There is even an app called the Push Play app that you can download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

The program claims to provide results with manifesting within 24 hours. There is nothing you need to read or study, no rituals to perform, and no need to create affirmations. The program is designed for you to listen to the audios and start noticing the rapid changes in your life.

There are three different priced packages that you can choose from.

Basic Package: This package includes the Quick Start Guide, the complete energy orbiting audio system, and the Corona relief package. The basic package is only $27.

Special Bonus Package: The special bonus package contains everything in the basic package, but it includes the Chakra Power audio system, the 360 Transformation audio system, and lifetime access to the Push Play app. The special bonus package is only $37.

The Platinum Edition: The platinum edition contains everything listen in the first two packages, but it includes the Spirit Whispering program and Manifestation Magic Custom Edition. This package is only $97.

The Spirit Whispering program is a bonus program outside of the original Manifestation Magic program. It is a 21-day program that helps you discover the secret meanings behind signs, sacred repeating numbers, animal sightings, and other “weird” events in life. This program includes its own app, audios, and quick start guide so you can learn all the information provided.

The Manifestation Magic Custom Edition is a 45-minute private energy orbiting program that is custom-made for each person. This program claims to speed up LoA results.

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Manifestation Magic 2.0

Buy Manifestation Magic

I was impressed by how easy the program is to follow. It truly is just audios that you listen to once a day. The quick start guide helps you understand how to use the audios, the science behind the audios, and a background of what the Law of Attraction is. You don’t need to study the guide, but it is still filled with useful information.

Who is Alexander J. Wilson?

I did some research on who the author of the program is and did not find too much. He does have a Linkedin page where he claims to have been a Spiritual Guru for over 15 years, but he doesn’t have too many followers. That was about all I could find about him online except in a few blog post talking about the Manifestation Magic program or written by himself.

I found a short video about him on YouTube. It tells you the same information as his sales video, but you can watch it below if you would like. You would think if he was such a great spiritual leader, then there would be more information to find out about him all over the internet.

What I Think About Manifestation Magic

Like all LoA programs I come across, I am always intrigued to find out how well the program works. I just recently purchased this program and plan on giving it a try for the next 30 days or so. I have learned that it normal takes about 21 days of listening to audio subliminal tracks for them to make an impact in my life. Some work faster and some take longer, but they always do work.Manifestation Magic Continued

I will keep you informed over the next few weeks about my success with the program. The program claims that it can provide results in 24 hours, but it did not work that way for me. The video claimed that I could manifest $10,000 in 24 hours or at least put the universe into action to align the people, things, and ideas to make the manifestation to happen.

I do not have a way to measure the action of the universe, but I do have moments in my life where I can tell that the universe has aligned me with the best opportunities in the past. I know the universe does want the best for me and I live in this belief. You should too.

What I did discover within 24 hours was a business idea that I want to pursue. I need to continue my research into the idea to see how profitable it may be. I thought of the idea a few weeks ago, I admit, but the idea has become a constant thought since I listen to the evening audio found in the program.

What About the Push and Play App?

I do not have a way to test the app on Android, but my experience with Apple version was more complicated than it needed to be. I downloaded the app and found it hard to unlock the features that I paid for. I followed the directions within the app to unlock my purchase, but it did not work.

I had to email support to find out how to unlock the app. Support got back to me within 24 hours and they provided me with an easy way to unlock all that I had purchased. I wish it could have been easier. If I could have just signed in to the app with my email and instantly unlock everything, then that would have been a better experience.

Free Manifestation Tone


The Manifestation Magic program is very intriguing. Is there a shortcut to reprogram ourselves to attract abundance and get rid of the negative blocks taught to us by society? If there is a shortcut, then this would be very helpful for many people.

Did I see the results promised by the sales video page? I did not see any financial rain falls like mentioned in the sales video. I did not receive an unexpected check, but I did come up with a business idea that I think would be very lucrative. The business idea is so interesting that I am excited to do the research needed to develop the idea into a real thing.Free Manifestation Tone Download Link

Do I think the program is for real? I do believe the program can provide results for anyone who is consistent with it. It may not work wonders in 24 hours for everyone, but it does have the potential to train your subconscious to look for opportunities within your life.

The price point is low enough that you can do your own experiments with the program. The app is complicated to use at first, but with some persistence and help from support, then you can use it to store all of your purchased audios. It may be easier with Android, but the Apple version was not so easy.

Manifestation Magic GifStill, since you can access all of your purchases from the website, then maybe the app isn’t really needed in the long run. I still recommend that you try out the Manifestation Magic program for yourself. Buy It Now Right Here. There is a 60-day money back guarantee backed by ClickBank, so there is no worry that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Stay Up-To-Date

Like I mentioned in this post, I am just now starting my research into this program and will be providing updates about my experience over the next 30 days. Give the program a try for yourself and let me know how things are going for you in the comments below or in the comments on my follow-up post.

If you are interested in a program that I highly recommend and have been studying over the last six months then check out the review I wrote about it earlier. This program is easy to follow and very affordable. I went through it in a couple of weeks, but every time I revisit the program, I learn more.

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