Is Manifestation Magic a Scam? Week 2 Review

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Maybe you have stumbled across Alexander J. Wilson’s program Manifestation Magic and you are wondering if Manifestation Magic is a scam. I have been experimenting with the program for two weeks now and I believe I can answer this question for you.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a program created by Alex J. Wilson that is intended to help anyone fast-track his or her success with manifesting with the Law of Attraction. You can read my first post about this program here and learn everything you get when you buy it.

Here is the short run down about it:

Alex’s LoA manifestation program contains nothing to study. There is a quick start guide that tells you the background of the Law of Attraction and explains how to use the program. There are no mantras or affirmations that you need to learn or recite. This program is just a list of audios that you listen to each day.

I recommend that you listen to each audio for at least 30 days. It takes about 30 days to reprogram your mind and create a new habit. I have been focusing on two of the audios during my first 30 day experiment.

The first audio I am listening to is called the Twilight Transformation. There are two different versions if you purchase the Speacial Bonus package like I did. If you just get the Basic package, then you will only get one version. This is OK. The first version works fine. The second version is just an extended version that helps you fall asleep while listening to it. Both of these audios are intended to be used right before you go to bed or as you fall asleep.

The second audio I have been experimenting with is called Daytime Wealth Orbiting Audio. This is a 20-minute audio that you use during the day. All of these programs are intended to help anyone get into the right vibration and mindset to manifest what he or she desires.

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Manifestation Magic Download

The Plug and Play App

In my first post, I didn’t have much luck with the app that comes free with the Special Bonus package. This last week, I have become more accustomed to the app. I like that all the audios are available and easily found within the app. There is no need to download them and I can use them anytime. There are 23 tracks to use when you buy the Special Bonus package and only 4 when you buy the Basic package.

Does Manifestation Magic Work?

I am only in my second week of using the audios. I still have a couple more weeks to go to be able to fully answer this question, but I do not think it is a scam program. I believe this because I have used audios to make changes in my life and the way I think in the past. You can read more about this here in an earlier post if you want to.

I have had nothing but positive results from using subliminal, binaural, and hypnotic tracks. You can read about my recentManifestation Magic Audios Work experiment with a program called Reprogram Me in this earlier post. What I normally do is keep a journal of my experiments. Each day before I start an audio, I write down anything that comes to mind that may or may not pertain to the audio.

I ask myself if I have noticed any dramatic changes or anything small with my attitude and I write the answers in my journal. After I complete the trial, I then go back and read the diary to see if I notice anything, any changes, or any mind awaking moments.

Have I Noticed Anything So Far?

The sales video for the Manifestation Magic program says that you could receive a large check or cash in hand the first morning after listening to the audio. I didn’t think this was true because it did not happen for me like that. I have read about others saying it worked for them, but I wasn’t sure. Not really skeptical because I do believe them, but not sure it would work that way for me.

Yesterday, I learned something that may make the claim of the video true. I will tell you about it in a moment. Let me tell you about the first things I have noticed over the past two weeks.

2 Weeks in the Experiment

My thoughts about money has changed. I seem to be leaning more towards investing money. This may be a residual from the Reprogram Me Audio, but it keeps becoming an all day thought since I started the Manifestation Magic program. During the RM audio experiment I was nudged to start a small Mutual Fund at my local bank. Now, I am being drawn to create another one through a larger investing company.Free Manifestation Money Audio

Another noticeable change is the way I view paying my bills. I understand that money needs to flow. This flow includes taking money in and paying money out. It makes me feel good knowing that money is flowing through my life. I know this may sound silly, but it just feels more natural than worrying about paying the bills.

Deciding that I could afford to pay someone to mow my yard is probably the biggest change I have noticed. This happened just one week after starting this experiment. It takes me 3 hours to mow my yard with a riding mower. I decided that I could use this time each weekend to relax or write for this blog if I would just hire someone to mow it.

I was thinking about this last weekend as I sat on the porch: dreading this weekend because I mow every two weeks. Then Monday morning, I noticed a social media friend who lives near me was starting a lawn mowing business. I messaged him and now he is mowing my lawn every two weeks for a price I never thought would be offered.

Once again the money is flowing into my life, out of my hands, and out to him. He has a better mower than I do, it he can get it done in half the time, and I no longer need to worry about it or dread doing it.

Did I Get a Money Windfall Like the Sales Page Promised?

The day after I started to the program, my wife came home and told me an old friend needed some help to work on his house. She told him I would call him and then relayed the message to me. I didn’t put much thought into it. I knew thisManifesting Money Umbrella friend needed help and I would get back to him when I found the time.

This friend has helped me out so many times in life and he never charged me a penny. I wasn’t going to charge him for help either. I finally made it over to his house yesterday. I found that he has some damage on his metal roof from a tree that fell during the wind storm we recently had.

I took some pictures so I can order the material for him, hung out with him for a chat, and as I left he, told me that he was going to pay me very well for doing the job. I told him not to worry about it because we are always helping each other out. He then told me that he wanted to pay me and his insurance company was expecting to receive a bill for materials and labor and therefore, he not only wanted to, but he had to pay me.

I didn’t ask what “well-paid” equals, but any pay is more than I expected or even would have charged this old friend. So as it turns out, he got in touch with my wife the next morning after I listen to the Manifestation Magic audio for the first time: just like the video promised. I don’t believe in coincidence, but you might.


It may seem hard to believe that listening to audios for a certain amount of time can change your life. We do it all the time but maybe we don’t think about it. I mean, you pick or like a certain song for the way it makes you feel when you listen to it, correct?

That is the same concept here, only you are using audios with a stronger intention. I notice changes in my life from using programs like these. I went from a really dark place to a much better place many years ago because I started experimenting with audios. I am sure they can work for you too.

If you are interested with getting started with Alexander J. Wilson’s Manifestation Magic program, then use this link to watch his video about the program and purchase your own copy. If you are still on the fence, then visit again next week when I write about my third week with the program.

If you would like to read the first review and learn more then use this link to my earlier post.

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