4 Weeks With Reprogram.me Review

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Four weeks ago, I was introduced to a hypnosis program called Reprogram.me. Maybe you have heard of it already, maybe you have not. In this post, I am going to tell you about the program and how it has impacted my life over the last 4 weeks. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first or what even to expect, but as time went by I found some things about it and my life over the past few weeks very interesting.

What is Reprogram.me?

Reprogram.me is a 4-week hypnosis program that is designed to help you reprogram your brain and help you find wealth and abundance. The sales copy claims that many of us block wealth from coming to us because we have been taught and have accepted thoughts and ideas that keep wealth from coming to us. We have created our own self-created financial ceiling that Clear Financial Blocks with Hypnosis

keeps us at the wealth level we believe we deserve or have earned.

This hypnosis program claims that by listening to a 15-minute audio once or over many days for a week, we can bust through our financial limiting beliefs, discover we are worth more than we believe, start noticing other ways to find wealth, and start earning more money. I know, it sounds like fairy-tale talk, but let me tell you more about it.

Each week, you have two different audios to listen to: a main audio and a booster audio. The creators of the program claim that you only need to listen to main audio once to make it work with your subconscious. The booster is just a bonus and not required, but it helps you deepen the hypnosis programming. The more you listen, the better results you can expect of course.

How Did I Use It For Myself?

First off, I do have some experience using binaural beats and hypnotic audios. you can read about my earlier experience by checking out this earlier post. Before you read about my earlier experience, let me tell you more about using the Reprogram.me audios.

I choose to dive deep into the program to see if I could see any effects from it. I listened to the main audio and the booster audio for week 1 five times. I followed this same practice for each of the audios for the entire four-week program.

I found the audios very relaxing and since the main audio was less than 20 minutes long and the booster audios were around 10 minutes long, it only took thirty minutes each day to listen to them.

I just came home from work, got comfortable, put in my ear buds, and relaxed for thirty minutes. Some times I caught myself snoring while listening to the hypnosis tracks, but this is OK. Your subconscious still hears what the tracks are saying.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot control your thoughts while you are in trance either. Your subconscious mind still hears the programming and allows it to sink in. You really do not need to do anything but just sit back with your headphones on and relax. It is that easy.

Hypnosis Financial Freedom

Did It Work For Me?

This is the part I have been thinking about since week 1. To tell you the truth, things have changed for me. I cannot prove it is the hypnosis or even if I have been hypnotized. I will tell you my story and let you decide for yourself. I have been through a lot financially over the past four weeks and I truly believe it has something to do with the hypnotic programming.

Five weeks ago, I was a carpenter that worked for a company that I was not very proud to work for. I kept telling myself it was going to get better for many years, but it never really did. At first, I was an interior trim carpenter for the business, but later the company decided they wanted to only build cabinets and move away from interior trim.

First Week With Reprogram.me.

I was on the first week of the audios when the company I worked for decided to move away from the job that I enjoyed and was paid well for. They wanted me to strictly install cabinets for them. My mind instantly noticed the drop in pay I would receive from their business decision. They wanted me to work less and get paid 50 to 60% less than I was making before each week. It sounded like the worst deal anyone had ever gave me.

They said it wouldn’t be like this forever and that I could make more money very soon. They didn’t even consider asking me if I could afford my bills until they finally figured out how I could be making more soon: whatever that truly meant. I felt let Reprogram me please

down once again by this job. Over the past few years it had gone on like this. They wanted to go a different direction and expected me to earn less.

Maybe it was the programming from the hypnosis audio that finally gave me the confidence to say enough was enough. I told them that I couldn’t wait for them any longer and after thinking about it over the weekend, I quit on Monday without giving notice. Instead, I found a job mowing lawns and doing minor landscaping.

It was hard, hot, and sweaty work; but anything was better than working for someone who didn’t seem to respect me or my need to grow financially in life.

Second Week With Reprogram.me

I continued to listen to the audios over the next couple of weeks and I noticed that my thoughts were more in-tuned to ways to earn more income. I found myself selling my skills to other people that I met. The way I looked at paying bills even changed. I noticed the flow of money as I earned and paid the bills and the thought actually relaxed me.

I know it is hard to believe and maybe understand what I just said. I noticed how money flowed into my life and out of my life like a river. Seeing money as a current helped me relax about how it moved through my life. Since I could see the flow of money, then I noticed places in my daily habits where I could save money and I just did it. I thought about how I could just decide to not buy this thing or that thing that I was used to buying each week and I just stopped doing it.

Third Week With Reprogram.me

The third week something amazing happened. I was on lunch break from mowing lawns when a guy that owns a local Life is Amazing

business walked up to me and told me he needed help at his shop repairing RVs. I told him if I heard of anyone needing work then I would send them his way. He looked me in the eye and said, “No, I need your help at the shop.”

I stood their stunned for a second as I listen to him. He offered me a pay higher than I expected to ever make, doing a job I had little experience at, and he was going to teach me everything he knew. I couldn’t hep but wonder if it was the hypnosis programming that had attracted this opportunity or if it was my well-known work ethic… maybe it was both.

Was My Experiment Worth the Money?

I am still amazed by how my life changed financially over the past four weeks. Like I said, I cannot prove it is because of the audios, but deep inside I cannot shake off the fact that I listened to the audios, made life changes without fear of the unknown, and now I am getting paid more than I ever have with the possibility of making more in the near future.

I paid $37 to change my life for the better in only one month. In my opinion, it is worth every penny to go through what I have been through in the past 30 days. If anyone asks me if I am happy with the program from Inspire3, then I will be smiling the biggest happy face back at them when I tell them that I believe that it worked. My life seems to have really changed for the better. I am still having trouble believing it myself.

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How Can You Get It For Yourself?

You can give it a try for yourself. You can try it and be in a better place financially after 30 days or you cannot try it and be in the same place you are now. It’s up to you. If you want to try it, then use this link to check out a video with more information and purchase it today.

Try Out A Free Money Mindset Track

If you are not sure how a hypnotic program works and you would like to try out a 19-minute wealth audio for free, then go ahead and use this link to get your free audio from Inspire3. I like the free track because it explains how the audio works Free Wealth Programming

and what you can expect when you listen to the Reprogram.me audios.

Like I said, it is up to you if you take action right now and purchase these audios. I do recommend them, because like I mentioned, my life went from being an employee without respect to becoming an employee that was sought out for and hired on my lunch break.

I hope you have the same or even better results for yourself, but you can’t if you don’t take action. Here is the link to the video explaining more again.

==>I would love to hear your experiences, questions, and thoughts about this subject, so please feel free to leave a comment below. I normally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it. Talk with you later, Greg<==

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10 thoughts on “4 Weeks With Reprogram.me Review”

  1. Hi thank you for your thoughts and story! A few questions. Did you do the full 4 weeks or just stop at 3? Or did nothing interesting happen by the fourth week?

    Did you listen to weeks one and two for longer than 7 days?

    Did you feel any frustration, incongruity or subconscious pushback during the program?

    What motivated you try the program in the first place?

    I had a much better formatted and thought out question but it got deleted when trying to post so sorry if this is a little rushed and scattered.

    Thank you

    • I did the entire four weeks and listen to them again every now and then.

      Crazy you mention frustration… at first I did argue with my ego a lot. Eventually, it learned that this new way of thinking wasn’t that bad after all?

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing. A couple questions. You stopped describing events at 3 weeks, did you only go to week three?

    In week 2, you mentioned you had been continuing to listen to the tracks for a couple weeks. Do you mean you went more than one week per track? As in listened to week one for 2 weeks etc.

    Did anything more happen on the 4th module? Or did you just stop because you got a desirable result and were happy with it.

    I ask because I’m using the program now, on week 3, and I just now started to notice a hint of that flow of money, and not panicking when I think of or pay my bills. It’s so strange.

    Thanks for your insights and sharing your story.

    Aloha from Hawaii

    • Hi Matt,
      Thank you for taking the time to read the article. You are right, I did forget to write about the fourth week. You are correct that the results were great and I am still happy with it.

      I listen to each track for a week. When I said that I had listen to the tracks for a couple weeks, that means that I had listen to the first one for a week and the second one for a week.

      I am still in awe about how my outlook towards finances has changed for the better. I think in investments now. Like getting a loan to build a small rent house on my property. Before, the idea of a loan gave me a negative feeling because I would be in debt within a financial agreement.

      Now, I see it as an investment and not as a debt. The renter pays for everything after a certain amount of years and then after the start-up funding is paid back, then everything (all the money) minus up-keep is profit. See, now the it is not a loan, it is start-up funding. I am not in debt because the rent charged pays back the start-up loan.

      I truly enjoy this new way of looking at money.

      How has the program helped you so far? I truly didn’t notice it happening at first, but with hindsight and gratitude, I eventually noticed the changes to myself.

      Great times to you, Matt


    • Also. What motivated you to seek out this program? And did you feel any frustration or confusion before or during the program?


        • I found the program through sheer frustration and trial. I had tried another program which linked me to this.

          Told myself I would try that program for a month first and then see. That program did nothing. So I stumbled upon this one in my free trials somewhere in my emails and downloads.

          I tried and was surprised at how my mindset changed. At how effective the hypnosis was! It was so consistent.

          If I’m honest, I’m quite an impatient person, and in no way in need of money. But for reason felt desperate for this to work. For anything to work.

          Needless to say, when small results happen it’s easy to dismiss them as no results.
          But I have to admit. Small things have been happening. I don’t quite have the mindset shift you describe but I’m sure that has more to do with my upbringing, and where I came from.

          My parents have the most unhealthy relationship with money I’ve ever seen.
          I intend to cycle the whole program again until I see desired results.

          That being said. I have relaxed quite a bit about bills and debt. I had already reached the place you are now about investments. The funny thing is, I could never get anything I tried to pan out or get off the ground.

          Subconscious has a funny way of stopping any progress it isn’t congruent with. But my issue was panic when it came time to pay bills. I love paying bills, but hated when I couldn’t pay them all on time.

          But on week three something interesting happened. Out of the blue, after months of me struggling and my wife who has the higher paying job and never struggled for money. Just gave me money, and bought me dinner.

          All this after she bought us (I guess me since she doesn’t care about tools)
          A nice drill we’ve been needing with no hesitation.

          I fear this is too wordy already so I’m skipping many contextual details but suffice to say, something. However subtle, is shifting.

          Still frustrated, at times, but. I’m not sure how to word it. Optimistic?

          Anyway, thanks for the response, and for reading my novel.

          I’ll be sure to come back and share pictures of my lambo should drastic things shift in the coming months


          • I am so glad you can see the world through positive hindsight?!!

            For now, just try to focus on the positive present. Just that hindsight gift and see all the greatness happening at that moment… like… thank you for letting me make that green light??

  3. hi, thanks for your thoughts on this. i listen to the binaural beats on line~ and am very much into reprogramming the brain. have come across so many different programs. how are you doing now financially? do you continue to listen to the tracks? i’m thinking of giving it a try

    • Hi Jennie,

      I have not listened to the tracks in a couple weeks. I do notice that I resonate with investing more than I used to. Crazy thing to think about… money has been flowing to me more easily than before I listen to the beats.
      I truly do wish there was a way to experiment with binaural beats while using a control group.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.


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