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Many of us dream of helping the world live for the better. We want world peace and for everyone to live in happiness. This is possible even though others may not believe it to be so. The way to do it is for each person to understand they are responsible for each other’s reality. When we take responsibility and change ourselves, in return the entire world changes with us.

How Are We All Responsible?

We have a collective consciousness. What you think and do affects me just as everything I think and do affects you. If I give you love, you feel love. If you give me love, I feel love. We cannot experience love without giving it away. This goes for everything. We are responsible for each other.

Share ResponsibilityWhen you or I go out in the world in fear, we give each other fear in return. When we go out in the world with peace, we give each other peace. Be conscious of the emotions’ or information you give to the world. Take responsibility for what you spread to everyone and everything. If you want peace, give peace.

It doesn’t work to say you want peace in the world if you easily get offended by any little thing. This attitude is not a peaceful attitude. Don’t get angry at everyone and blame others when life isn’t going the way you want it too. These reactions are not peaceful reactions.

If you truly want world peace, then when something bothers you, you need to stop and take a breath. Think for a second about what peace you can share about the subject and say I love you. Wait for the negative thoughts to leave you head before you spread any lack of peace… that is, if peace is truly your intention.

Where Does Reality Come From?

Your reality comes from inside of you. Reality is not the outside world. Reality is made up of the thoughts and beliefs you carry inside of you. You create your outside world from the inside. Take responsibility for your reality because you are the only one that can make it true or untrue. What you believe is what you see.Reality Comes From Within

Yes, I understand that I just stated that we are all responsible for each other’s reality and now I am saying only you can create your reality. But this is true. What we provide to the collective consciousness affects everyone, yet we have the ability to choose what we provide. The reality we choose to project is something we are responsible for. We attract everything (people, things, reactions, emotions’, etc…) into our reality through what we project.

When anyone walks up to you, you over hear a conversation, you see something in the news, or you hear about it from a friend; this information is now a part of your reality. You may not have consciously chosen it, but it is there. All things in your reality you are responsible for. If there be a problem brought to the attention of your reality, it is your problem.

It is not someone else’s fault or problem that can be cleaned from your reality. Take responsibility for it is yours and only you can wipe it clean from your life.

Let me put it another way… it doesn’t matter if you think and believe it is someone else’s problem. If it is in your reality, then it is your problem and you need to clean it from within yourself. You clean this from yourself following the five step process mentioned below.

Change Starts With You

Change the Man in the MirrorMicheal Jackson was right. The only person you can change is the person in the mirror. Trying to change other people be a waste of time. You must change yourself if you want to change the world. Just imagine if everyone took responsibility and made changes for the better? We cannot change others, but we can lead by example and help others change when he or she is ready, want to, and decide to.

How Do We Make The Change?

Making changes to live for the better is not hard. That may sound like an understatement, but let me show you. First, I need to explain that everything we experience is nothing but information. The thoughts that come to mind when you react to anything is information that you have adopted into your life. It doesn’t matter if you react in a positive or negative way, this reaction is caused by the information you carry.

To make changes to yourself, you only need to change the information that you believe in. Since we are all connected by a universal collective consciousness, we all carry the same information. We may not be aware of it, but we do collectively. Since we are responsible for each other realities, then we must clean that part of us that is allowing others to experience discomfort in his or her reality.

We do this by cleaning ourselves. When we clean information from ourselves, we are helping others clean the information from themselves. This be a very easy process. So easy in fact, that you may find it hard to believe. If you do have trouble having faith in this process, then remember, it is just the information you carry making you think this way.

What Is The 5 Step Cleaning Process?

The first step is to take responsibility for the reality we give each other. Understand that we are each responsible for one another. Understand that in order to make a change to the outside world, you must first take responsibility and change yourself on the inside.Change the World

The second step is to say you are sorry for helping others feel this way. You do not need to say you are sorry out loud. Just think it. When someone comes up to you and states they are having a problem with something in life, just take responsibility and say you are sorry.

The third step is to say you apologize. Apologize for helping to spread the information that is causing others to pick up the vibration of discomfort.

The fourth step is to say thank you. You want to thank the person for bringing it to your attention. Most of us are unaware of the effect our shared information has on each other. We say thank you because now we are aware and we get the chance to clear it from ourselves. As we all clear it, then our collective conscious gets the benefit from the cleaning also.

The last step is to say I Love You. This is what we all truly want to hear. This is the information we all truly want to spread throughout our collective consciousness. This should always be our final thought in any situation.

We Are Responsible For Reality

The reality that we live in is created by us. We each share responsibility for reality. The thoughts and emotions’ that we express upon in it affects everyone that lives in it. This is why it is so important for us to express love and gratitude into our collective consciousness.

Our job in life is to help others experience joy, happiness, love, abundance, care, and all the other great emotions’ life has to offer. We are all created in love and passion. We do the best when we give love and passionBuddha Change The World back to the world.

If someone is not experiencing these things, then it is our responsibility to clean that problem from ourselves, not the other person. We don’t need to physically help the other person. We don’t need to give him or her things like money or other items. When need to just take responsibility for putting information into our collective reality, ask for forgiveness for doing it, thank it for being there, give it love, and clean it from ourselves.

We clean the universal collective consciousness by cleaning ourselves. Once others clean it from themselves, it eventually will no longer be a part of anyone’s reality. You help the entire world by cleaning information from yourself. Look in the mirror and start changing the world through repentance.

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