How To Use Your Imagination To Live For The Better

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How do you use your imagination? Do you know how to use your imagination to live for the better? You cannot say you don’t use or have an imagination. You might possibly believe this is true, but let me show you differently.

How You Probably Use Your Imagination

You might think that you don’t use your imagination. After all, we are taught to give up on childish things like our imagination and grow up. I was taught that once I turned 12. How old were you when you first heard someone say this to you?

Imagination to live betterYou can use your imagination to make life better, but most people are not taught how. We are taught differently. Whenever something not-so-good happens, do you think to yourself or say out loud things like, “I thought that would happen or it happened just like I imagined”? Guess what, you were using your imagination.

People find it easy to imagine the worse. Many of us are raised to hope for the best, but plan for the worse. Do you remember hearing this?

How can we “plan for the worse” without thinking up what is the worse that can happen? We need to use our imaginations to think up or visualize the worst case scenario. If we can do that and then say, “I knew it,” when it does happen, why can we not think the opposite and expect that to happen too?

After all, according to the Law of Attraction, we attract what we think. Life is good like that. It doesn’t want you to think you are crazy, so if you expect the not-so-good, then it delivers the not-so-good. Just like you expected. What if you expected differently?

How To Use Your Imagination to Live For The Better

Using you imagination to get the good in life is just as easy as getting the not-so-good in life. You just need to expect it. What if you planned for the best and expected the good? Not every now and then, every time.

You don’t want to confuse the universe. Well, actually you are confusing yourself and the universe doesn’t know what you want when you expect not-so-good half the time and good the other half the time. So, it is best to always expect good.Practice for Living for the Better

This is going to take some practice to get right. After all, we have been taught our entire lives up to now that not-so-good thing are going to happen and we expect it to be this way. Why do we expect it? Because it is the reality we live in, but it isn’t the only reality.

Since it took a lifetime to live in the reality we believe in, then let’s find a shortcut to change our reality. We can do this by always expecting the great things in life to happen and never giving up on this belief even when things don’t seem to instantly work out. Changing our beliefs can really change our life.

I know that there is a thing out there called “Murphy’s Law“. Yet, it only is as real as you make it. Believe me, I use to live by Murphy’s Law and I pointed it out each time it happened in my life. I expected it to work that way and it always did. I used to believe that I had the world’s best bad luck because I believed in this law so much.

Bob Proctor created a short video about developing your imagination. If the video is not present, then refresh this page and it will appear.

How Did I Change My Mind?

That’s all that I did: I changed my mind. I realized the world wasn’t out to get me. I realized that most people didn’t want to take advantage of me. I discovered that the Source created all things with love and good intentions and I expected it to be always be true. That’s how I stopped relying on Murphy’s Law and put my faith in the good.Murphy's Law

See, that is what I was truly doing. I was relying on Murphy’s law to work and since I had such great faith in it, it worked almost every time. When things were going good, then I expected something not-so-good to be waiting for me around the corner. Guess what, I was right and it was always there. Then I would dwell on it and tell everyone my story about how unlucky I was.

I no longer rely on Murphy’s Law. That’s right, I do not believe in it anymore. I rely on the good and abundant intentions of the universe and since I do, I expect good things to happen and they always do. Someone stole my porch (you can read about that here) and the insurance company unexpectantly paid for it. I expected something good to happen, but I didn’t expect it to come from the insurance company.

Life Is Good When You Kick Murphy To The Curb

Let me tell you another story…

I went shopping for a new place to live. OK, let me give you a little back story… The guy that owned the house we were renting told me and my wife he was going to sell it. He offered it to us, but we didn’t want to buy it. He gave us thirty daysThis is not Life for the Better to move out. We found many places for rent all over town. One house was within the budget we thought we could afford.

We met the landlord at the house and he gave us a tour. The first thing I noticed was dead bugs squashed in the door frame. Then he opened the dishwasher to show us how clean it was and bugs came running out of it. Instantly, I didn’t want to be there. The neighborhood was loud and congested with traffic, there were bugs everywhere, and the houses were too close together.

But, it was affordable and we had less than two weeks to find somewhere to live. The landlord has us fill out a credit report and luckily, our credit wasn’t good enough to rent the buggy house. Yes, it hurt our pride that our credit wasn’t good enough, but deep inside I was dancing in joy.

Then one week later, we were driving through a neighborhood wishing we could live there. We were making our way back down the street to leave the neighborhood when we say a man hammering a For Rent sign into the ground. We stopped and asked him how much the place was. He told us and we were shocked. It was $200 less a month than the bug infested house.smiles for living for the better

We made the deal and signed the lease that moment right in the driveway. It turned out to be one of the best neighborhoods we ever lived in. The neighbors were friendly. The street was quiet. It was less than a mile from the lake. It was great.

I am so glad that I live my life expecting the good to happen instead of planning for the worse. Great things do happen when you expect them too and even when things do not look so good in the present, life always delivers better very soon.


We all use our imagination even if we don’t realize it. You may have been taught to grow up and stop living in your imagination, but you never truly do. We only start worrying, become frighten, and expect the worse. When we do this we stop using our imagination to live fairy tales and focus it on nightmares.

Life does not need to be a nightmare. You really can live life expecting fairy tales to happen and to live happily ever after.


Do you need help learning how to use your imagination to live for the better? There are many ways to do it. You can learn how to live in gratitude and notice all the things in life that are great and that you are thankful for. Read this post to learn about creating a gratitude journal and how effective it can be to help change your life for the better.

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10 thoughts on “How To Use Your Imagination To Live For The Better”

  1. Great things do happen when you expect them to – thank you for reminding me of this valuable point. This article is a powerful reminder that I have to use my imagination in the right way to create / form/manifest the life I truly deserve – no more ‘Murphys Law’ – I enjoyed Bob Procter’s video here. Thank you – Namaste.

    • Hi Ola,
      It is so easy to forget that we can use our imagination in a positive way just as easy as it is to think of the worse. I hope that one day we teach our children to expect good and this changes the world for the better. I know that in life we need the yin and yang to even understand what is good and bad, but it doesn’t mean we have to expect not-so-good all the time.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this and I can relate to this. Would you say that using your imagination is similar to positive thinking? Can you explain the similarities and the differences to me? Thank you.

    • Hi Catherine,
      Positive thinking and your imagination is two different things that can be used together. We use our imagination to create new things and to dream of the future in any way we want to. Positive thinking is just expecting a good outcome from everything in life. We can use positive thinking to help our imagination come up with better things, just as we can use negative thinking to help our imaginations come up with not-so-good things. Thank you for the question and I hope this helps.

  3. This is one of my favorite topics. I could go on for a very long time about it. But I won’t of course. I will offer one quote “That which is liken to, more will come.” It’s my most favorite quote and it’s written for me to see daily. The thoughts we think will be directly related to what the Universe brings into our lives. Every single time. It’s the law. Being grateful is equally as important.
    I was in the self checkout two days ago at the grocery store. As I am scanning my items a beautiful brand new copper penny falls into the change catcher. I took the penny in my hand and said to myself “I am so grateful for the abundance in my life.” Seriously, pennies from heaven. Not even kidding. Be grateful and expect nothing but the best. We all deserve it.

  4. Now this is what I’m talking about. The power of our imagination really is everything. Even to the last detail. I love Bob Proctor and his work, and I love your work. I’m bookmarking your site. Thank you for this 🙂

    • Hi AJ ?
      That’s what it all about. We are here having a human experience so we can share love with each other. We are all connected through the universe, minerals, and consciousness. It is a great life when we look for it.
      Thanks for stopping by?

  5. It is very true. We often create our own realities. I have learned and I am still learning that. I am now focusing on the good. Good things can happen, good outcomes can come.
    That story of the house you found is a great example of a seemingly bad thing happening that turns out to be a blessing.
    Great post!

    • Thanks Christine,
      I have learned over the years that anytime something seems bad I just need to wait for the good. It always happens and it is something I expect. So glad that I sent Murphy’s Law packing so many years ago.

      Thanks for stopping by


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