Can Negative Emotions Help? | A Negative Emotions List

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It doesn’t take too long when you start studying the Law of Attraction before you hear a negative emotions list and how they are not good for you. We have made a Negative Emotions List, and we will find out the pros (if there are any) and cons of negative emotions.

We started off by asking a simple question, “Are there any good benefits to negative emotions?”

Of course, I believe there is good in everything if you look for it, so it has to be there, right?

We have a previous post on the benefits of Negative Thoughts, so once again, by comparison, there should be benefits to negative emotions as well.

It is a plausible assumption, do you agree?

Could This Be A “HELPFUL” Negative Emotions List?

According to John Hopkins Medicine, a person should recognize and acknowledge negative emotions, understand that the emotions are common human reaction, and then take responsibility for your own feelings.

They go on to make a list of example negative emotions that include:

  • AngerNegative Emotions List Drama Pic
  • Emptiness
  • Frustration
  • Inadequacy
  • Helplessness
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Overwhelmed
  • Resentment
  • Failure
  • Sadness
  • Jealousy

Wow, that is a long negative emotions list!

Just look at that!

Those are all pretty strong emotions too, don’t you agree? Can there really be a silver lining for strong negative emotions like that? Aren’t we taught that negative emotions repel what we desire when we are trying to manifest? Why would we want them?

Long Negative Emotions List

Negative Emotions | Friend or Foe

I was reading in a peer reviewed article called, “When Feeling Bad Can Be Good: Mixed Emotions Benefit Physical Health Across Adulthood,” about a 10-year experiment studying the effects of health on people that experienced a mix of emotions, both good and not-so-good, during the length of the study.

It points out that most experiments that focused on the effects of emotions on health only spoke or experimented with either positive emotions or negative emotions, but never both at the same time.

Negative Emotions List BallThe experiment is interesting and the outcome is easily predicted that; Yes, a mix of emotional experiences are needed for a person to have the most rounded life experience.

This is also easily pointed out by the belief of the Yin-Yang, or even the saying, “Take the good with the bad” like mentioned in the article, that life must be in balance.

The most inserting parts of the article are the references they use. The references point out that suppressing or avoiding negative emotions can be bad for your health in the long run even if not expressing them seem like the worst idea at the time.

The article states that people who experience both negative and positive times in life are better capable of handling the ups and downs throughout his or her lifetime.

I tend to agree that a mixture of negative and positive experiences have benefits. Having both experiences provides contrast. In other words, you wouldn’t know one without the other.

If you have never experienced feeling great, then you wouldn’t know when you didn’t feel great.

Does that make sense?

My very favorite part of this article is the study about breast cancer patients that were involved in group therapy. The participants “came to realize that happiness and sadness are not two poles of one dimension.”

They actually learned to achieve happiness by not avoiding negative emotions, but by embracing them and confronting them. The women actually started to appreciate the things they took for granted before. The negative emotions caused by the cancer actually helped them notice the good already in their lives.

That is just amazing to me!

I mean, it logically makes complete sense.

Would you truly know how good it feels to win something if you never have experienced defeat and the disappointment?

Could you explain happiness without the help of understanding sadness?

Negative Emotions Are The Same as Positive Emotions?

What a very interesting thought!? Negative Emotions Wrong Pic

I have always read and taught that both positive and negative emotions are opposites of the same pole. They are emotions that repeal one another, I have always thought…

Could I have been wrong?

I love being wrong. It gives me the opportunity to upgrade my knowledge and have comparisons to use when talking to others about the subject I was wrong about.

It appears by the research here and focusing on the cancer patients, that BOTH types of emotions can work together to help with the other.

Like, let us take Grieving as an example. It is sad when we lose someone we love and are close to. It feels like we lose a part of our hearts, but the truth is, that hole is made so we can fill it with great memories of the departed, at least that what I believe.

Anyway, it makes us feel better to think about the good emotions we had with them when we are experiencing the negative emotion of grief. The two types of emotions work together to help us find closure and to let the departed go.

So.. Maybe I have always been wrong about emotions being two different poles of the same magnets too.

Anyway, lets figure out what we do know.

What we understand about emotions so far…

  • Bottling up emotions is not good for our health
  • You need both a mixture of negative and positive emotions to be able to handle the ups-and-downs in life.
  • And you need either type of emotion (Positive or Negative) in order to understand and experience the other type of emotion.

What does this mean for you and me?

This means that we shouldn’t bottle up our emotions. We should always find a way to vent them. Maybe that includes a fun activity or simply talking to a close friend or maybe even a complete stranger.

Isn’t it more fun to celebrate a big life moment with a group of friends on the town?

Negative Emotions No Way PicOr maybe you are like me and just like lie on the couch with two or three new movies and finally relax after working your butt off to accomplish the goal?

See, positive emotions need to be expressed as well. Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say you are proud of yourself and why. Remember self-love is very important.

Sure, we seem to understand that we need to vent to someone when we are angry or up set, but the same is true for when we are excited and proud of something. It is the same power or vibration of emotion.

Now, this next understanding of emotions goes against some people’s paradigms about life. You must let your children experience utter defeat or complete domination so they can understand the scale between the two in how it makes him or her feel.

Everyone must go through good, great, not-so-good, not-great-at-all times so they understand the difference and realize for themselves which they want to strive for.

Isn’t that how life has worked for you so far?

Good, because that is the natural way it is supposed to happen for all of us.

The last thing we understand about emotions is we need both to understand either. We cannot know happiness without sadness. There is no way of knowing peace without anger. Just as there is no way to know love without hate.

I hope that makes sense to you.

So, by following the train of thought and by looking at the negative emotions list back at the beginning, how do you answer the question, “Are there any good benefits to negative emotions?”

Can Negative Emotions be Helpful?Negative Emotions Monkey Pic

As we have pointed out throughout this post, there is only one right way to answer this question and that is a big, “YES!”

Negative emotions work together with positive emotions to create contrast in the experiences we have in life. We could not understand the degree of difference that each emotion makes us feel without accepting both types into our lives.

Just as we cannot understand or explain soft without hard, light without dark, and vice versa, there could not even be the term “Positive Emotions” if not for the term “Negative Emotions.”

Nope, they would just be called emotions and if it wasn’t for understanding the contrast of good and bad, then we wouldn’t even know or be able to explain how the emotions made us feel when we experienced any of them

Crazy huh? Mind blowing actually…


There must be a balance to everything in life. This is just something that many of us have accepted and can easily point out examples in our lives to back up this claim, like the Yin and Yang and Karma just name a couple.

Negative Emotions Police PicSo, if you are new to learning about the Law of Attraction and someone makes you afraid of your thoughts and emotions, like you must watch over them like a hawk… don’t fall for it.

There is no need to waste the fear and worry you will be putting into becoming your own personal “thought and emotion” police.

You must embrace both the positive and the negative aspects of yourself, the world, others, and life in general if you are to become a successful person that is aware of his or her surroundings, opportunities, and strengths.

At your job, If you don’t understand or appreciate the bottom of the ladder, how will relate with those below you when you make it to the top?

This all boils down to is we must learn to be able to roll with the punches or take on what life throws at us if we want to be able to experience a happier life. We cannot expect it to be happy all the time, not ever. It just wouldn’t be healthy for any of us.

Great thing is… now, we understand that if we feel struggle or defeat, then it is not that hard to see the accomplishment within the strife and notice where to make corrections to our action plans.

If we feel sorrow, then we understand what emotion we need to mix with it to experience something better. We now understand and accept that we cannot have the good without the not-so-good mixed in the most perfectly rounded life we can possibly let ourselves have.

==>I would love to hear your experiences, questions, and thoughts about this subject, so please feel free to leave a comment below. I normally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it. Talk with you later, Greg<==

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  1. You have touched on two very important points! First of all, it is true that we need every negative emotion because otherwise, we would never understand when it is positive!
    And as for the Law of Attraction, I loved your advice not to turn into your own “emotion police”, you happen to feel sad and angry, the important thing is not to wallow in it!

  2. I think negative emotions are good. They let me know that something needs to change. I think all of our emotions are god given. But I don’t think one should dwell in negative emotions as that is counterproductive. Thanks for your post.

    • Thanks for stopping by,
      From what I have learned, you are correct that negative emotions are good too. So, now I am starting to think there are no “bad” emotions at all.


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