Enjoying Self Love Tips With Some Self Love Affirmations

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Are you looking for some self love tips? There are many great ways to show yourself appreciation and the best way to start is to adopt a few self love affirmations. Let’s get straight to the juicy stuff…

Pamper Yourself With Self Love Affirmations Using These Self Love Tips

Self-love is a very important part of living for the better. You truly cannot live a happy life without loving yourself. For many people this can be hard.

My intentions are by the time this post is over, you will be armed with self-love tips that you can use to overcome any boutSelf Love Affirmations Pic LFTB with self-doubt by changing it into self-love.

So, before we go on much more about self-love, in case you do not know, let’s define it. According to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, Self-Love is defined as:

“Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve.”

Yet, the truth is self-love can mean different things to different people. This is also true for the way we express self-love to each of ourselves.

Self-Love Tips

Let me give you one personal example: I like to go out in nature and relax. I can get away from my phone and the hustle and bustle and enjoy the still and quiet of the woods.

I also like to celebrate accomplishing a goal by turning off the phone and cozy up on the couch or in bed and treat myself to a rented movie. And yes, the only time I let myself rent a new movie is for a celebration or special occasion.

Did you notice the repetition in my self-love examples? They always include turning off my phone. I never noticed that before…Hmm

Self-love to you could be getting to eat a special food or even letting yourself buy that new game or maybe a Quadrunner… I don’t know… I am just making up things that sound like a great treat to me.

What type of treats do you enjoy giving yourself?

Self-love is more than just treats, if you noticed in the definition. It is also taking care of your body. Trust me, if your body doesn’t’t work correctly or you make yourself ill, then you shorten your time for life and if you are not careful, even your happiness suffers.

Self love tips image LFTBSelf-love is also taking care of your mind. You should always be trying to learn something or try sharpening your skills in something you do for living and/or something you enjoy. Heck, this just keeps things interesting.

If you have read much of my blog, then you know that I am a student of spirituality. The subject fascinates me because I am sure the secret to living life on Earth is in each one of them in plain sight. But, this is another blog post.

Check out this post titled, “Source, God, and the Law of Attraction

So…as you can see, there are many ways you can give self-love to yourself. It is not only easy, it is necessary for a happy life.

Self-Love Affirmations

In case you are not familiar with Positive Self-Love affirmations, they are little things that you repeat to yourself in times when you need a moral boost. Professional speakers use them when they are getting ready to speak in front of a live audience. Football players use them in the locker rooms before they start a game.

Affirmations really are a part of our lives. You definitely have affirmations you believe and say to yourself in your self-talk and you probably didn’t even realize they were called affirmations.

These types of affirmations are normally negative self-talk affirmations. Those are the types of thoughts that tell you cannot do what you are trying to do or that you are not pretty or handsome enough to do that type of job or date a certain person.

Do you relate to those type of negative affirmations?

Self-love affirmations are positive self-talk affirmations. When you look in the mirror and tell yourself you look beautiful, youSelf Love Affirmations Pic 2 LFTB are using positive affirmations.

Just like you have always believed the old negative affirmations, you need to build the same belief in the new positive ones until you instantly recite them to yourself instead of the old ones.

Positive Self-Love Affirmations List

  • I am the best I can be for now, but I am getting better!
  • I love my body and that is why I enjoy working out for it!
  • I do my best for my family and me!
  • I know eating healthy can be expensive, but I am worth it!
  • Some days may be stressful, but they normally only last one day.
  • Mistakes happen all the time to people, this just happens to be my time.
  • I am pleased with my body.
  • My weight is over, I love myself too much to wait.
  • I respond to the signals my body sends me.
  • So far, I have done good to get where I am and I continue doing good to become better.

Don’t stop with my list, make up your own and write them down. You should always write them down so you can recite them later. You can learn more about using affirmations in this earlier post.

Self-Love Is A Necessary Part of Life and Self-Love Affirmations Can Help

It is true that a person does need to learn how to love themselves. I am going to let you in on something you don’t really hear that often. Have you ever heard that what you see in others is a reflection of yourself?

“What you see in other people is a reflection of yourself. A person of goodness sees goodness in others and a person of evil sees evil in others.”

-Omar Suleiman-

So, by using this statement as an example, then it is possible to conclude you cannot see or feel love in others until you can reflect it back to yourself and you you cannot do that until you have self-love.Self Love Tips and Self Love Affirmations Pic LFTB

Pretty Cool Huh?


Self love is something we all need to establish in our lives. We must learn to respect and appreciate ourselves for the skills and talents we each do have.Limiting Negative Self Talk
Learning to change your negative self-talk to a more positive self-talk is one great way to start on the road of developing self-love.

Developing self-love is a necessary part of creating a life filled with happiness.

We all want more happiness, right?

To practice self-love, start by being kind, patient, gentle and compassionate to yourself, the way you would with someone else that you care about Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D.

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