Challenging Negative Self Talk with Negative Self Talk Activities

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Negative self talk can be both friend and foe. Some negative self talk is healthy and some is not. Find out which is good and which is not with these negative self talk activities.

The way we talk with ourselves normally is the catalyst that either makes or breaks a great idea. Our personal cheerleaders, that little voice in our head, tells us if an idea is a good one or a not-so-good one. But, how do we tell if this voice is telling us the truth?

What is Negative Self Talk?Your Mind is a Prison

We all have an inner dialog. Some of us think it is our conscious, some call it our higher power, and many just think it is a nagging little voice in our head. No matter what you call it, the advice it gives you can help keep you safe and it can cause you to never try anything new.

See, that little voice in our head tells us when to lookout for threats. It tells us that a fire is hot and if we touch it, we can get burned. That little voice in our head notices when other people’s actions reflect the actions of people from our past. That voice tells us when to relax and when to be on guard. It can be a great friend.

See, many times that little voice can be very protective. Many times it is telling you the truth, yet sometimes it might actually be lying to you. When your little voice is lying to you and keeping you from enjoying things, this is referred to as “Negative Self-Talk.”

Examples of Negative Self Talk

Negative self talk is easy to notice. Anytime your inner voice tells you not to do something because your lack of ability, it is probably lying to you. If your inner voice is telling you not to start a business because you are not good at math, that the person you like doesn’t feel the same way as you because you are not wealthy or pretty enough, or you would go hungry and lose everything if you gave up your job to follow your dream, then this is all probably negative self talk.

Killing A.N.T.S

Most times, the negative self talk that holds us back is automatic thoughts. We have been saying them to ourselves for soAutomatic Negative Thoughts long that we believe them and have accepted them as fact. Dr. Daniel G. Amen, a psychiatrist, labeled these negative thoughts as, “Automatic Negative Thoughts”; ANTs for short. You can read more about Dr. Amen and his method for killing automatic negative thoughts by reading this earlier post here.

Negative Self Talk Activities

Question the Negative Self Talk

When your inner voice says something negative to you, question it. If your inner voice tells you not to try something because you will fail, ask that voice why it believes that.

If your inner voice says you are not attractive enough, smart enough, helpful enough, or any other negative thing; ask your voice why it believes that. Ask yourself if there has ever been a time when you felt attractive, helpful, or even smart enough. What proof do you have that you are not enough of any of these things?

You Are Always Enough

Same thing goes for any “not enough” negative self talk. We are always enough. You are always enough. Marissa Peer is a Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author. In the video below, she gives us 4 steps we can do rid ourselves of negative self talk.

If the video is not present, then please refresh the page and the video should appear.

I really enjoy Marissa’s idea of writing the words, “I am enough,” on your bathroom mirror. This is a great way to remind you of this truth. I would like to give you another fun way to understand that you are always enough. This one relates to the Law of Attraction.

If you study the LoA for any amount of time, you will learn that when you make a request to the universe or when you pay attention to your thoughts, that the universe does not hear words like, “don’t, do not, don’t like, don’t want, and not what I want.”

So, if you told the universe that “you are not enough,” all the universe hears is “you are enough.” Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, you are always enough. Those words like “not, don’t, and do not,” seem to be just illusions.

If you are going to be enough no matter how you word it, then you might as well believe you are abundant in, “enough.” Don’t you agree?

It is OK to Accept Help

If you find that you have trouble controlling your negative self talk, then in order to live for the better, you must find some way to help yourself. Living for the Better has created a PDF download called “Limiting Negative Self Talk– Learn to Inspire Yourself.”

In this short book, you will learn some tips on how to limit the amount of negative thoughts you have and it provides actionLimiting Negative Self Talk steps you can take to eliminate the bad negative thoughts from your life all together.

What Makes This Process Different From the Rest?

The steps laid out in the book are a unique twist on an old fashion way of journaling your thoughts. The steps laid out are unconventional, but very effective. Print out this PDF and use the back side of each of the pages to make notes and to do the homework. Follow the process and you will learn how to control your negative thoughts.

How Much is The Book — Limiting Negative Self Talk?

Living for the Better is truly asdabbi. We truly do want to make life more fun and enjoyable. That is why we are not charging a thing for this short book. The information you will find inside, if applied, will help you live for the better. We have no doubts about that.

There is a catch… I would like you to report back here in the comments what you think of book and any questions you may have about the content. I really do want to hear your opinions and questions. That’s it.

Just download a copy of the short book, read it in your spare time, and put the action steps into action. Then, come back here and report what you think. That is all we ask for this great book.

How to Download Your Free Copy

Right click the book image or this link right here and select “Download File, or Download Linked File.” Alternatively, you can directly click on the links and read the book in your browser.


We all grow up learning negative things to say to ourselves. We are not normally taught to deal with our negative thoughts and eventually and even accidentally, we let those negative thoughts not only become a part of our lives, but we let them dictate our lives.

In order to live for the better, we must learn how to limit and control our negative thoughts. The trick is not to eliminate them all together. That would almost be unnatural since many negative thoughts actually help us. We wouldn’t want to eliminate them all together. We just want to be able to control the ones we choose to believe.

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