Perseverance | Stopping Procrastination

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Everyone goes through a time when they want to get something done and then procrastination or something else steps in and puts the brakes to his or her efforts. That’s right. You are not the only one that this happens to. Let me show you a few ways to keep you going, put you back in gear, and get that something done.

I Am Tired of Running Into All of These Mental Blocks

Is this how you feel? If this sounds like you, then we have something in common. I too am a highly motivated person andLearn How to Stop Procrastinating when I cannot get the energy, something slows me down, or I just can’t get my get-up-and-go to get up and do anything; I no longer feel the success I am looking for. Understand that all of this is natural. It is a normal part of trying to accomplish something… anything.

Sometimes I just need to remember what things am I grateful for. You can read about these things and learn how to become filled with gratitude in this earlier post.

If that doesn’t work then, I have found a few tricks that I use to help my self stay motivated. They actually have become habits over the years that have helped me accomplish a lot. I spent many years finding and learning these little tricks, Luck for you, you can read about all of them right here in this post.

Little Tips to Get You Going

Taking Baby Steps

The first tip is the easiest to do. Stanford professor, BJ Fogg, studied habit-forming and came up with a great way to help people develop the habit of flossing his or her teeth. He calls it, “Just Floss One Tooth“. The idea is that when you set a small goal, like flossing one tooth, then your brain allows you to feel the emotion of success once you accomplish it.

Small baby steps like this make it easy for you to feel the emotion of accomplishment. Do you know what normal people do when they take this approach to flossing? They go ahead and move on to another tooth, right?

Understanding and using this type of psychology is how I trick myself into accomplishing larger task. If I am writing a new post for my blog I just decide to write one paragraph. If I can get just one paragraph done, then I will feel accomplished.

Baby Steps to End ProcrastinationOf course, I do get one paragraph done and then another comes to mind and flows from my fingers tips, and then another until I tricked myself into accomplishing the entire post.

Break Down the Project

Taking a large project and breaking it down into smaller steps makes a project easier. You could compare it to eating your food. We don’t take a whole piece of meat and shove it into our mouth, right? We break it down by cutting it into smaller bit sizes. This way we don’t choke. Choking is what we do when we see a big project as a whole and decide it is intimidating or too big to accomplish.

After all, if you are working on a lifetime goal, there is no way you could finish it effectively in one day. You have to take it day by day and still one step at a time. Taking your time with a goal is a good way to do it. This way you have a chance to look over any mistakes or issues with the plan as they come along instead through hindsight.

Be sure to not let yourself get stuck in proof-reading mode. Don’t become scared to implement it because you are afraid of failure. Just put the plan into action and make corrections as you go along. Once you put it in action, it begins to build momentum and that is truly what you want.

Give Yourself a Reward

I really enjoy giving myself a reward for accomplishing a small task. When I was going through college, every time I passed a class with a “B” or above, I bought a new movie for my collection. It was a great incentive to keep myself going. I understand that buying a movie may not be a big deal to you, but just decide what is and reward yourself with it?

You could reward yourself with a night out with friends, a movie night with family, or just relaxing next to a body of water. Use whatever reward you believe will motivate you and don’t let yourself have it until you accomplish the task.

Perseverance Keeps You GoingPerseverance is the Key to Winning

I am sure you have heard the saying, “slow and steady wins the race”. It’s the moral behind the tortoise and the hare fable. If you haven’t heard the tale before, then use this link to read it for yourself. It is a great little story about a race between a rabbit and a turtle. If you haven’t read the story then you are going to be surprised by the end.

What is “perseverance”?

It is the ability to keep moving forward on a task no matter what happens. When times seem dim or completing your task seems impossible, using perseverance allows you to keep going without stopping. Perseverance does help create momentum, and it is momentum that pushes through barriers as they come to light.

Creating Momentum to Help You Get Anything

What you are trying to do by using tips and tricks like the ones mentioned above to gain momentum. You remember what momentum is, correct? it is one of the laws of motion written down my Newton: “An object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted on by an outside force”.

Like trying to floss just one tooth, once we create the momentum of flossing the tooth, it is easy to continue that motion and floss your remaining teeth. See, momentum helps us keep going to accomplish a task.

Living For The Better’s Power of Momentum Study Guide and Workbook

Harnessing the Power of MomentumI have created a great two book set to help you overcome procrastination and create momentum so can you accomplish the task you take on. Once you learn how momentum can help you in all of life’s situations, there will be nothing stopping you from getting what you desire and becoming the person you dream of.

I created these two companion books you help you understand what momentum is and then provide you with ways to implement it into your life. These are the same steps that I used to build the momentum to accomplish my goals. I know that you will find the information very useful once you start using it.

How to Use These Two Books

Once you purchase these two books, read them and put them in action. Practice for 30 days so you can form a new habit of eliminatingHarnessing the Power of Momentum Workbook image procrastination from your life and learn how to harness the power of momentum anytime you need to. Don’t just read these books once and tuck them away somewhere. Do yourself a favor and study them, do the assignments, and practice.

The study guide is designed to be your companion while you work in the workbook. Print out the work book so you can take it anywhere with you. The first time you go through the workbook, write down all of you answers, then go through the workbook again writing down your new answers.

This will help you notice how much you have learned and how much your mind is changing for the better. Writing out your progress so you can see it in front of you is one way to help create the momentum and the feeling of success you need to accomplish your task and overcome procrastination.

Click on the BUY NOW link below. You will be directed to PayPal for a Secure Transaction. Once You purchase is made, you will be directed to your download page. You will be happy that you decided to put this information into action in your life.

Learning how to persevere and use momentum to keep you moving forward in life will truly teach you how easy it is to live for the better.

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2 thoughts on “Perseverance | Stopping Procrastination”

  1. I found your tips are helpful and practical to do. Even though to some people it might sound difficult, but perseverance really does make a difference in someone’s life and hard work.
    Building a never give up mentality takes time but with taking baby steps, rewarding ourselves, and keep going, we can reach whatever we set out minds to.
    Thank you for sharing this post and your book recommendations. 🙂

    • Hi Ferra ?

      That is true. Building a mentality to push through all obstacles does take time for most people to develop. I know I wasn’t born with it?. Still, we can do it?.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.


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