You and I are Unique Miracles, Let Me Tell You How

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How is your day? Amazing I hope! Today, I am going to write about my life and how the Law of Attraction has helped me overcome all turmoil and provided me with so much bliss.

If you follow my blog then you already know, but just in case you don’t… I know the Law of Attraction is always working in my life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in it, the LoA is working for you too. Maybe by reading this story, you will be able to see the wonders and gifts it has provided in your life even though you haven’t noticed.

Let Me Share Some Blessings and Miracles With You

This week has been magical. I have an awesome little grand-daughter that has come to stay with grandma and grandpa while her parents has been on vacation for the past week. Check her out in this little picture. Isn’t she the most adorableLove Her and Spoil Her thing you ever seen next to the children and loved ones in your life?

My wife and I own 2 acres on the outside of town. We have a house with over 2,000 square feet of living space, a happy dog, and a yard full of grass that won’t stop growing. I am doing what I love, she is very happy, and we have a life filled with joy. All of these great things have happened over the last 6 years.

Life Wasn’t Always Like This

I am not going to sit here and tell you life has been hard or terrible up to this point. That would go against my nature of understanding how the LoA works. What I am going to say is that life and the universe have taught me many things over the years. I went through some times that tested my ability and strength to go on, but like I said… I went through them.

I was taught by my father to always look for the silver lining in all things. He never mentions the Law of Attraction when I was a child, but now that I know the LoA, he was teaching me about it from my very beginning. Thanks to him, I always had a good time and always found a way to receive anything I ever asked for.

My FatherMy father didn’t spoil me or give me whatever I wanted. Instead, he taught me how to exchange things or come up with ideas that helped me get what I desired. Of course, I didn’t realize how great what he taught me was until later in life. If he was here today, I would owe him a lot of hugs.

Life definitely has gone on without him in the physical world, yet spiritually, I know and feel he is still here. I can still hear his voice in my head and sometimes, see him in my dreams.

There was a time in my life when I forgot all he taught me. During this time, I fell from my mountain and landed very hard on the solid ground after sliding down the rocky slope. Luckily, his spirit was there for me at the bottom to bring me back up and lift my spirit.

The Spirit of My Father Stepped In

After his spiritual visit that night, my life became miracle after miracle. The night he visited, 17 years after he passed, he let me know that life doesn’t end when the body does. You are still there for everything and it is much easier to be there and everywhere in vibration spirit mode.

He told me my life, he knew it all, even the down fall. He told me I was responsible for everything that happened up to now in my life and how I will still be this way as the future turns into the present.

I gave him excuses. I told him that luck was on my side, everything else was out to get me. I gave him examples of my lucky times when things could have gone south but didn’t.

He looked me straight in the eye and ask, “You think you were lucky”?

“All those times you drove home drunk, it was me that caught the attention of the cops so they would go the opposite direction as you. It was me that stopped your truck from falling off the cliff when you wreaked last week. I am glad you were sober when you wreaked, don’t get me wrong, but I was the one that created the vibration of energy that held your truck from falling,” he said this with nothing but care, no judgment, no condemnation.

He started crying. Maybe I started crying first. We hugged and I was so full of gratitude that was uncontainable on hisIt All Adds Up to be Miracles shoulder. Changing the emotion from just being lucky to knowing you were being taken care of all along, fills a person with immense gratitude.

Everything he taught me about life flashed through my mind and lite up my eyes. The days after this moment in time is when my life went back to normal. It was just like being a kid again and believing the universe was a friendly place.

The Law of Attraction fell into my life in movie form, and old friend reminded me of the person I once was, and a rock that tripped me and I adopted it into my life as my Love Stone. All of these things happened like magic, but I now know they are nothing but loving guidance from the Source and the Universe.

You can read about my Love Stone in this earlier post.

My Life is Filled with Miracles

It has been a good amount of time now, and every day is always a blessing for any reason you can think of. I now have a great wife, grand babies, a house, heck… everything I have ever wanted. Yet Life, the Universe, and the Source are still working to provide me with more miracles and blessings every day. My heart is filled with gratitude and I live in the State of Satisfaction.

I now walk my path of purpose and that is to bring the greatness in life to your attention. When you look for the light in life, you are sure to find it. If you look for the darkness, that is all you will ever see. That is until you decide to seek only the light.

This is my passion. This is why I am Asbabbi. We all deserve to live life for the better!

You can read about what “Asdabbi” means in this earlier post.

I Want The Same For You

The Magic That Made You Who You AreYou and I are just alike, yet unique all at the same time. I am one type of miracle, you are another, your parents were another, just as everyone is his or her own unique miracles. Do you realize how much of a miracle you are?

The Law of Attraction teaches that everything is created from thought. Nothing exist in the Universe without someone thinking of it first. For this to be true, that means there must be an original thinker. The first one who thought everything into creation and then allowed us to become co-creators along with them.

This proves you and I are miracles. The Source had to put the thought out there to create everything, including us and you. Then the Universe had to line up your parents being born, them meeting, you being created by their union. Then your life had to be laid out so you could have your own unique experiences, the experiences that create your personal reality: the way you view the world.

The skills you have, the gifts you have been given; all had to be thought up and put into motion so you could receive them. You had to go through all the experiences you have had or will have in life to put you in the state of mind you now live in or the state of mind you desire to live in.

It doesn’t matter if you think it is good or not-so-good. As long as your life leads you towards finding your state of happiness, which is your choice by the way, then everything good or not-so-good in your opinion was excellent and great in the great big universal picture or outlook. Thank you for being here and living the life you have!

ConclusionMy Life is One Miracle After Another

We are all miracles. If one little thing had changed anytime during our creation, then our lives would not be the same. Since we are all unique, can you imagine how many miracles had to be thought of and are still being thought of for each and every one of us to live the unique life we are blessed with?

If your life is not the way you want it, just decide to stick to your guns and change it. I had a life of ups and downs, falls, and mishaps; yet, with faith in knowing that everything that happens is the best thing that can happen at this time in life, I have always found my way back on top. You can do it too!

Be proud of the MIRACLE that you are. You are like a snowflake, meaning there is not another like you.

You have a place in this world with the rest of us. Stick to your passions and you will find your way. When you stumble, thank it for making you aware, and keep moving on.

You deserve your life and we deserve you to be a part of it with us. After all, the original thinker thought it would be good, so it must be.

Take pride that you are a miracle that continues to create miracles and with this, you will experience more miracles in your life.

==>I would love to hear your experiences, questions, and thoughts about this subject, so please feel free to leave a comment below. I normally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it. Talk with you later, Greg<==


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4 thoughts on “You and I are Unique Miracles, Let Me Tell You How”

  1. We get what we focus on. Or, where our mind goes, energy flows. This is the Law of Attraction, which you have explaine dreally well.

    I must I ave fallen many many times in life, but I got up and kept going. I’m very grateful for all the beautiful things that came my way. Or should I say I have attracted what I really wanted.

    There are many more abundance coming our way now and always. We just gotta see and recognize them. I am greatful for all those things that I am going to attract.

    Many Thanks

    Lots of abundance your way.

    • Hi Habib,
      You have a great grasp on the Law of Attraction. I am so glad that you have not let life get you down so far that you decided to stay there. Many more blessings to you too?

  2. I sure agree that we are all miracles in our own right. Each and every person is as unique as possible and at the same time, so similar too.
    Everyone has so much good in them, with a small sprinkling of bad. Its what makes us unique and different.
    I think we must embrace the good in others and ignore, as far as possible, the weaknesses.

    • Hi Aparna,
      I too believe that we should focus on the good and what makes others unique instead of focusing on his or her weakness. We all have our own abilities that make us better at somethings than others.

      Thank for stopping by and leaving your thoughts,


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