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Think and Grow Rich is a classic book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. On this page, you will find a free PDF version of this classic book. In this book you will find information that teaches you how anyone, no matter your education or background, can become rich. Leave the poverty mindset behind and read this free PDF of this classic book.

What is Think and Grow Rich About?

This classic book is a guide to help you learn and inspire you to change your thoughts about becoming rich. It contains interviews and interesting information about people that went from rags-to-riches in the early 1900s. You will learn through 13 steps that anyone who has the right mindset can start to increase his or her wealth and increase the value of the skill sets they have.

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What is Inside the BookNapoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

The book begins with prefaces written by the author explaining how he was employed to create this book for anyone to learn from. The wealthiest people during this time didn’t want wealth and how to obtain it to be a secret just for the rich. They wanted every man and woman to know what steps they could take to become wealthy.

This book was endorsed by many great people of the time it was written. They all believed that anyone who studied the principles laid out in this book could become wealthy too.

Did you know that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison only had elementary educations? You will find out that education doesn’t truly matter when it comes to becoming wealthy. What matters is the people you surround yourself with.

There are 13 steps to riches laid out in this classic book. The intention of this book is to educate and it shouldn’t be read just once. The author intended you to study the book.

To get the best experience, print out this book so you can write notes in it, highlight parts, and add book marks so you can reference the information easily.

If you cannot print out this book, that is OK too. You can download it to your phone so that you can take it with you and study every chance you get. I personally still read through this book every year. The first year I carried this book like a companion along with Wallace T. Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich.

You can grab a free copy of  “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace T. Wattles by checking out this earlier post.

Think and Grow Rich is Educational Material

The first chapter tells about how a guy thought his way into employment with Thomas Edison and many more short inspiring stories. If you understand the Law of Attraction, then you will see it everywhere throughout this book even though it is never mentioned by name.

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One of my favorite stories is in the first chapter, “3 Feet From Gold”. This story illustrates how giving up on your desire is not a good choice. I think you will love how this story ends. It was a real eye-opener for me.

The second chapter and all the chapters after, layout the 13 principles that will lead everyone to riches. The first principle is Desire. That is where everything begins. First we desire something new or better. This desire is what puts us in motion. From here, our thoughts take us to our next step.

If we carry “success thoughts”, then we are guided to getting what we want. If we carry “failure thoughts”, then we will be guided to make excuses for why we cannot have what we want. It is that easy.

The third chapter tells about the power of Faith. Faith, Love, and Sex is claimed to be the most powerful emotions according to Napoleon Hill.

The remaining chapters go into depth about the remaining 11 principles. There is so much useful information to be found within this classic book. I look forward to when you learn them, discover all the riches in life you want (even the non-monetary ones), and start becoming the master of your thoughts.

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This is one of the best lessons found in this book, in my opinion. We grow by being around people who are growing too. If you have a passion, then find other people to spend time with that have the same passion. This way you can share ideas, get ideas, and create great things from the like-minded ideas. You will not grow your ideas by spending time with people who do not share your enthusiasm for the idea.

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The Book Was Written Many Years Ago During Different Times

It is correct that this book was written in the early 1900s. When the author provides examples of the cost of goods and the large amounts of money that some early wealthy people made, they do seem low in comparison to today’s figures and assumptions about wealth. Just remember that times have changed and the idea of wealth has changed over the years too.

The author wrote this book during times before there where equal rights for women and all men. Just keep in mind the contrast of time between when the author wrote this and the day and age we now live in. The principles taught in this book are still sound, and they can be used by everyone; no matter gender, race, age, or anything else.


I am proud that Living For The Better can pass this classic book on to you. Remember this book was written as educational material during a time long ago. Yet, over the years, the principles taught in this book have proved to be successful time and time again.

The words in this book outline many of the beliefs taught by teachers of the Law of Attraction. Even though it does not mention the law, it can easily be found within this book. The steps start with creating a desire or following a thought all the way up to creation. Sounds a lot like the LoA, right?

Download your free copy of this timeless book right now and change your mindset to one of wealth and success!

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4 thoughts on “Free PDF Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”

  1. Hey Greg,
    Interesting! I just know now that there is a science to getting rich. I’d bookmark it to keep it when I have time to read it. Lol!
    I think a work plan, discipline, thrift and saving money are the real ways to survive and the last that most important thing to grow towards being rich is not what I know but who I know. Isn’t it?
    It looks a great book! Thank you so much for sharing it, Greg 🙂
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Sylvia ?
      You are correct. The easiest way to amass riches is to surround yourself with likeminded people. When a group works as a team towards a goal, the job gets done faster.
      Yet, there is much more to the science of getting rich. Once you understand how to use the science, then you will have no concerns about saving and being thrifty. You will just understand how to attract money into your life and manifest and grow the money you already have.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Hi,

    I just downloaded this book and then I suddenly realized that I actually have the paperback version – I had forgotten about it … it was hidden away behind other books. So, it’s time to wipe off the dust and start reading it again. I only read the first two chapters, I think … I must have put it away and totally forgotten about it after a rare cleaning spree or so 😉
    So, I am glad that you indirectly reminded me of it 🙂 I will also check out your other article, I am curious about the other book as well.

    • Hi Christine ?
      I am so glad that I could remind you of this book. It is great that you have a physical copy of this timeless classic.

      I hope you enjoy the Science of Getting Rich too?


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