I Want To Die, I Hate My Life | How To Go On When You Feel Down

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Many of us have thought at one time or another the words, “I hate my life, I want to die.” Believe it or not, this is a normal thought that crosses many peoples’ mind. We all go through times in our life where we feel embarrassed or at all time low points. How do we snap back from times of trouble and start living the good life again?

We All Hit Low Points in Life More Than Once

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t go through times of trouble. They are a part of life. When we are just starting out figuring out who we are and our place in the world, it is easy to find ourselves repeatedly making not-so-good choices, following the wrong impulses, and the wrong advice. After all, we are learning how to fit in.

When we are learning how to fit in, it is easy to look up to other people who you think have it all under control or all figuredWe All Make Mistakes out. The truth is, the people you look up too are trying to figure it out for his or herself at the same time as you. What we all need to know and understand is that we already fit in. Each person has her or his special talents, abilities, and mindsets that set them apart from everyone else.

You don’t really need to learn how to fit in. You just need to learn how your uniqueness works in conjunction with everyone else’s’ unique talents. Everyone is made perfect in the likeness of the perfect creator. Everything has a place in this universe and this includes you.

How Do I Figure Out Who I Am?Why Do I Keep Making Mistakes

This is the best part of life. We are given free will and this allows becoming anything we want to be. The question is then, who do you want to be? Not who am I?

Yet, If you need help to understand who you are becoming, just think about what you like and what excites you. Right now, you are probably experiencing some contrast (negative thoughts) in life that are clouding your ability to think very clearly. This is normal. Just let those negative thoughts pass and then give yourself a chance to remember what things you find important and what things you like.

You can learn more about how negative thoughts are your allies by reading this earlier post. Negative thoughts are great for creating contrast. They give you the opportunity to understand what you don’t like and do like.

Your negative thoughts can actually help you realize who you really are. Still, you are not your negative thoughts. You are the opposite of what they tell you, for negative thoughts only create contrast. You know what contrast is? Contrast is what allows you to know hot from cold and yellow from purple.

Why Do I Keep Making Mistakes?

We all make mistakes, constantly it seems sometimes. Mistakes are how we learn. We are putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves when we expect to do everything correctly the first time. Just think about it: Did you learn how to stand or walk the first time you tried it, could you ride a bike the first time you tried, could you write your name the first time you tried, or could you tie your shoes the first time you tried?

See, everything takes practice and it takes mistakes to learn how becoming successful. If you never make a mistake, then you are not learning what works and doesn’t work. Don’t let mistakes get you down. Instead, think of mistakes as success. Each time you successfully make a mistake, you have successfully learned how NOT to do something. Congratulate yourself and understand you are normal.Rich With Opportunity

The Low Times Always Pass

Your low times will pass if you let them. Don’t dwell on your mistakes no matter how hard or disruptive they seem. By feeling bad and wanting to end your life over them, you are not letting them go. You should really accept them for the great lessons in contrast they are, accept them as success, and then expect better in life after you learn from them.

I myself have had many low points in life. That’s right, there will probably be more than one low spot as you ride through life. I have lost friends to not-so-good decisions I have made, went broke and had to eat plants in my yard to cure my hunger, and even overcome alcoholism and the not-so-great decisions that came along with that. I spent two years living in my truck, three years living in a tent, and a whole lot more.

You can read about one of my low-points in life by checking out this earlier post. I almost didn’t publish it, but I knew deep inside that I needed to let my story out so I could let it go and move on to the better. That is the real secret.

The real secret is, we need to learn how to accept our low-points. They, after all, are a part of our lives. They maybe not our favorite choices or circumstances, but they are still a part of who we were. Notice that part, “Who We Were”?

Our Mistakes Are A Part of Us, But Not Who We Are

You must not let your mistakes define you. Your mistakes are there to help guide you in the other direction: they are contrast. It is true that we can learn from our mistakes and walk away from them. We don’t want to forget the lessons they teach us, we just don’t want to dwell on them. Instead of keeping them in mind, replace the negative thoughts and memories with what you want to be. Accept Your Mistakes

If you embarrassed yourself in front of many people, don’t think the words, “I am embarrassing or people make fun of me”. Instead, think words and thoughts that represent what you do want. Words of encouragement like, “I am learning how to carry myself and act with poise and confidence. People enjoy hanging out with me and I enjoy hanging out with others. I have fun with everyone when we go out”.

I don’t know how to stress more about thinking about what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Think thoughts like, “I am great to be around and I have many friends”. Instead of thoughts like, “I don’t want to embarrass myself or I don’t want people to make fun of me”.

Use The Law of Attraction to Get Back On Your Feet

The above examples that I have provided follow the rules and lessons taught through the Law of Attraction (LoA). When you are talking to the universe or the creator of life, realize that it will give you what you think about the most. It does not understand the words, “Do not, Don’t, Don’t want, Don’t like”. If you keep these thoughts emotionally charged, then the universe believes it is important to you and gives you more of what it believes you want.

This is why it is so important to focus on the good things you do want and to not give any thought to the things you don’tLife is Full of Blessings want to attract into your life. If you want more great times in life, think about how great it is that you have great times. If this is your true goal, then don’t bring to mind what you don’t want. Don’t say things like, “I don’t want to have a terrible time” when in fact you want to have a good time. Does this make sense? Good!

OK, one more example. When you want to watch a certain movie or show, you think about that movie or show, right? You don’t think about another movie or show that you don’t want to watch. When you want a new haircut, car, or job; you keep those things in mind, right? The only time the haircut, car, or job you don’t want crosses your mind is so you can contrast the positives of what you want with the negatives of what you don’t want. See how that works?


We all go through low-points in our lives where we feel like we cannot or should not go on living. When you have these thoughts, realize you are normal. These thoughts will pass if you let them and better things in life are coming to you if you believe they are.

We must make mistakes so we can learn how to be better. Mistakes are a normal part of life and you will make many of them during your lifetime just like everyone else. It takes years to learn how to be the person you want to be. It takes practice, determination, and the ability to bounce back from mistakes.

What I hope you learn from this post is that your uniqueness is what makes you special. Don’t try so hard to fit in. Instead, find out how life fits in with you. You have special skills and talents that the world needs and no one else has. Give these skills and talents to the world as a gift and you will soon find out your purpose and where in life you need to be.

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