Sultan’s 7 Secrets 8 Week Review

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Have you heard of the new Sultan’s Seven Secrets Challenge on Facebook? If you count the 7-day challenge, I just finished 9 weeks of the Sultan’s Seven Secrets. So, you might be wondering if it is worth it? Check out what happened to me before you decide.

This is my take on the Sultan’s Seven Secrets experience.

First off, what is the Sultan’s 7 Secrets? Well, it is truly an amazing concept created by a man named Jeff Buehner. He claims that while working a concrete job, an elderly woman loaned him a manuscript that changed his life. The manuscript made scriptures from the Bible come to life for him and he learned that he had a magical Genie working for him in his favor.

The manuscript was written around 1300 AD by the Sultan Musa of Mali. He wrote two versions of the story, the first being the unknown manuscript laying out in detail how to harness the power of your genie and the other became a fantasy story called the “Aladdin and the Lamp.”

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It is a very intriguing story.

The Sultan’s 7 Secrets experience begins as a Challenge hosted by two awesome ladies: Stephanie Taylor and Julie Larson, and taught by Jeff through the Facebook group. It cost $17 USD to become a part of the challenge and it comesJeff Buehner Sultan Seven Secrets with a PDF version of Jeff’s book, “The Sultan’s Seven Secrets,” a community of new Facebook people to swap questions with, five days of classes done by Jeff himself, and a chance to upgrade to VIP to enhance your learning experience.

After the challenge is over you can go your separate way and practice using the sultan’s secrets on your own or you can join the Sultan’s Seven Secrets Workshop and continue your learning experience and learn many of the tricks and games mentioned by Jeff throughout the Facebook Challenge.

This upgrade comes with a new Facebook group, 8 weeks of live Zoom Q & A calls with Jeff, a 6-week online course introducing a new game and homework each week, an audio version of the book, and complete access to Jeff and all the Sultan crew by email.

So, how was my biased experience with Jeff Buehner’s Sultan’s Seven Secrets?

The Sultan’s Facebook Challenge

As you know by following my blog, I am a chronic nerd when it comes to learning new things like new ways to harness our abilities as creators and this technique rang true to me deep in my soul.

When Jeff connected the teachings of Jesus to the lessons taught by Musa and how to use the magic lamp, I feel in love with this concept and became biased with this idea.

Over the course of the Facebook Challenge, Jeff walks you through the book and explains in detail how to use each chapter. In the final couple chapters, he puts it all together in a workable plan he calls the C.A.R.T Wheel. That plan teaches anyone how to use all the skills taught throughout the book.

That’s right…Sultans Seven Secrets Book

The book really does lay out an easy to follow plan to help you use your RAS (Reticular Activating System) and other tools of the Universe to turn thoughts into things.

But for me… I didn’t catch on this quickly.

By the end of the Challenge, I was still a little confused about how to accomplish using the lamp. I didn’t go V.I.P during the challenge, and maybe I did miss out on a lot of the information that made the teachings more clear because of this, but at the end of the challenge I was starving for more and feeling like I was left out of something.

Then, I learned something… People who join the Workshop are able to redo the Facebook Challenges anytime they wanted and one lady from a previous class mentioned a technique called the envelope trick. She mentioned that by using it she was able to create the money needed to pay for the workshop and more. WTF!!!

Of course this got everyone’s attention because by this point we were all far enough along in the Facebook Challenge to learn about the workshop and the price of $600.00 USD attached to it. Of course, if there is a way to create money or to find conjure money from an unexpected source, then I have to know so I can pass it on to my Grand Ladies 🙂

So…what did I do? I bought the workshop and just like Jeff promised, the first thing he taught was how to use the envelope trick. He explained the cart wheel again from the book and how it worked with the envelope trick.

Sorry, I cannot disclose the Envelope Trick in detail. It is owned by Jeff and you will need to learn it from him.

The Sultan’s 7 Secrets Workshop

Anyway, when he explained the C.A.R.T Wheel the second time, I realized that he taught it to us during the challenge. If we just had known the game, (the Envelope Trick) then we could have tried to use it to get the money to join the Workshop.

But… that is what the workshop for… it shows you how to use all the games Jeff mentioned throughout the FB Challenge. You must join the workshop to learn the techniques and games. Games like the envelope trick, dream sheets, magic wand therapy, role-playing, and much more.

Magic Wand TherapyI truly love magic wand therapy. I didn’t know that I was creating a tool to help my imagination years ago when I was inspired to make the wand pictured.

The 8 weeks of the Workshop were enlighting, opened up my curiosity, and…

I learned a valuable lesson right after I joined the workshop. I opened up the Cave of Wonders and it fought hard to pull me back in.

What is the Cave of Wonders?

The Cave of Wonders is what Jeff calls the physical world. Throughout out the challenge and in his book, Jeff teaches that the world we need to focus on is the Spirit World. Just like Jesus teaches, it is the Spirit World were we truly live and it is our vision of our Spirit World that creates our Physical world.

Only the Physical World has the power to draws us in like a moth to a flame. We are taught and raised to quit living in ourCave of wonders imaginations and to start living in the real world… only Jeff claims that Musa teaches the Spirit World is the “Real World.”

Anyway… when I first purchased the workshop, the fear of how I was going to cover the cost swept through my emotions. It struck me so well that every thing I had built in my mind around abundance came crashing down and the Cave of Wonders pulled me into a downward spiral that led to a drop in income larger than I had experienced for 4 years.

It truly blew me away. In the workshop group on FB, there was stories of people using the envelope trick to find many different amounts of money and even attract the perfect soul mate. There was abundance and wonderful stories floating everywhere around me and yet…

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I was suffering from the biggest feeling of lack I had ever come across. Then I finally realized what I had done to myself. I had opened up old wounds, I suppose you could say.

I had to change my focus from one of needing more money because I don’t have enough to one with a different tone. Instead, I told my subconscious that “even though I do have enough, I would like to find more to accomplish the new goal of creating this new dream.”

This seemed to have done the trick and by the fourth week of the workshop, I was starting to build my nest egg back up. It’s crazy, but the relief felt by realizing how easy it was going to be to build back up was a new experience, but my faith in the teachings of Jesus and how they rang in the teachings of Musa helped to keep my spirit lifted.

My faith in the teachings of Jesus and how they rang in the teachings of Musa helped to keep my spirit lifted.

What is my favorite part about the Sultan’s Seven Secrets experience?

Wow, that is a mixture of a few things. First off, the Facebook group for both parts is filled with awesome people all focused on the same things. It is a wonderful experience to have that many people interested in the same thing at once.

The second part is how the experience opens your mind to coincidence. I truly believe that when you can see the miracles happening all around you throughout the day, then the magic of life truly blossoms. Opening your mind to coincidence will open your eyes to the magic of miracles, believe me.

Just this everlasting part of the experience is worth the money of the class.

NO… I didn’t even receive any money from unexpected places during my 9 weeks with the class, but I did receive inspiration that can lead me towards a life more along my own intentions.

What I learned was how the universe has provided so many different ways, so many different teachers, and so many different teachings that all lead to the same outcome of creating the life of your dreams. Isn’t that just a miracle in itself?

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