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Many of us are on the quest for living for the better. What this means varies from person to person. What you have decided is living for the better will probably be different from other people in your neighborhood, social gatherings, and ever where else. So, what is the definition to you? Leave a comment below about what you consider to be better than what you currently have or do.

What Do I Consider Better?

To me, life gets better and better the more I learn. I have adopted an attitude of gratitude that helps me notice all the great things I already have, now and in the future. I have faith that I already have everything I will ever want. Time is truly relevant and what I desire is already at hand. I just have to realize it and accept it with satisfaction and gratitude.Make Life Better

Living in gratitude makes me thankful for everything I have. It makes me happy with my health, therefore I want to take better care of it. It makes me thankful for family, so I strive more to express my love and care. Living in gratitude truly has helped me live for the better because I want to keep it at the best.

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I have also decided to live in the state of happiness. Happiness is a choice, just like I can choose to not be happy. I don’t put my happiness in the hands of anyone else. I claim it as mine and know that no one can take it away from me. I look back now and don’t understand why I ever decided to allow others to hold the keys to my happiness. I am thankful that I now understand that happiness is a gift from our free will and I hold it in my heart and look for the silver lining in all things that happen.

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Failure is Success

I have faith that everything that happens in my life is the best thing that can happen at that moment. I have been rejected for jobs that I thought would make me happy, became unhappy about the rejection, and then within days been offered a job Failure is successthat is even better. I once received an unexpected bill in the mail that upset me and by the end of the week, someone hit my truck from behind. It bent my bumper a little, wrecked the front of his car, and I received a check that was more than enough to cover the unexpected bill.

I hope the driver that hit me learned to not text a drive and that he received more in return too. Of course, this all matters in his attitude and what he focuses on in life. He may have felt like a failure, but if he did, then he was looking at failure through the wrong mindset.

Failure is only bad if you give up when it happens. The truth is failure is just one step to success. I am sure that you did not tie your shoes on your first attempt. Riding a bike wasn’t easy when you first tried. Becoming potty trained wasn’t an instant success either. But, you can do these things now because you didn’t give up. You knew that it was possible and you kept on failing until you got it right. See, you are already a success! Now, just keep it up.

Living For The Better

All of the above examples just show that living for the better means making positive changes to the way you perceive all the things that happen to you. Change your thoughts to ones of gratitude and life will give you more things to be grateful for. When things don’t seem to be going your way, don’t be so quick to judge and label them as bad. Many times blessings are hard to accept or even notice when they are happening.

One time I was driving to work. I wasn’t in a hurry but the car behind me was. They were following me very close and swerving trying to see around me. Once the road was clear of oncoming traffic, they finally passed me. They sped past me like I was sitting still. About a mile down the road I found myself behind them and they were going slower than before: theyMind Changing Thoughts were stuck behind a trash truck.

I am sure they thought they were having a bad day, but the truth is, they were making it that way by being in such a hurry. They were not going with the flow, they were trying hard to go against the current of life. Another time, I was the jerk trying to go too fast.

This time I was trying to drive too fast and a guy in a big truck pulled out in front of me. I had to apply my brakes real hard and almost came to a stop. In my head I was yelling at the jerk for slowing me down. After all, couldn’t he see that I was traveling at a fast speed over the speed limit?

About four blocks later, I saw a police car sitting on the side of the road using radar to check the speed of traffic. That’s when I realized the guy that pulled out in front of me had done me a favor by slowing me down. Now, I don’t get in hurry driving because he saved me from getting traffic ticket and I learn my lesson.


Thank you for taking the time to read my stories and I still would like to know what you think living for the better means for you. Please leave a comment with any story you have about a time you thought life was giving you lemons that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Once you start noticing these great little things, your life and mind will start showing you all the other great little blessings you have had before and you will notice them as they come.

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