What is Manifestation About And What It Is Not

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There is a lot of talk about manifesting what you desire. Yet, many do not know what manifestation is about. Many think that manifesting something means, “to make something out of nothing”. This is what a lot of the teachers of the Law of Attraction tell people. Is this not what it means? I am going to tell you mostly… “No”.

I wrote an earlier post about manifesting money. You can read it by clicking here. It covers many good reasons why people have trouble manifesting, but I have learned more since I wrote it. I too believed that manifesting meant that you could create something from nothing or attract more of it into your life through manifestation. I now understand this is not completely true.

In my earlier post, I mixed 3 different things together and called them all manifestation. These things are creation, manifestation, and attracting. So, what are these things about? Let us start with manifesting.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a word that is misused by many in the LoA circle. We are taught that we need to manifest things into our lives. If we just hold a positive thought about what we desire long enough, then we can manifest it into our lives. Is this how you understand it?

Let me be the first to tell you this is wrong. This is not what manifesting is about. You cannot manifest things into existence.What Manifestation Is Believing this makes manifesting sound like some kind of magic, but it isn’t magic. Manifesting is an action and a mindset. It isn’t magic, but if you are someone looking into the lives of another ans see them surrounded by great things, then it may seem like they know magic.

The definition of manifest is, “to make apparent, or to become aware of”. According to Dictionary.com, manifest as an adjective means, “readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain”. As a verb it means, “to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly”. Or, “to prove by putting beyond doubt or question”

Here are some examples of using it in a sentence: The evidence manifests the guilt of the defendant. He manifested his approval with a hearty laugh.

Notice that none of these definitions mean, “to create something out of nothing”? We cannot manifest money if we have none. We cannot manifest a car in to existence. We cannot manifest anything into existence. The only way to manifest is to become aware of things already in our lives.

How Do We Manifest Then?

We manifest when we become aware of something. If you want to manifest money, then you do this by becoming aware of all the money you already have. You can help others manifest or become aware of things. Let’s say you want manifest love. Then show someone love that is undeniable and love will manifest before his or her eyes. When you make love apparent, you are manifesting love.

The easiest way to manifest is by activating you RAS. You can read more about your reticular activating system (RAS) by reading this earlier post. When you let your RAS know that your desire is important to you, it will start to filter out all the information that you are bombarded with on a daily basis, and point out the information related to your desire.

If you desire a red Mazda sports car, then your RAS will help you notice all the red Mazda sports cars within your line of sight each day. If you think about a song that you loved hearing when you were younger, then you may start noticing it played in elevators, on the radio, or even in commercials. If you do, it is because you have activated your RAS and it helped you become aware or manifest the song you wanted to hear or the car you wanted in your life.

Your reticular activating system helps you manifest. When it is activated towards a desire, you will be lead, as if by magic, towards things that will help you fulfill your desire. You may over hear conversations talking about the subject you are interested in, see a commercial that catches your eye because it is related, or even notice signs around town or along the road related to what you desire.

Creation Creates ThingsYou Are Manifesting, But You Are Not Creating

It will feel like you are attracting these things. You might even think you created these things through the LoA, but the truth is you are manifesting or becoming aware of things that are already in your life. You did not create the red Mazda, the song, or whatever you desire. Instead, you are now aware of it already present in your life. It was always there, you just were not in tuned to notice it until you activated your RAS.

We Can Create Things Out of Nothing

Just because I am saying that manifesting is not creating something out of nothing, it doesn’t mean you cannot create using the Law of Attraction. Creation is another fruit of the law. People create things out of nothing all the time. New inventions have been created ever since people started using sticks to draw with; even before the creation of the wheel.

When you come up with a new idea or thing, you have created it out of nothing. Well… almost nothing, anyway more about that in a second. You did not manifest the new idea or thing. You did something better… you created it. You deserve a high-five or a pat on the back!! Good Job!

Creation is the process of combining what you manifest and the opportunities you attract into ideas and thoughts that can become things. All three of these gifts work together through the Law of Attraction to help you make your life better.

Many People Always Help the Inventor

Now, to fill you in on the “almost nothing,” I mentioned in the last paragraph. I say that you might have created something out of nothing, but it takes thoughts to become things. Let us say that you came up with a new type of lawn mower that not only mows lawns, but holds a Weed-eater so you can trim around trees and along the edges of houses also.

Before you could invent it, you had to think it up. You didn’t come up with the idea all by yourself, like you may think you did. Instead, someone invented the lawn mower first. Then someone invented a gas powered push mower, then a riding mower, and so on.

Someone also invented the weed eater and then your mind came up with the idea to combine the riding mower and weed eater. Yet, the thought didn’t start there. Just think how far back the original idea had to begin so you could come up with your invention…

Someone had to want to mow the lawn without using shears and someone had to think about trimming the grass next to his or her house. Next, someone had to invent the motors that the tools use, someone had to think about using wheels to drive the lawnmower with and to hold the cutting cord used by the weed eater, and the list goes on and on.

See, you may think that you invented something from nothing, but the truth is you had a lot of help along the way in your invention. You became aware or manifested how the parts could work together in this new way, and you used that manifestation to create the mower/weed eater combo.

See how much gratitude you could give out for helping you invent the new thing?

How Attraction Differs From ManifestingAttraction Process to Get What You Desire

When it comes to attraction, remember that like attracts like. You attract things into your life through vibrational resonance. This means, we put out a vibration that is picked up by another like vibration and they begin to resonate with each other: attracting each other.

If you go out and give off the vibration of love and compassion, others will pick up on this vibration. When they pick up on it, they will give you the vibration back (if they resonate or match with it). When you receive the vibration back, it is because you attracted it.

If you were to give off a vibration of something not-so-good, you will attract this vibration back into your life. You didn’t manifest this vibration, you created it. Heck, you might not even be aware that you are giving it off, but others will be able to tell, and they will send the same vibration back to you.


Manifestation is not comprised of the three things most of us think it is. Manifestation is one of the gifts given to us to use through the Law of Attraction. Being able to create things out of nothing through creation is another gift and attracting like vibrations into our lives is another. They are all great gifts.

In order to manifest, you don’t need to attract or create. Just as you can do either of these things without manifestation. Manifestation simply means that you have become aware of something already apparent in your life. Knowing this actually makes manifesting easier for you to do.

If you want more money, or anything else you don’t have, then you become aware of how you spend the money you already have or create ways to make more. You can get in alignment with the vibration of money and attract great ideas that lead to more of it into your life, but this doesn’t mean you manifested money. What you manifested was noticing the possibilities you have to gain more money.

See, Creation is the process of combining what you manifest and the opportunities you attract into ideas and thoughts that can become things. All three of these gifts work together through the Law of Attraction to help you make your life better.

I hope this helps out so you can now go out, use your RAS, manifest all your heart’s desires, create what is not there, and attract more of the good into your life.

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