Is the Law of Attraction for Real

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Are you on the fence and wondering is the Law of Attraction for real? Why do people call it a law? Is the Law of Attraction a law… I mean really? Maybe you wonder if the Law of Attraction is a New Age Spiritual thing that people have just started talking about. Well… the short … Read more

The Secret of the Law of Attraction

The Secret to the Secret Law of Attraction

Did you watch the movie called, “The Secret?” If you are like me, then the movie got you all excited about the Law of Attraction. Are you having the results that you hoped for? What if I told you the secret of the law of attraction that you missed out on? The movie is a … Read more

Quotes for a Positive Attitude

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There is some truth in the belief that your attitude governs how great your life is. If you see everything in a negative light, then you will find many negative things to be unhappy about. A positive attitude has the opposite affect. Let us find some things to be happy about with some quotes for … Read more

How to Develop Good Habits That Last


“If I am to be a creature of habit, then let my habits be good habits!” I read this somewhere during my quest of self-transformation and I took it to heart. I made many changes in my life while keeping this thought in mind. This quote really did teach me how to develop good habits … Read more